Newsletter #1846

For those of you long enough in the tooth to remember Dad’s Army, I’ll quote Corporal Jones: “Don’t Panic!”

Heck, we’ve drawn a game! By thunder, it looks like the Sinclair deal has fallen through. Even worse, the Rags actually managed to hang on for 3 points at the weekend.

I’m sure we all have some perspective but it does make for an intriguing final few days of the transfer window. Let’s see what happens ahead of the re-match, sans Agüero, with Barton-less QPR at the weekend.

Make sure you have Sky Sports News taped for the 31st!

Next Game: Queens Park Rangers, Etihad Stadium, 1st September 2012, 17.30pm


I was searching as to who I give Man of the Match to from the City side, I am sorry I could not find one from this game. Well taken goals from Yaya and Tévez, who came close to MoM, but I wanted to see more.

Liverpool, with their new manager Brendan Rogers who was the manager in last season’s game to help Swansea beat City at a crucial time, got Liverpool playing with a much better appetite to win than what City showed on the day.

I thought it was a tough call on Rodwell as he had his hands up to defend his face as he went down and gave Liverpool the free kick, from which Suarez scored a terrific goal.

Whilst we never played well, it was great to come away with a gifted point!

Still time for a couple of players to come in before the deadline at the end of August; it looks like we need that lift. Come on Brian Marwood get your finger out!

City have some great players but have got to play with more determination to win; it often happens, but sadly not today!

Come on you Blues! In Mancini I trust!

Ernie Barrow <Britcityblue(at)>


City rather disappointingly managed only a draw against transitional Liverpool. We were some way below our best and we have to beat average mid-table sides like this if we are going to get ahead in the table.

The biggest threat to us was ourselves and poor refereeing and so it proved to be.

After an opening half hour where we dominated the lion’s share of possession, we allowed Liverpool to harry and hurry us out of our stride and we consequently gave the ball away too cheaply, too often.

Roberto made five changes as he reintroduced a 3-5-2 formation, with Kolo Touré and Pablo Zabaleta either side of Vincent Kompany in the central defensive positions. James Milner and Aleksandr Kolarov came into the side as wing backs, with Nigel de Jong replacing Jack Rodwell in central midfield. Mario Balotelli started up front for the first time this season, alongside Carlos Tévez.

The problem with this line up was that we lost some aerial power in defence and this was most significant when Skrtel scored Liverpool’s first goal just before half time when he overpowered Zaba to bullet a header in from a Gerrard corner. Kolarov should have done much better in tracking Skrtel, who got a clear run at the ball. Playing such a formation, Roberto wants more ball players in the central defensive positions, but I couldn’t help thinking that Lescott would have dealt with it if he had been on the pitch. We are leaking too many goals: that’s four in two league games and six in three matches if you count the Charity Shield.

Yaya stepped up to draw us level after the break with a razor sharp finish after Liverpool failed to clear. Having got level, we allowed Liverpool far too much room to attack us. The free kick that led to the Scousers’ second goal should never have been awarded by referee Andre Marriner. Gerrard’s shot cannoned up off Rodwell’s legs up onto his arm. Sound familiar? It was reminiscent of the penalty that was unjustly awarded against Micah Richards in last season’s League Cup Semi.

It is no coincidence that referees give such bad decisions in favour of Liverpool at Anfield.

Suarez’s bending free kick, which beat Hart inside his post, was a great strike but our wall could possibly have been better positioned. Again City showed the character and determination to get back into the game and sub Dzeko’s hard work and Tévez’s persistence in pouncing on Skrtel’s misplaced pass were truly commendable. Tévez showed great composure and no little skill as he rounded Reina to drill in the equaliser.

When we needed them, our big players delivered.

Substitute Dzeko could have won the game for us in the dying minutes when he connected with a left wing cross but he blazed over. We didn’t deserve to win in all truth but neither did Liverpool. Débutant Sterling offered pace and some good delivery down the left for them, new signing Allen was neat and tidy without being outstanding and Gerrard can still put a good ball in but age and injuries have taken its toll on him and he is not the force he was. The home crowd are very partisan (Liverpool culturally at least is almost a country in the same way Wales and Scotland are) and weak referees are influenced by them, but there is little to fear there for a team of our quality.

