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Well that was a quick three editions; Heidi is back next week and I’ve not managed to set fire to McVittee HQ or even lose contributions this time – if you don’t count Derek’s offering that ended up in my spam box – not sure what that says about Boateng? Something prophetic no doubt. Thank you to everyone for continuing to make MCIVTA a worthwhile publication, without your efforts we would be just a page of lines, but Phil next time you don’t need to send me your offerings three times 😉

Right, I’m off write some considered opinion on the next big musical thing; failing that I’ll waffle on until I’m over my 500 word limit.

Until next time, keep the faith.

Next Game: TBA


I saw Boateng playing for Germany in last year’s World Cup (on TV of course). He appeared at left back, then at right back and signed for City (reportedly as a right back) after the event. He did not make many appearances as he was on the injured list quite a lot. How can he claim to have agreed a four-year deal with Bayern? Surely the clubs need to be involved?!

He also complains that he did not get enough opportunities at City but does not mention his injury record. He also moans that he wasn’t used at centre back but surely that is not his position, although he states that he will play there for Bayern.

In addition to him being a prize moaner, I think he is too slow and too precious for the Premier League. I would not be sorry to see him go (as long as we get our money back), and particularly as we have Micah, Zab and Dedryck Boyata for the right back position, and they can also play elsewhere.

What is the position? Surely he can’t negotiate a transfer himself. Any ideas?

Derek Styles <deranne1(at)>


It looks like Carlos Tévez is staying with Manchester City. Real Madrid and Inter seemingly cannot afford either the transfer fee (widely touted at £50 million though if Torres is worth £50 million this should be no less than £60 million) or to add his £230,000 a week salary to their wage bill. That said, in the world of Real Madrid, it wouldn’t be totally surprising if the Madrid council again suddenly furnished the Real President with another convoy load of Euros in some “land deal”.

In the absence of any suitors with hard cash, clearly it serves Carlos Tévez and his agent Kia Joorabchian for him to stay here for the length of his contract, because no one can make them as rich as Sheikh Mansour can. The Sheikh has played another blinder by telling Tévez that if he is unhappy, he should move on. Clearly Tévez cannot be that ‘unhappy’ as his bank balance is very well endowed at City and no one can better it right now.

Carlos Tévez has behaved incredibly selfishly and shown a lack of regard for the fans and indeed the city of Manchester by not making his future clear, his transfer requests and his negative comments about the City of Manchester (as for Manchester only having 2 restaurants, he clearly has never been down Rusholme!). He’d do well to look at the examples of other overseas players such Vincent Kompany, Nigel de Jong, his fellow countryman Pablo Zabaleta and David Silva amongst others, and see how they have embraced this club, its fans and indeed Manchester itself. Their charity work and their attitude are shining examples for any young footballer. They are loved by the City fans.

I’ll be delighted if Tévez stays, purely for his immense quality and workrate as a player, but if he goes he goes, and we’ll find a replacement. Tévez really shouldn’t be captain though, given his lack of English and, at times, lack of commitment to the club and its community. Vincent Kompany should be the man with the armband, and it is up to Roberto Mancini to make this change. If Vinny is out for any reason then Nige or Zaba can deputise. Micah’s day will come again.

The MUEN mischievously had a headline in saying that Carlos needs to make it up with the City fans. I didn’t like his comments about Manchester or his transfer requests, but no, he doesn’t have any making up with the fans. If Tévez gives 100% in the future, as he has done on the pitch always, and stops moaning about his situation and does not destabilise the club, that will do. No need for any apologies. Just do your job, Carlos.

Footnote: I can’t quite call myself a Mancunian, having been born t’other side of the Pennines and grown up in Glossop, just outside of the Greater Manchester conurbation, but I have to say that I love Manchester. It’s a great city. I go there quite frequently when City aren’t playing, and I still get the same buzz as when my mum took me there on the train as a five year old. For me it’s an exciting city with a lot going for it culturally, socially and in many other ways.

We can thank Manchester for bringing us The Doves, The Smiths, Oasis (well, the first two albums anyway), The Stone Roses and The Halle Orchestra to name but a few. In the last year I’ve been lucky enough to have seen ‘Romeo and Juliet’ at the Palace Theatre, enjoyed the continental markets (amongst others) and we’re off to see Bon Jovi (OK, they’re from New Jersey, but they think it’s worth the trip) at the real Old Trafford on Friday. Who knows, I might even return there to see England versus India in the cricket later on this summer. The food is pretty damn good too: I love a chip barm. If Carlos Tévez wants more than that he could go down the Curry Mile, China Town or if he wants to really flash the cash he might check out ‘Choice’, or ‘Michael Caines’ (I’ll have to save up for the latter two). Carlos has probably not checked out the Lowry yet, but if he did he’d find that it does cater well for his kids and that they would get the chance to be inspired and have a go at creating their own art work. I don’t know about you but there’s a tendency to miss out on the local tourist attractions if you’ve lived in a place! Well, whether you’re from outside of Manchester or live there, and you are into art, I strongly recommend The Manchester Art Gallery on Mosley Street. My wife and I went there for the first time after we picked up my semi-final tickets (didn’t we beat United!?) and spent a good two hours, which could easily have been more. If Carlos condescended to go there he might learn about the Peterloo Massacre. I don’t expect a footballer to be a cultural expert but if Carlos connected to the people of Manchester like Zaba, Komps, Micah, Joe, or our Nige have done then he might think twice about making ill-informed little comments to Argentine radio stations, and might learn that Manchester ain’t half bad.

Maybe I’m being a bit defensive about Manchester here, but the point is that as brilliant a footballer as Carlos Tévez is, I expect more from a captain of Manchester City.

Phil Banerjee <philban65(at)>

[Ed: Phil, I hope this is the right email, now just calmly breathe in and out, if there is a vacancy at MCFC for Manchester’s Cultural Ambassador I’ll put in a good word for you. Think you missed The Shirehorses out of the great Manchester bands ;)]


Paul Lake, Ambassador for CITC, Howard Burr and Tony Griffiths from the Reddish branch, Phil Holme from the Portadown branch, Neil Cole Endemol (TV Company) and I are currently arranging another shipment of a container to Sierra Leone. The container will hold loads of already collected football items plus some educational equipment for 4 schools out there. The football equipment is for our Manchester City teams and community in Sierra Leone. All being well the container should leave in about a month or so.

Further donations of any football equipment and kit are always welcome and invited but we are very short on football boots size 9 and above. All donations are welcome, especially the football boots and can be sent to me:

Alex Channon
‘Penalty Spot’
11 Thirlmere Avenue
M27 5XD

I’ll be at CoMS on Sunday 3rd July at 12:00 noon prior to the Supporters’ Club AGM. If any of you can deliver stuff to me at about that time I’ll gladly take it off your hands.

Future fund raising events are in hand to help cover the cost of transport. To read more about the past success of the Sierra Leone Appeal and what has been achieved over there log onto There is also a Paypal button on the site for those of you kind enough to get your plastic out.

Thanking you all for your past and future support of the Sierra Leone Appeal.

Alex Channon <alexchannon81(at)>


Any City fans going to the game on July 18? As far as I can see the Club are not securing a section for City so it looks at this stage as if we need to get a ticket for anywhere in the ground. Too bad as it would have been great to get together with fellow Blues. I will be at Oscar’s Pub at 5pm on the evening of the game. This pub is where many of the Vancouver Whitecap fans meet so should be an excellent atmosphere. I am going to make one more plea to City to get us a section but otherwise the number for tickets in Vancouver is 17783301365.

John Jepson <john.jepson(at)>

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