Cracking the Code: How Manchester City F.C. managed to break into the Premier League Elite

Cracking the Code” is a report analysing the recent history of the Premier League (2008-2021) and how Manchester City FC. managed to break into the elite previously dominated by the “big 4”, take, and maintain a leading position in terms of results, trophies, valuation and revenue. What were the drivers, the outcome and the opposing forces?

“FA Cup Final 2011 Manchester City vs Stoke City 1-0” by καρλο is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The report details the macro- and microeconomic environmental impact on the business of Manchester City . The club’s macroeconomic exposure, market exposure and cost vulnerabilities compared to other Premier League clubs are analysed. The effectiveness of the business strategy of the firm is analysed, and how well it is equipped to withstand any future global economic shocks.


Chapter 1: A strange tale
Chapter 2: Introduction to the firm and its markets
Chapter 3: Revenue streams
Chapter 4: Market exposure
Chapter 5: Entry barriers
Chapter 6: Elasticity of demand
Chapter 7: Vulnerability, cost and exposure
Chapter 8: Protection
Chapter 9: Conclusions and outlook

The content of this report was put together as part of my assignment in the Economics of the Business Environment (EBE) module at Warwick Business School (WBS), but hopefully it will be of value to other fans as well.

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