Why Blue?

It was just a Manchester team to me. I used to go to this football ground with my dad in the 40’s every week. One week a red-shirted team played, the next a pale-blue-shirted team. This went on for quite a while till one day the red shirts no longer appeared. So I watched the Blues once a fortnight for a while. Then my father took us to the Reds’ repaired ground in Old Trafford.

I decided I did not like the area – all those tracks and ugly factories – so I became a Blue! What a choice, 52 years of watching, from the charismatic Bert Trautmann via ‘the Williams’ – later Revie – plan (great team, but too short) to the fantastic late 60’s team when City won the league, with the only all-English team in the 20th century. But really very little to show compared with you know who – but I would not change it.

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #602 on