Victoria Wild

Why Blue?

I’ll tell you Why Blue. I have been a supporter all my life (26 years) and would never support any other team. I’m a Blue through and through. When I was a kid my dad used to take me to Maine Road with my brother, aunty, uncle and cousin and it would be a real family day. Before every match we would go to the chippy round the corner for our usual pie, mushy peas and chips and we would then wrap up warm as you do because it is so damn cold at Maine Road. We would go to nearly every game and were in the Kippax (before the area was seated) and the atmosphere was phenomenal. One big happy family of Blues! What more could you ask for in life?

As I grew up over the years I moved out to Bermuda, thinking that I would find it difficult to keep in touch with the movements of the Blues, only to find out that a Bermudian Player (Shaun Goater) would be playing. Well, last Christmas I was flying back to Bermuda from the UK and turned around only to find the Goat on the plane with me. What a fantastic guy. Of course, I introduced myself and told him that I was made up to meet him. What a down to earth great guy. I think he was a little shocked to find a supporter from his home town. Anyway, this year one of my friends in Bermuda (a Mancunian girl) went home and got together with some friends that work at Maine Road and she got to meet the Goat also. On her return trip she came armed with so many programmes and newsletters that I felt alive again. I am going to be coming home this year with some Bermudian friends to introduce them to the family (Maine Road). Congrats boys on the promotion. I can now watch the games at our local pub (The Robin Hood) on a Saturday morning. Keep it real, keep it true and keep it Blue. One love – Blue!

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #610 on


Victoria Wild