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As the last few games approach, we have opinion tonight on the Hammers game and a hatful of requests including the latest KotK, your chance to feature on ESPN and the obligatory cup final ticket requests.

Alex will be offline for a few weeks now due to workload – it seems to be that time of year!

Next up Everton and a game we need perform well in to secure that 4th spot.

Next Game: Everton, away, 3pm Saturday 7 May 2011


This game brought de Jong’s first goal for City , and what a great goal the “Tiger” scored, one to be proud of. Zab scored the second as a Hammers player tried in vain to stop it going in; I will go ahead and name Zab the player of this game – we can always depend on Zabaleta giving his best in every game. Mario playing up front on his own nearly scored as he hit the corner of the woodwork of the goal, and one effort stopped on the goal line; he put in a decent performance.

The first twenty minutes saw City play some impressive football but then after being 2-0 up the team seemed to slow down and let West Ham into the game. West Ham scored a goal but for all their endeavours they were no match for City.

All the games for the rest of the season are important games, and as Roberto Mancini said: “there will be no let up in any game until the final whistle of the last game is blown”.

This is the best season City have had for quite a few seasons; the only thing that gives this season a black eye is the supporters who chant “Munich”. How many of these so called fans were born before the tragic accident? I read of one of the Munich chanters who was proud of his two year old niece that chanted it. I just said “Who taught her?” The sad part is that some of these City supporters who chant Munich are otherwise good supporters who love the club, and just want to upset United; in truth they are upsetting most of the City supporters. We all like chants to help the team and atmosphere in the stadium, and I plead make up some new ones without the word Munich; we all want our club to be held with good respect in the world of football. Why doesn’t MCFC have a competition for the best new chant?

In Roberto Mancini I trust.

Come on City!

Ernie Barrow <britcityblue(at)>


We are pleased to announce that after nearly 23 years, King Of the Kippax number 188, the fanzine we always hoped to, but never thought we’d ever have to do (the Cup Final special) should hit the outlet at Aleef (Corner of Cross Street/Market Street) and the streets at the Everton and subsequent games.

It’s, naturally, a bumper 52 page A4 issue with a colour front (Manchester City 1 United 0) and back (City Cup Final programmes) cover selling at just £3. It can also be purchased for £4 (bl**dy postage up yet again!) from King Of The Kippax, 25,Holdenbrook Close, Leigh, Lancs, WN7 2HL.

This issue contains fans’ stories from the semi-final, Cup Final preview, UEFA Financial Fair play regulations, 1980/81 Cup Final, who’d be a referee? Clive Tyldesley chat part 2, match previews and reviews, cartoons, pics and comment on all things Blue, plus the odd pop at the dirty, filthy, despicable, nasty Rags.

Thanks to all at MCIVTA for all the issues this season and the excellent debate and comment. Let’s hope we end it on a high.

Sue Wallace <dw001e8104(at)>


We will be presenting ‘Talk of the Terrace’ (our live magazine show) at Wembley on the day and are looking for about 12 fans from each team (who have tickets for the game) to come and make up our audience. The show will be live between 1030-1130.

As usual the show will be presented by Kelly Cates, Nat Coombs and Chris Cohen with live music (band to be confirmed).

If you’re interested in participating, please drop me a line at the email below.

Wallace Poulter <wallace.poulter(at)>


Based in Runcorn, am wondering if there are any groups of Blues or supporters’ clubs who meet nearby, Warrington area maybe?

If anybody has any details please could they get in contact?

Thank you, Billy Watkinson <billy.watkinson(at)>


My 9 year old son is a season ticket holder and went along with me to the semi-final. We had a fabulous day and to see his face when he saw Wembley was just a dream come true for me.

Last year when we reached the semi-final of the League Cup I contacted the club to enquire how they would handle ticket allocation for the final with regards to Junior seasoncard holders, I was assured the Club’s policy was to have children (as long as they are seasoncard holders) to “piggy back” on Adult seasoncard holders so therefore I told him there would be “no problem”. As we all know we didn’t make the final that year, but we have this year!

So, when the semi came along I duly took advantage of what I thought was a fantastic idea of the Club’s and we went along for what was one of the most memorable days of my life; to see my boy being thrown in the air at the final whistle at Wembley by total strangers, he loved it!

So I obviously promised him a Cup Final ticket – wrong! The Club changed their policy and only offered a few such tickets and now tell me for him to get a ticket he has to qualify with points. He’s 9; how can he compete? Why the turn in policy?

I asked the club if I were to buy my ticket and then when he qualifies move my ticket so I can sit next to him. No I was told, untransferrable!

I was asking these questions at the West Ham game and when all the answers came back and young Tom was told he wouldn’t be going to the final, he was in floods of tears. His dad joined him when he said “Dad will you take my flag and wave it for me at the final?” So I had a dilemma; do I forego my opportunity and risk it (my boy has 2520 points) or buy mine and then try anything to get two tickets together, so here goes.

I have an £85 ticket (category 2). Has anybody got 2 tickets together and only one person going? If you have then I will gladly give you my £85 ticket and buy the other two off you at face value, a flaming good deal for the seller, that is how much I want my boy to be with me at that final.

