David Hall

Why Blue?

As a true born Mancunian, the choice of football team to follow was obviously restricted to Blue or Red. As all of my family were life long City fans, a certain jumped up 5 year old, who always wanted to be different, decided to support the Reds (please forgive me, it was merely a folly of youthfulness).

Having then been uprooted from God’s favourite city at a tender age (six) to move to the foreign parts of Staffordshire the local support at that time, about 1972, was for Wolves.

Along came the League Cup final, and a certain ‘Ex-Red’ decided that there may be some mileage in supporting City when they won, thus giving an excellent opportunity to take the rise out of all the Molineux faithful, after all they couldn’t get beat could they !!!

The game came and went, the disappointment of the occasion has stayed with me ever since; however, so has the desire to see City !1976 apart I’m still waiting for the success that so many false dawns have promised, I suppose I’ll just have to join the queue with the rest of us).

Perhaps the latest dawn will deliver the long overdue success that our club deserves; it would certainly appear to be based on a sound financial basis, with a managerial staff who seem to be committed to football the way it should be played.

I look forward to a brighter tommorrow, maybe even the chance to stuff Wolves in a cup match!!

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #150 on


David Hall