Hazel Brewer

Why Blue?

I was born in Manchester in 1966 and attended Maine Road for the first time at about the age of 3. My dad was a Manure fan, along with my 5-year-old sister, but as Maine Road was the ground more geared towards families, my mum and I got to see our team most home games. I have to admit that all I remember of those early days was a cup of bovril, a round of ‘Oh Rodney, Rodney…’ and a sleep in the 2nd half! I carried on going with my family ’til about the age of 12 or so. My favourite game was Colin Bell’s testimonial and my favourite moment was shaking Joe Corrigan’s hand when he visited my school in Denton. We stopped going when my parents divorced and I have been to very few matches since then. The last one I attended was against the Baggies last season when we won 3-1. I live in Worcester now and am married to a Plymouth Argyle fan who is taking his driving test this year. I’ve promised to go and watch Argyle if he takes me to see City at Stoke, Brum, West Brom etc! For a minute there last season, I thought we’d be playing Argyle come September. Whew!

Even though I don’t get to see them often I’m Blue thru and thru. I get bad stick from Manure fans at work but just remind them I support City ‘cos I’m a Mancunian and that usually shuts them up! As far as I know there’s only me and my friend’s dad in Worcester who support City! I was in Turkey when Gio signed his new contract and cracked open a can when I read my emails on my return. I reckon there’s hope with Frank at the reins so here’s to the Premiership in ’98 and I hope we beat Manure 5-1 again ‘cos it’ll shut my sister up for a few minutes! Thanks for Mcivta, it’s the only thing that keeps me sane in a city obsessed with the Rags!

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Hazel Brewer