Vancouver Blue

Why Blue?

I was born in Stockport in 1960. In March 1962 my dad decided to purchase a shop to help supplement the family income. In April we made the big move to No 4 Hart Road, Fallowfield; don’t laugh, it was nice back then. In those days it was a “Mace” shop. “Gee’s, for your bacon, butter and cheese. Your order made up with ease, when you phone 224 4991 please.” From our living room window, which was above the shop, we could see the floodlights. I vaguely remember seeing them light up the night sky and hearing the roar of the crowd, sometime in the mid sixties. I remember going down to Maine Road every Saturday morning to get the players’ autographs as they would turn up for the game and then I’d come back later at “free quarter time” to get in for nowt. Eventually, I was allowed to go every week, my brother Kevin would take me just to get me from under my mum’s feet! I regularly went from 1968 onwards. I got my first season ticket in 1972. Original price was