Newsletter #92

No action on the manager front and it even appears that Niall’s and Dino’s transfers are not completed! We have another Why Blue and some news and opinions but we still need more opinions on the fullbacks for the WWW; any takers?

‘City of Glass’ who run the Virtual Manchester web site recently offered us a page to use as we thought fit to tell the world about MCFC (free of charge). Paul has done the hard work and put together a page which details the club’s history (briefly) followed by info (addresses and telephone numbers etc.) and finally links to those brilliant people at MCIVTA and the MCFC Supporters’ WWW home page 8-)). The URL for anyone interested is:


In a report today (1/6/95) in the Daily Star, it was said that Trevor Francis has joined the queue for the job vacancy at Maine Road. He has now joined the short list of over 200 applicants!!!!!! Surely if we have that many people interested it can’t be that difficult to find a manager big enough to be able to cope with the ups and downs of a club like City? Personally I’d like to see Rioch in the driver’s seat, which could happen as he was released by Bolton after their promotion.

Matthew McCurrie


Lee has now apparently said that an announcement regarding City’s new manager will be made next week as opposed to this week as was the intention.

Looks as if things are not going according to plan 8-(

David C. Bradbury


Maurizio Gaudino is unlikely to face a jail sentence in Germany, despite being charged with fraud. The belief in Germany is that Manchester City’s loan star would face a fine or be given a warning for his alleged involvement in an insurance fiddle involving luxury cars if found guilty. However, nobody in Gaudino’s home country can imagine that the midfielder would be handed a stretch in jail.

Paul Howarth


According to German newspapers, the main charge of racketeering against Dino has been dropped. There remains however, a charge of defrauding the insurance company of DM 200,000 with three fraudulant claims. Provided that he behaves himself between now and the trial, it is highly likely that he’ll get a big fine and not be sent to prison.



Good news! Our new manager is not going to be Dave “Harry” Bassett. He’s just signed a one year extension to his contract at Sheffield United.


James Nash


Bobby Robson is wanted by Arsenal as general manager; they’ve offered the 62-year old a 2 million pounds deal for 5 years, with Stewart Houston staying on as coach. Porto are expected to block the move as they want him to honour his contract.

Sky Sports City Player of the Year poll:

Uwe Rosler  84%
Paul Walsh   9%
Keith Curle  2%
Others       5%

SV Waldhof Mannheim are reputed to have offered 2m for Gaudino, but Dino says he wants to stay at City. The maximum penalty for his alleged crime is 5 years BTW.

According to some newspaper reports, the Quinn move is on hold until after the Republic of Ireland matches next week, with some Premiership clubs apparently showing interest and Quinn reported to have said that things had happened too quickly. Lisbon insist that the deal has been completed.

The Mole


I’ve just read this morning in ‘The Star’ (not mine honestly, it was a friend’s) that Bobby Robson is going to be the next manager of Arsenal. And no matter what contract Porto offer him he has set his mind on going to Arsenal. If this is true then this rules out Brice Rioch for the Arsenal job, so hope remains.

Lee Brogan


While attending the Wythenshawe and District Sunday League presentation evening last Thursday at Quaffers nightclub, I got talking to Lee Sharpe who sponsors a club (A.F.C. Sharpe). He offered to buy me and my team mates a drink but, explaining that I couldn’t possibly accept as I was a Blue, I politely refused. With this, he completely ignored me and produced a huge roll of bank notes and bought a round costing about