Eric Molenaar

Why Blue?

I’m from Holland and I always thought that Dutch football was pretty boring compared to English, Spanish and Italian football. I love the English competition most, because of the many matches they play. Premiership, Carling Cup (and all the other names it had before that Cup), FA Cup etc. I didn’t really have a specific team for years. I just cheered for the ones that scored. 🙂

I’m very into music and I love Oasis. I found out they were great City fans. And so I got more interested in the Blues. Not one of those top teams who win everything by spending millions of pounds. I mean everybody can win with lots of money to buy all the best players. A few months ago I met my current girlfriend and she’s been a City fan since the day that she was born! Ain’t that a great coincidence?

Her whole family is Blue, except for one cousin who’s a United fan! She was born and raised in Manchester and she told me lots about City’s history.

And now I’m a true Blue myself and I love it!

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #980 on


Eric Molenaar