Amoabil K Peter

Why Blue?

It all started when the great Man City Football Club started playing in the Premiership. Most Ghanaian Premiership fans support clubs like Man United, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea because such clubs are well known in Ghana. It was in the year 2000 when l started developing an interest for the Premiership. At that time I did not have a club to support, so I decided to join the great ‘sky blue’ Man City Football Club when they came into the Premiership.

After choosing the club as my favourite club, I also decided to form a Supporters’ Association for the club in Ghana to get more fans to support the club here in Ghana. So, in September 2007 I joined the Centenary Supporters’ Association of Man City [CSA] and formed a CSA branch in Ghana of which I am the Chairman, whose main aim is to build a strong supportive base for the club in Ghana and also to make the club popular in Ghana.

As part of making the club popular in Ghana, I have also set up a young team which is known as the Manchester City Babies Football Club which will soon be registered into the Northern Regional Juvenile League and if possible play in the Ghana League in the future.

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #1376 on


Amoabil K Peter