Dave Kilroy

Why Blue?

What a cracking “why blue” from Petra Manker. My eyes were filling whilst I read it. One thing that nearly always comes through in why blues is the passion and emotion with which they are written, and this was no exception. To actually sit down and make a conscious decision about allegiance rather than fall into it as I and many other ‘locals’ do says something about the character and personality of Petra, especially when the team has hardly been setting the world alight. Petra picks out what for me is the defining factor. The fans’ loyalty. Not because we maintained crowds in Division 1, many of the better supported clubs will do so, but the 28,000’s in Division 2 (bearing in mind it was really Division 3). This is unprecedented.

I do have a theory that the recent incredible loyalty of City fans has been in some way connected to the success of the dark-siders. It’s as if each success for them has proportionately made every City fan stand even more strongly by the team as we sank lower and lower. A kind of this isn’t about pots, it’s about life.

Once again well done Petra, although it does sadden me that her English seems better than mine.

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #850 on


Dave Kilroy