The rhythm of our team was disrupted by the change in formation and the five changes. A combination of 4-3-3 and 4-4-2 stood us in good stead and won us the Title. There is no need to change it. Hopefully we will return to four at the back consistently and start to hit top form. It is the last week of the transfer window and it looks like Scott Sinclair is coming in to replace Adam Johnson. City also need to bring in someone who can provide cover and competition at centre half. Javi Martinez of Athletic Bilbao would be able to play in midfield or defence and would strengthen our Title challenge. Whoever signs, we need to step up our performances and imposing ourselves to consistently win matches.

Hart: Could he have lined his wall up better for the 2nd goal, giving us better protection? Kicking not always well directed 6
K Touré: Decent enough 6
Kompany: Commanding though we see the very best of him in a back four 7
Zabaleta: His covering was excellent. He cannot be blamed for being beaten by Skrtel for their opener as he got as high as he could 7
Milner: Worked hard but on this occasion was unable to create many chances from right wing back. 6
De Jong: Has passed the ball better than this though his defensive contribution was important 6
Yaya Touré: City’s best player on the day again delivered when it mattered. Great all round player who could have done with better passing from those around him 7
Kolarov: His delivery was terrible and he was at fault for Skrtel’s goal. Not a good afternoon’s work 4
Balotelli: Needs to work on his hold up play. The ball didn’t always stick to him here. Still a handful though 6
Nasri: One of his least effective games for a while 5
Tévez: Showed great anticipation to pounce on Skrtel’s mistake and guile and coolness under pressure to score. Could have done with much better service and looked a little frustrated 7
Dzeko: Might have done better albeit under pressure from a defender when the chance presented itself 6
Rodwell: One misplaced pass apart, he was steady. 6
Silva: n/a

Refwatch: Marriner rather weak: influenced by the crowd far too often. 4

Best oppo: Sterling kept James Milner and Kolo Touré busy. Largely good delivery. Not bad for a 17 year old. 7

On a lighter note I heard from a Blue that if the Rags have signed Robin van Persil, Liverpool have Robin van Radio… I’ll get me coat…

Phil Banerjee <philban65(at)>


So, 24 million quid fee and 200 large a week for the oft-crocked 29-year-old RVP who was on the last year of his contract, eh? Not bad for a team who’s fans routinely tell us how we bought the title.

Still, I’m not foolhardy enough to deny his obvious talent and indeed the threat that he and Rooney together might pose.

Now, last time they had such a potent strike force, they were given the catchy nickname of RoRo. And so I think this new pairing should be given the same deference. Thus, given their potential to be something of a dynamic duo up front I respectfully suggest Pratman and Robin.

Steve OBrien <bodsnvimto(at)>


Is it just me or are all City fans pretty comfortable with RVP going to the dark side? All polls I’ve seen showed City fans against trying to sign him anyway. Tévez is already looking like a new signing anyway so we have our new striker. My only worry for us is the lack of cover for Vinnie and Joleon!

Chris Loveridge <hawkeye11(at)>


Save this until the end of the season.

Quote from Fergie today. “We got beaten on goal difference. That’s never happened before. It won’t happen again. Trust me.”

So he’s going out to score more goals than us I deduce from that, hence the signing of van Persie.

Well let’s give him his wish and win it by a points difference… hold on a minute. Would that prove him right?

Who cares? Come on you Blues.

Dave Kilroy <dave.kilroy(at)>


The best option by far is to be at a game live for the football and the fabulous atmosphere.

I remember when the Etihad Stadium first opened, how the stewards went up and down the aisles telling people to stay seated, it was all meant to keep it a family affair.

The trouble was that it was stopping the atmosphere. I thought at the time that it was crazy to try to stop people’s feelings and made my own protest at the time.

The kids must always be able to see the games.

Now fans are standing up during exciting parts of games and Etihad has got its atmosphere.

Failing being at a game, television has to be the next option, and you can bring in your own atmosphere by having a party of friends together for a game, and of course you can always see replays to find out if decisions were correct.

I might not be at all games, but far off as I am , there are always four of us in City shirts watching games, sometimes as early as 7am live (high noon in UK).

If you are lucky enough to just see an odd game live, after seeing so many TV games, you might expect a replay to happen!

Then if you are unlucky to not see a game live, or a game on TV, there is always the extended highlights on MCFC, with all the correct news.

