Basil Sheerin

Why Blue?

Ah… I remember it as if it was yesterday! I was 12 years old and I was asked to play for the school team for the 1st time. It was probably due to the fact that there was only 11 boys in my school that made me make the grade.

At that time a small school would not have its own kit and so you played in your own jersey/shorts etc. Of course, I didn’t have a jersey! My mother said that she would buy my brother and me jerseys at the weekend and promised that she would buy them from a sports shop and not a women/mens drapery.

When she came home… she gave my brother the ‘nicest’ jersey (because he was a better player than me!)… a claret body with blue sleeves.

I got the sky blue jersey with a badge in the middle of the chest!

So, that’s why my brother supports Aston Villa and I became a City fan.

That was 25 years ago!

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #375 on


Basil Sheerin