Steve Cox

Why Blue?

Born in 1968 in Ashford, Kent, I had no interest in football until the age of 5 in 1973.

My father had not, and still does not, have any interest in football at all. He did, however, have an Italian mate from work who was mad about footy, particularly Man City. I used to sit and watch the Big Match with him on a Sunday afternoon and my blue fever soon showed through. Since then I have supported them though thick and thin – more thin on reflection, and followed them to places such as Barnsley and Sheffield Wednesday. I always try and make the London games with my mates – you’d be suprised how many City fans there are in Ashford.

By the way anyone know how I can get the City mag as it disappeared down here when we dropped to the Nationwide.

Be Cool – Be Blue Forever

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #314 on


Steve Cox