Surely someone falls into this category? If you do, please contact a very desperate dad.

Many thanks, Neil Heitzman <heitzman_neil(at)>


I was one of the 32,000 at the semi-final cheering our beloved club to victory, but due to the reduced 25,000 allocation for the final I do not have enough points to get a final ticket. Does anyone out there has a spare ticket (or 2 so my son can go as well) or a seasoncard with enough points that I can buy off them (I can’t afford tout prices)?

As my mobile battery died just before I entered the ground I never managed to take any video footage on the atmosphere, the famous Poznan or after the match celebrations. I would be forever grateful to anyone who could email copies of any video footage taken on the day.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me out with any of the above requests.

Steve Cummings <steve_cummings(at)>


Desperately seeking ticket for Cup final. Blue exiled in London. Please call 07908 738897 or email.

Many thanks, Simon Hope <simonjhope(at)>


I would like to put my name out there along with the many others who are looking for a ticket for the Final. I live in France but have been supporting City for over 50 years and get over to see 3 or 4 games a season. I just need the one ticket. I am travelling over anyway, so will be able to pick up a ticket in Manchester or London.

Steve Norris <steve(at)>


Given my brother Ben has effectively spent all week on the phone and pretty much secured my ticket for the final himself (only to miss out on his own due to the loyalty point scheme) I’ve done the honourable thing and given him my ticket.

This means I am absolutely desperate for one. If any of you are able to pull any strings or at least one string, then please let me know and I am forever in your debt!

All the best, Joel Perry <joel.perry(at)>


Hi there, subscriber to MCIVTA since ’95 when living in Bromley as an exiled Manc; there was no news on City at all! Looking for a Wembley ticket.

High points: Imre’s goal vs. us at Maine Road before he joined, promotion at Bradford, the 5-1, Ian Brightwell almost taking my head off at the 1-1, pitch invasion at The Goat’s goal vs. Macclesfield, travelling from Melbourne for 2-0 down with a minute to go… travelling back to Melbourne after the Dickov and Weaver show.

Low Points: Altrincham High Street when I should’ve been at the 10-1, Bromley to City 0-1 to Huddersfield, relegation and relegation again, Reading away Wednesday night while my mates are in Monaco, the 0-5 Thursday, Coppell’s resignation while I was on the holiday of a lifetime in Sydney, Ball’s appointment.

If anyone has a ticket spare: +61 (0) 401 345517: I am coming no matter what. Mac, text me or leave me a message.

Martin McNeil <martinrmcneil(at)>


League table to 04 May 2011 inclusive

                            HOME          AWAY        OVERALL
                    P  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L   F   A  GD Pts
 1 Manchester Utd  35 16  1  0 43  9  5  9  4 28 24 21 10  4  71  33  38  73
 2 Chelsea         35 14  2  2 37 11  7  5  5 29 17 21  7  7  66  28  38  70
 3 Arsenal         35 11  4  3 32 13  8  6  3 36 23 19 10  6  68  36  32  67
 4 Manchester City 34 11  4  2 30 12  7  4  6 23 19 18  8  8  53  31  22  62
 5 Liverpool       35 12  4  2 37 12  4  3 10 17 27 16  7 12  54  39  15  55
 6 Tottenham H.    34  8  8  1 27 17  6  5  6 23 26 14 13  7  50  43   7  55
 7 Everton         35  7  7  3 28 22  4  8  6 20 21 11 15  9  48  43   5  48
 8 Bolton Wndrs    35 10  5  2 33 20  2  5 11 15 28 12 10 13  48  48   0  46
 9 Fulham          35  8  6  3 26 16  2  9  7 17 20 10 15 10  43  36   7  45
10 Stoke City      35  9  4  4 28 16  3  3 12 15 27 12  7 16  43  43   0  43
11 West Brom A.    35  7  6  5 29 30  4  4  9 22 35 11 10 14  51  65 -14  43
12 Newcastle Utd   35  5  7  5 36 23  5  4  9 13 28 10 11 14  49  51  -2  41
13 Sunderland      35  7  5  6 25 24  3  6  8 15 28 10 11 14  40  52 -12  41
14 Aston Villa     35  7  6  4 24 18  3  5 10 20 39 10 11 14  44  57 -13  41
15 Birmingham City 35  6  8  4 19 20  2  7  8 16 32  8 15 12  35  52 -17  39
16 Blackburn R.    35  7  6  5 21 15  3  2 12 20 40 10  8 17  41  55 -14  38
17 Blackpool       35  4  5  9 26 34  5  3  9 22 36  9  8 18  48  70 -22  35
18 Wigan Athletic  35  4  8  6 19 32  3  6  8 16 27  7 14 14  35  59 -24  35
19 Wolves          35  7  4  6 25 26  2  3 13 13 35  9  7 19  38  61 -23  34
20 West Ham United 35  5  4  8 23 27  2  7  9 17 36  7 11 17  40  63 -23  32

With thanks to Football 365

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