Kieran P. Daly

Why Blue?

Well I have been sitting patiently listening and reading and loving all the news so it is now time to throw in the ‘Why Blue’. I’ll make it short and precise and show how much being a City fan means.

As every football fan knows, being a fan is more than watching the finals and being up to date on the team when they are ahead. If that was the case there would be no fans. Being a fan is waiting and waiting and when that is finished it means a little more waiting. Being a fan is waiting ’til the last minute of extra time when your team is down 0-2 and hoping that Immel will kick the ball out and it will bounce over the opposition keeper’s head and from the kick off the ball will be buried once again in the last seconds of injury time to earn a ‘well deserved draw’ for City.

Not many of my friends know that I am a City fan. That’s probably because I have not had much to crow about for the past decade or so. But I wait patiently. I have been a fan now for nearly two decades and cherish all the memories good and bad of City through those times.

It probably started with the League Cup Final against Newcastle and that sadly is one of the last winning memories that I hold dear. I still hate Halifax for kicking us out of the Cup all those years ago and I still rant on about Malcolm Allison (to anyone who will listen…) and I look longingly at my City shirt waiting for my yearly trip to City to see the team play (being exiled here in Austria).

The old names still ring true (Joe Corrigan, Tommy Hutchinson Summerbee… and so on and so ad nauseum until the people who I was talking to seem to have drifted off…) Not to worry I am waiting patiently. Never fear boys we will be back.

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Kieran P. Daly