Kev McMeeking

Why Blue?

I felt compelled to write a Why Blue after subscribing for about 3 years now in response to the line in last week’s MCIVTA: “The fact is, if you support Manchester City you are either a loser, someone that has a romantic attachment, or someone that supports your local team.” Well there is an alternative.

I was born in Morecambe in 1972 and have lived there most of my life. My parents encouraged me to play football but had no allegiences to any particular team. When I was at primary school I was surrounded by Liverpool and Rag supporters with the odd Burnley or Preston fan thrown in for good measure. Then the fateful day happened. I remember watching Match of the Day one evening and seeing Manchester City play and heard the roar of the crowd and then after my first visit to Maine Road my choice was made (I think City hammered someone about 7-0 but it is all very vague – I told them I had football practice and had saved up for about 1 month to go). At school I became something quite unique (there were no other Blues) and some might say quite mad, but I never shirked and trouble seemed to be avoided (being the tallest in the class helped!).

Now I have no romantic attraction to Manchester (beyond the normal love of the club and all things blue). I would not class myself as a loser, in fact I hate losing more than anything in the world and I have a respectable job. City were not my local team, in fact Morecambe have improved considerably in my lifetime to Conference level. However I am Blue through and through. I have never known the great times (I was 3 when we won the League Cup), and have always assumed that we must take the good (promotion vs. Bradford, the 5-1) with the bad.

I now live in Exeter which makes matches very difficult to get to (the away games are like home ones for me, when I can get tickets!). I do strongly believe that this year is going to be a great one for City and the turning of the tide (and yes I did say we would have a lousy year last time round). I do think that we the fans do make a difference but need encouragement from the team. The last few games (Blackpool excepted) have been very encouraging and I for one will be making the sacrifice of soming 250 miles to watch the Blues. I will not however, just sit there, I will cheer them on (I am quite obsessed with this, if you heard a 70-minute rendition of ‘Blue Army’ at the home game vs. Reading a couple of years back then you’ll get the idea). It is our club, I am proud to be Blue and will shout and scream about it. I know some of you may be thinking he doesn’t see this week in, week out well ok I may not but this season has been a damn sight better than the last 5 or so; let’s get behind the Blues.

Come On! I know I will be and I won’t feel guilt for not trying.

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Kev McMeeking