Regards Jim Murray

Why Blue?

Being born and bred in Manchester, till work brought me to deepest Somerset, some 18 years ago, I always read with interest how people became a Blue. This is my “Why Blue”!

It all goes back to 1965 – I was 10 years old and sport mad! Football, cricket, rugby, athletics, swimming; you name it, I did it. None of my school chums supported any ‘local’ football teams. My dad and brother had no interest in football, in fact my dad’s great one- liner, which my uncle has always told me, was he was introduced to Stan Matthews at some Army function. My dad came out with the fantastic question: ‘What do you do for a living Stan’!

As my footballing skills were getting better, my uncle asked if I wanted to go to see a football game. I was over the moon to be asked. I did not know at the time that my uncle was a avid Man Utd supporter, season ticket, everything (in fact if my memory serves me right, he had a red car and painted the outside of his house red). He had arranged to take me on the Wednesday to the mighty Old Trafford. I was very keen on going to my very first professional game. It was so disappointing to find out that he could not get back from London in time to take me to the game but promised me that the next time he was available, he would make it up to me.

A few weeks went by and my uncle appeared on the doorstep with 2 tickets – in the main stand, best seats – for Maine Road. City won the game and my uncle said that they had a good player in Colin Bell. I was then hooked!

From this day on I was a Man City fan. I was lucky enough to be a supporter when City were champions etc. I remember when City won the game at St James’s Park to win the title. My TV at home had my scarf wrapped round the TV along with my infamous rattle, crying my eyes out at what my team had done. As I got older I became a season ticket holder in the Kippax and was lucky enough to see them at the League Cup Final at Wembley.

Since I have moved away from Manchester, I have always supported City – as we all have done – through thick and thin. Living in Somerset and when City were in the 2nd Division, I thought it would be easy to see them at say Swindon, Plymouth etc. No chance; with the fantastic away support City have, I had no opportunities to get tickets for any of the matches near to me.

I watch as many games on the TV – looking forward to seeing them on Sky next season.

I now have a teenage daughter who likes football – unfortunately she supports a team in red – thankfully not for the other side of Manchester – but from Merseyside – all due to a Mr Michael Owen! I have to get the old programmes out along with the scrapbooks to prove to her that City did win league, FA Cup and European trophies! I always tell her – ‘A team is for life – not just for Xmas!’

Just think; if my uncle had made it back from London, I could have become a Red! Thank goodness for road works!

Keep up the good work; I have forwarded your address to my friends in Australia and USA – a great way to keep up with all the City news wherever we may be.

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Regards Jim Murray