On another subject, we only have until the end of August until the transfer window closes; on this occasion City have had to be careful because of the new rules starting next season of what you earn is what you are able to spend.

A lot of income is from merchandise sold across the world, and from the stadium capacity, Old Trafford must have an advantage with 76,000 seats.

Now that MCFC has found out that most games at Etihad are sold out, will they add to make Etihad hold more fans and then have more earnings?

If I look at all the transfers that has happened so far, I will predict that Hazard will have been the best that was missed; at one time City were also looking at him, and to be honest I thought that we might have had a slight advantage with him being Belgian and of course our captain Kompany being from the same country.

RVP will have the advantage of travelling to the Swamp with all the other United fans from London.

At the end of the day, I guess that MCFC had to do some unloading first to try to balance the books. To see Adebayor go to Spurs is a blessing.

The greatest thing about our team is that they are all back from last season’s success and are used to playing with each other, a welcome to Jack Rodwell with a long career ahead of him, a good signing.

I wish Sergio a fast and successful return from his injury.

Come on you Blues! In Mancini I trust!

Ernie Barrow <Britcityblue(at)>


Hello everyone,

I am a true blue City fan. Born in Manchester, but live in Toronto, Canada. I watch the games in Toronto as much as I can with a small group of fantastic City fans.

I am coming to Stockholm on Thursday for business, will be in town over the weekend. Tried to go to the website but it was all in Swedish; could not get the English link to work.

Would be interested to possibly come to watch the game with you all on Sat vs. QPR; where do you meet please in Stockholm and at what time is the game on (ED – 18:30 local time in Stockholm)?

Look forward to hearing back from someone hopefully please with some info. Thanks so much.

Charles Marcus <Charles(at)>


The season has started and, as Champions, City must defend the title. It will be no easy task, despite having a great team, for now every team will be after our scalp!

Looking at the pre-season games including the one versus Chelsea has been very interesting seeing the formations used by Mancini, the 3-5-2, with 5 in midfield I like, for I have always felt that most games are won or lost in midfield.

The midfield has to be strong and fast enough to move back to defend when needed but it is mainly to go forward and attack with width.

Different games will without doubt need different formations and players to baffle the opposition.

At last the new season is here, the celebrations from last season are over, for now we start again!

We see RVP go to our rivals; it will be convenient for him to travel to Old Trafford with all the other United fans from London.

As much as RVP is a very good player, without a City striker leaving (and which one?) how could RVP have fitted into the City team? We have a great team who know each other all that much more from having had a successful season together.

Jack Rodwell, the only senior signing by MCFC, I think is a good one being young and ready for a long career with City.

Sad to see Micah off for maybe 10 weeks from his injury playing for GB in the Olympics, hope he gets fit soon.

City are ready let the season begin; come on you Blues!

In Mancini I trust!

Ernie Barrow <Britcityblue(at)>


26 August 2012

Stoke City            0 - 0  Arsenal               27,072
Liverpool             2 - 2  Manchester City       44,942

25 August 2012

Swansea City          3 - 0  West Ham United       20,424
Aston Villa           1 - 3  Everton               36,565
Manchester United     3 - 2  Fulham                75,352
Norwich City          1 - 1  Queens Park Rangers   26,317
Southampton           0 - 2  Wigan Athletic        29,604
Tottenham Hotspur     1 - 1  West Bromwich Albion  36,166
Chelsea               2 - 0  Newcastle United      41,718

League table as at 28 August 2012

                    P  GD Pts
 1 Chelsea          3   6   9
 2 Swansea City     2   8   6
 3 Everton          2   3   6
 4 West Brom A.     2   3   4
 5 Manchester City  2   1   4
 6 Fulham           2   4   3
 7 Manchester Utd   2   0   3
 8 Wigan Athletic   2   0   3
 9 Newcastle Utd    2  -1   3
10 West Ham Utd     2  -2   3
11 Stoke City       2   0   2
12 Arsenal          2   0   2
13 Sunderland       1   0   1
14 Tottenham H.     2  -1   1
15 Reading          2  -2   1
16 Liverpool        2  -3   1
17 Norwich City     2  -5   1
18 QPR              2  -5   1
19 Southampton      2  -3   0
20 Aston Villa      2  -3   0

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