Pete Page

Why Blue?

It all started really in 1974 (Wolves vs. City), my old man took me to Molineux. It was my first game at the age of 10, although my dad liked Wolves, largely due to the fact we were living in Birmingham. However, he hadn’t anticipated me shouting for City. I was sort of transfixed by the brilliance of Colin Bell and tenacity of Franny Lee. I can’t remember the score.

However, later on we played them again in the League Cup final in which we lost 2-1. Nevertheless, by that time my blood was flowing Blue I am now 36 years old and still get the ‘buzz’ from watching them. I also serve in the Army which can at times interfere with one’s football calendar, although fortunately at present I’m in the north.

My son Daniel was christened Daniel Francis Lee on when he was born in 1989. He’s now an ardent Blue and accompanies me to Maine Road.

This story probably differs no more than anyone else’s but one thing it does highlight is the bond between City fans. No matter where you go in the world, we are ardent and fanatical people and no matter what the result or the internal crisis, promotion/relegation, our loyalty seems to strengthen.

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #730 on


Pete Page