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As season-proper approaches we have another return to Wembley this weekend and the Charity Shield. Can we make it three in a row? The war of words is certainly stepping up, with Taggart admitting his noisy neighbours might just have something to worry his team, and the Brand Beckham coming out with his well informed opinion on us.

Tonight we’ve a look at the media stories, kits, player effort, US Blues and ticket requests.

Next Game: Manchester United, away, 2pm Sunday 7 August 2011 (Community Shield)


Traffordium Verminatum/Londinium Verminatum

The world over from Salford to Sydney, and from Leytonstone to LA, and judging by the amount of comments in various media, the Rags are worried about us. Judging by the bitching and sniping that is going on, particularly their incriminating posts on City message boards, washing machines from Essex to the Everglades, from Milton Keynes to Mombasa, are cleansing some very soiled trousers.

As City reached LA on the USofA Tour, predictably, David Beckman made some hypocritical comments about football “not all about spending money”. Tell us something we don’t know! He totally ignored the fact that Manyoo are the biggest spenders in the history of football in this sceptred isle.

The world’s most overrated footballer went on: “They might be a threat against teams this season and seasons to come, but Manchester United have got the history and silverware over the last 20 years.”

Another one of the “history boys”! When will these idiots realise that history is not just about winning trophies! And in any case, history is not all about the last 20 years. If Beckman truly knew anything about “history” (let’s not expect too much, this is Beckman after all), he’d know that City lent Maine Road to the Rags after the war, and that City had a great side in the late 60s and early 70s, complete with silverware. City’s team was celebrated and revered, even by non-City supporters.

In contrast, United’s team is hated up and down the land because of their arrogance and dirty, unscrupulous ways.

Beckman went on about City, “They’ve got great players in the team, but they are never going to be Man United, I have always said that.” So perceptive! We could, of course never be Man. United or want to be them. In any case, who does want to be Man.Ucheated? A bunch of sour faced, ungracious cheats who are completely incapable of winning, losing or drawing with a shred of class or dignity. To borrow from the great Brian Clough, they should take all their medals and trophies and throw them in the bin, because they won them all by cheating.

In any case, who does Beckman think he is? A limited footballer, who even at the height of his powers could not head a ball or beat a man with skill: the classic over-hyped, Rag one-tricked pony.

Who is this glory-hunting idiot to comment on anything to do with Manchester? He is from Leytonstone so why didn’t he support Leyton Orient or West’aiiiim? Indeed, how dare he comment on our wonderful club? The one true Manchester club.

Phil Banerjee <philban65(at)>


I have to share this. I have just got back from an 8,000 mile road trip, driving from St Louis Missouri to the Arctic Circle in Alaska, and back. A notable trip for 3 things.

  1. Seeing 10 Grizzly bears
  2. Not seeing a single rag shirt
  3. Meeting 2 City supporters on the road through the Arctic Tundra, in Alaska – we all had City shirts on!

Only in America. As they say.

CTID, John Stewart <johnatredcar(at)>


The new home shirt is getting some mixed reviews to say the least and I suspect that the excellent new red and black away shirt will far outsell the new home shirt.

I don’t generally like gimmicks in our City shirts, but the idea of the sound wave graphic on the shirt of City fans singing ‘Blue Moon’ is a clever idea. That all said, for me, it isn’t as good as the last two kits that Umbro brought out: the retro late 60s/early 70s, vicar’s collar shirt of two years ago was a classic design and very comfortable to wear, as was last season’s excellent shirt that we finally broke the 35 year trophy drought in. Being a traditionalist, I liked the fact that they were smart and simple, without the gimmicks. This season, I’d have preferred a simply sky blue shirt with a white 1950s-style V-neck, or failing that, a sky blue shirt with a collar. This latest shirt is ok though, but no more than that. The dots that make the sound wave pattern are quite subtle really and, in my view at least, don’t veer away from our traditions. In fact I think they embrace them with this idea. So if I’m giving Umbro a 10/10 and 9/10 respectively for their previous two superb home shirts, I’d give this one a 6/10 (1/2 a point off for the paler blue and another half off for the unnecessary checked collar).

It is of course all a matter of taste. One person’s “clever idea” is another person’s “embarrassing gimmick”, which is fair enough. I’d agree with Neil Higson in preferring the shirt to remain a deeper blue, but do we look like Coventry City? Sorry, don’t get that one. As long as we have our badge on it, and with a sky blue shirt, we’ll always look like Manchester City, and this latest first team strip passes that test for me.

As for the sky blue shorts, they don’t bother me as they were worn for the first 5 years of my attendance at Maine Road. The sky blue shorts were actually worn from 1977-1985, as verified on the website:

I recommend having a look. Anyone have a particular favourite over the years? It’s 1950s V-neck by a short head (though it’s way before my time!) in front of the 60s/70s and 2009 vicar’s collar for me.

I’d imagine most Blues would prefer the boys in blue to wear white shorts, and I feel the same way. However, my first 5 years of watching MCFC saw us wearing all sky blue, so they don’t bother me. Doubtless we’ll be back in white shorts when they bring in yet another new kit.

It’s a shame that we change our kit every year because they are expensive, and in any case, the last two classic designs deserve a longer airing than one year! Commercial pressures have dictated that City have changed kit every season since we had Reebok’s awful effort with the white sleeves (now that was a ghastly effort, getting a big fat 0 in the Banerjee household), which pre-dates even Thaksin’s tenure. The reality is that shirt sales are indeed a source of revenue that helps the club get stronger financially. Ultimately it is our choice how we spend our money and no one is forcing us to buy a replica shirt every year.

Whatever, I hope the club sell plenty of shirts, and equally that people can afford to buy them because ultimately that is what will help the club prosper financially. Whatever, it is our choice, and no one is compelling us to do so, and, should the need arise, we just have to say ‘no’ to our kids (hard as it is sometimes)!

If Neil is not happy with being fobbed off onto Kitbag (and I have to say that is poor form), I suggest he take it up with both MCFC Customer Services (0161 444 1894, option 1 then option 3) and also with Points of Blue (see under MCIVTA FAQ at the foot of this MCIVTA).

The club, though, could do itself a favour and consult the fans more about the new strips (surely the more popular the choice the more likely the sales will be higher?). They should canvass the fans on preferences, come up with three choices for a new strip and put a poll on the City website, which Season Card holders and City Card holders could vote on. Other clubs manage it, so why don’t we?

Wouldn’t that be a better way than what we have now?

Phil Banerjee <philban65(at)>


Just watched the interview with Sergio Aguero on the City web-site. I was very disappointed he only gives 100% every game. Will this be enough?

I’ve often heard managers claim that their players give 110%.

Dave Kilroy <dave.kilroy(at)>


Greetings fellow Blues,

Have found that I’ll unexpectedly be in London next weekend so thought I’d try to catch the Charity Shield match. However, as I’ve never bought tickets using my supporter number, I’m unable to purchase via the official channels. Is there any chance that someone can help sort out 2 tickets for the match?

Ideally we’d be able to meet up at the match as we’re flying in from Holland.

Any help is much appreciated.

John Walker <johnawalker(at)>

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