Isn’t it interesting and typical that Newcastle’s Papisse Cisse has apologised and implored children not to copy his disgusting spitting at Manchester United’s Johnny Evans, and in contrast Evans has denied doing the same saying he would never do that when Evans was looking at Cisse and spitting towards him. Also Evans was backed up by his manager. Isn’t that typical of the disgusting, despicable and disgraceful club that is Manchester United.

Evans signing autographs
Johnny Evans (right) this time signing, not spitting (Photo: Wikimedia)

That is the difference between Manchester United everyone else. They always think they are above the rules, and rarely have a shred of human decency. That is why everybody hates them.

Which ever division we are in, wherever we are in the table, we will ALWAYS be superior to United in everything we do, as will every other club.

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