Nick Cavanagh

Why Blue?

I suppose grandads have an awful lot to answer for. As a child my Saturday afternoons were spent in Wythenshawe eating chips and watching the vidi-printer. Now and again I was allowed to stay over and my treat was to watch Match of the Day. I remember watching the highlights of the derby where we beat the others (2-0 Robinson + AN Other getting the goals). People often ask about where the passion for football derives; for me it was that Saturday night.

My introduction to Maine Road had to wait for a few more years; it was miserable. First of all we were playing Notts County, secondly I dropped my programme in the urinals in the Platt Lane stand, thirdly they scored and to really rub it in the ref. disallowed a Bobby Mcdonanld equaliser. If reason had anything to do with it, I would now be a Notts County fan, but no…

The eighties were incredible, we may have been up and down but what memories…

  • Charlton 5-1 The atmosphere in the stadium was tear inducing.
  • Utd 2-2 (OT) They were 2-0 up and Arthur Albiston scored an own goal.

Of course I do realise that if football was about silverware I wouldn’t support them, but hey what’s silverware?

To wrap up, I think my favourite thing about the boys in blue (brown copper kettles etc.) is to arrive at Maine Road for an evening match and see the floodlights make the pitch look radioactive. It’s a moving experience.

Keep the Blues at Maine Road.

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Nick Cavanagh