Bob Redford

Why Blue?

I regard myself to be very lucky and very privileged to be a Blue.

My first visit to Maine Road was in January 1948. The match was the record attendance for a league game in England 82,950; the Rags vs. Arsenal. Myself and my mate, both 11 at the time, went in and never saw a single player. We went home and went back the next week and guess what – that was the first view I ever had of the Blues. Maine Road was then being used by both City and the Rags as Old Trafford was being rebuilt after being bombed during the war.

I regard myself as being very lucky because if I had watched The Rags that first Saturday I would now be a Red; what a horrible thought.

I followed City all over England during the fifties; went to 54/55 and 55/56 Cup Finals and even got a job at Maine Road on the ground staff to be nearer to Roy Paul, Don Revie, Dave Ewing, Joe Hayes, Bert Trautman and co. Those were wonderful days.

I am now in Australia and miss the Blues badly.

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #554 on


Bob Redford