Geoff Hastings

Why Blue?

Here’s a different story for a City fan. I have never been to Manchester (I am Australian and was born here) but I have supported Manchester City for 25 years – copping heaps from the numerous ex-pat United supporters that live here in the process. I became a City fan in 1970 when my dad took me as a 14-year-old to watch City play an exhibition game in Sydney. They were on a summer tour without Colin Bell or Francis Lee who were at the World Cup and they played our State team (New South Wales). Well they flogged them 4-1 at a canter and I think it was the last goal was scored by Neil Young with a bicycle kick straight from a corner. I had never seen anything like it in my life.

Since then I have followed them from afar – organising relatives visiting the UK to buy me shirts and so on. It was alright when they were in the Premier League as I could watch them on the TV but now since relegation it had come down to finding the results in the Monday papers here. Of course with the web presence now it is heaps better and I have been able to keep up with the news on the comings and goings (and there have been heaps) at the club. My first trip to the UK is coming up soon and I have plans to tour around the country following the team each week. Unfortunately these plans may be interrupted by the rest of my family, but certainly standing in on some games at Maine Road are high on the agenda. It will be a highlight.

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Geoff Hastings