Stu Wells

Why Blue?

Five minutes to go and 2-0 down to Blackburn; I decided to leave the comfort of the pub and go outside for a cigarette.

“Where are you going, that’s your team innit?” said the barmaid, a self confessed know-nothing when it comes to football. “You wouldn’t understand why,” I said and sulked off into the cold.

On my return I stared at the TV to see the number ‘1’ against the ‘MC’. I instantly announced that, at no concern for my personal health, I was going straight back outside for another smoke.

As my teeth rattled, the barmaid came bowling through the door shouting “two-two! two-two!” I waited until I was sure that the game was over and ventured back inside. My superstitious antics having shown their worth, the rest of the punters gave a respectful nod.

Then out of the blue (pardon the pun) came the words I didn’t expect at that time. “Hey that was really exciting! I was going to choose a team to follow. I think I will support City from now on” said a bouncing barmaid.

Even after I gave the lecture on ‘City is for life, not just for Christmas’ her mind was made up. A generally woeful performance followed by a Gillingham-esque comeback and another Blue materialises. In retrospect I can see that it was moments like this that make being a City fan unique.

So there you go, another Blue is born. How similar many of our own ‘Why Blues’ are to this. One simple moment and we are hooked for all time, just like I was 40 years ago.

On a personal note, West Brom and Blackburn are just the latest two cases where I have watched us on telly. I couldn’t make Hull. I hereby promise to not watch City on the box again this season, and if I even catch a glimpse of a set, I’ll instantly light up!

Happy Blue Year all.

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Stu Wells