Jon Walsh

Why Blue?

I’m a City fan because all my family are City fans – my grandad used to tell me that we all had blue blood in our veins. I know that I didn’t have any say as to which team I was going to support (not that I would have chosen anyone else of course!).

According to my parents, I was enrolled as a Junior Blue two hours after I was born. My dad used to be a season ticket holder in the North Stand and would often drag my mum along as well – even when she was pregnant with me. So, after attending games even before I was actually born, there was no other team I could possibly support – it’s just not done to follow anyone apart from the Blues in our family.

Although I have yet to see City win a major trophy, my dad and uncles have seen them win the lot – they all reassure me that our day will come again. My fondest memories of triumph I have are those of us nearly winning the FA Cup against Spurs in 1981, beating the Rags in the FA Youth Cup and gaining promotion twice!!!

After going to Maine Road with my dad, I got my own season ticket for the Kippax from the ages of 14 and 18. Unfortunately I then left home for university and didn’t really get to see that many games due to my bleak financial outlook for four years. However, on returning to reality and finding myself a job, I have now “discovered” City all over again – and it’s just as painful as before! Whatever people say about City, supporting them is never dull – often painful, but never dull.

My best memory of supporting City as a youngster was when I watched them as a guest of Paul Lake (friend of my brother). The ticket he gave me not only got me into the ground, but also into the players’ lounge. Once in there I was introduced to all the players and spent the evening chatting to all my heroes – sheer Blue heaven!

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Jon Walsh