Graham Jamieson

Why Blue?

Well – I’d first like to say that I had one of the greatest weeks of my life. Ever since I arrived into Manchester (Nov 99) I have been thinking of every way possible of getting back. Defection, marriage, and a company transfer have all been considered. However; I will be taking 8 hours of classes next fall so I can qualify for a British-American (BUNAC) exchange. I have decided that I will probably be leaving for England in June of 2001.

Destination => Manchester

Let’s just say that my 3 days in Manchester were simply amazing. I got to see City beat Barnsley and then saw an awful match – we lost to Huddersfield. During the trip I met loads of great people and got to stay on Fallowfield Road. I loved it. When I move to Manchester with this programme, I plan on moving back to the area I stayed in. The only difference is the stadium will probably be gone. Am I right? I stayed with three crazy Mancunian birds I met at a pub. When you walked outside their flat you could see the stadium. All of them being Blues’ fans!

I support Manchester City Football Club because they have the style and panache I am looking for. I am enticed by grit, loyalty, and perseverance. The first football match I ever saw live (exchange student/London 94) was City vs. QPR. I found myself sitting in the QPR section rooting for City. I got some pretty bad looks. When City scored the whole stand of City supporters stormed the field. I’m not an advocate of violence, but I was mesmerized by the scene.

The next few years I was purple. I supported United because in the States you can’t get live coverage of City. My heart was Blue – but my actions were Red. Like someone who’s embarrassed after a drunken stupor – I’d like to drop the United thing. It’s embarrassing.

I came back to the team when they were in the middle of the Second Division. They worked hard last year and we achieved greatness at Wembley. I downloaded the goals onto my computer.

One of the main reasons I’m moving to Manchester is to see City play. I plan on bringing over a decent amount of money so I’m going to try and get season tickets. I don’t think I would be able to live with myself knowing City are playing and I’m not watching. I’m really proud of what they’ve accomplished lately. I can’t sit here and say I know everything about the history of the club. It’s hard when you live so far away and your dad only knows of Pele.

My plan is to work in Manchester for 6 months and try to renew my blue card. I’d really like to live over there for about 3-4 years. Whether in sunny Arizona or Moss side, I look forward to taking my son or daughter (no kids yet!) to see them play. I really like basketball and American football – but it just doesn’t compare to English football.

That is why I support the Blues.

Why Blue?

First of all, thanks to my soulmate (maybe known to one or two of you), Pete Hargreaves, a Red (hope that word gets printed without censorship) for introducing me to your publication – thanks for all your efforts in putting it all together.

It started for me circa 1965 (I was 10) – most of my mates were not Blues, and I was foolish enough to ask my dad (God rest his merry soul!) to take me to O.T. I will never forget the look on his deranged face when he blurted out “I’ll break your f******g legs before I’d take you to that dump – you’re going to see a real team play”. My mum’s face was a picture – he’d never used language like that in front of me before, although for the next 20 years at Maine Road, it became commonplace.

He worshipped Mike Doyle for 2 reasons: 1. He was ‘ard, and 2. He hated the Reds. The old man dragged me all over the country watching the Blues until my entire life revolved around them. He would even argue the toss that Santa’s suit was really blue, such was his hatred for the Reds. He would embarrass me sometimes at away games – we always used to stand up (sometimes fall down if he’d had one for the road); he’d find a nice policeman, tell him about the shrapnel in his leg from a war wound (ha!) and cadge a place near the front.

So – turn the clock forward to 30th May last year – (on my birthday!) – 89 minutes on the clock and I thought of him – Why Blue!? – but, the rest is history!

Footnote: I spent some time at the (in)famous Priory clinic for being stressed out last year, and I got talking to another patient there. I mentioned my love of the Blues (ironic eh?) and he told me he was also Blue. He said “There are loads of Blues in here” enthusiastically – I laughed – he looked at me somewhat perplexed (true tale). Says it all.

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Graham Jamieson