Dave Wenck

Why Blue?

Coming from Ipswich, Australia, I have supported Manchester City since 1982 when, on a school trip from Oz, I ran into the Manchester City youth team or Under 14 squad. Top bunch of guys, said they were the English U16 team. Asked what club they came from and they all bragged they were from Manchester City, so I blame them for me supporting City.

I have complained and had my hopes lifted then shattered, followed by old newspaper reports before days of the Internet us getting relegated and dropping to the 2nd Division. But one thing that kept me going and very proud was the mighty followers of City who, even down in the 2nd Division, kept true blue and supported the team. I read reports that we even sang as we got relegated. I was so proud.

I have been proud to be a Manchester City follower because of our supporters who don’t jump ship, keep turning up after 30 years of disappointment, and keep getting behind the team and club. But now, reading these whining, complaining types issue after issue, I wonder what the hell has happened?

Wake up, the rollercoaster ride of expectation and shattering disappointment is part of being a City supporter. I wouldn’t switch to another rich super club, I cannot believe these other supporters who are not renewing season tickets. We will end up like Leeds, Nottingham Forest, Coventry and other clubs that get good crowds in the Premiership and then when they get relegated spend 15 years trying to get back because their weak supporters took off. We bag the players for not being loyal and putting in 100%, but now our fans are starting to rot and show no heart.

I’m just happy we didn’t get relegated. Be happy! Stay true blue.

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #1235 on


Dave Wenck