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Why Blue?

I ask myself that question many times. No trophies, no manager, no passion. But at least we’re unpredictable. What joy is there in supporting a team where a win in each game is almost a foregone conclusion? Give me unpredictable any day of the week. :o)

I may do a real Why Blue one of these days, but it’s not possible at the moment because I’m still trying to fathom exactly why I am Blue.

Keep the faith. Positivism and the Premiership!

Why Blue?

And now there are at least 4 True Blue Stories contributors from Canada!

Our family have been supporters of the Blues since my grandfather moved to Manchester from Bagilt, North Wales in the 1920’s. My father followed the tradition and my brother (who lives in Cumbria) and I have blue blood!

I have seen City go through many ups and downs over the years and I have no hesitation in saying that they will rebound from their present predicament. Their supporters, long suffering as they are, will pull them through. They are not “here today and gone tomorrow” supporters – the current attendance figures support that!

The amount of debt the club has certainly came as a surprise – I hope they don’t sell Kinkladze as a result, but try to build a good team around him. If Lee and Bell work as hard for the club as during their playing years I have no doubt there will be a quick turnaround. I sometimes go to a pub in London, Ontario where nearly all the regulars are Rags supporters. I am really enjoying seeing the Rags scores lately!

My best memory of City is the “Game on Ice” against Tottenham when City won 4-1. Talk about skill and team play! My worst memory was this past September when I was over in Accrington for my son’s wedding and I took in the Lincoln game at Maine Road. To me that was an all-time low. Never mind though all you TBs – keep the faith, I will, as will my two sons. I only hope I am still alive to see the turnaround! By the way, for those that don’t know, City is the only true Manchester club – the Rags are from Salford. I should know, I was unlucky to be born on Doddington St. in Salford, about a mile from the pig pen. Do you think the Rags, with all their profits, will remember the time City saved them from bankruptcy and reciprocate?

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Bob Evans