Steve Ewan via Ralph Sheppard

Why Blue?

Steve Ewan runs the MCFC Supporters’ Club here in New Zealand, and as he isn’t on email, he’s asked me to pass this on. If you want to contact Steve, email me at

My first recollections of City come from playing football in the streets, the Red Rec of Higher Openshaw: “You’re in the City team, and don’t ask why.” My father was an Everton fan and would take me to Maine Road, especially when Everton came. I do not remember too much of those games, except the sight of all those steps leading up to the Kippax terrace. Early games I remember were Trautmann against West Ham, when he threw his shirt at the ref, I think the score that day was 1-6, and pre-season games between City and the reserves (at this time the Rags would be playing European opposition, so nothing changes). From 1964-65 I would take myself off to the game and meet up with the same people, same place every week, on the Kippax, top corner, Platt Lane end. That year City were promoted from Division 2 and I encouraged two Reds to come with me to see the top of the table clash with Huddersfield, which City won and I was really proud of City.

I left school that year and took a job as a butcher, found it hard to travel as I worked Saturdays, my biggest disappointment was when we finally reached Wembley only for me to work that afternoon. At least the result was right.

Following City then was real special; in these days of depression, I can still get a lift from those memories. I went to the League Cup Final in 1974, but that ended in dismay. I left Manchester after that for New Zealand, but remain a Blue, through and through. To return to the question Why Blue? Well, there’s nobody else.

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Steve Ewan via Ralph Sheppard