Steven Nutall

Why Blue?

I never felt that I qualified for a Why Blue as I had no choice in the matter, but I keep reading the requests for more of these entries, so I felt guilty enough to put fingers to keyboard. It all started when I was born, there was never a choice, I was born Blue (actually I was born Blue, I didn’t breathe for a number of minutes so became the “chosen colour”). My story is quite predictable – my grandad was a City fan (I don’t know why) with a season ticket in the Main stand, so my dad was a City fan, with a season ticket in the Main stand, so I became… you get the drift.

I am at least a third generation Blue with all the children of the family baptised at about the same age – I was 9 when I first visited the holy ground and I remember none of it! I was born at the end of an era – 1969, was too young to remember the League Cup and have spent my life watching City get gradually worse. How na