Newsletter #1546

Opinion tonight on the inevitable transfer rumours and targets we are currently linked with in the media.

We also have views on the origins of Blue Moon. Take your pick! Although I guess it’d be nice to have something corroborated on the reasons we have that song as our “anthem”.

Next Game: Orlando Pirates, away, 3pm Saturday 18 July (pre-season)


It’s that time of the year, pre-season comings and goings. We have a lot to ship out, and we are also being linked with a lot of players too. What really staggered me though are the absolutely ludicrous figures coming out in relation to our pursuit of John Terry. I think he is an inspirational and solid centre half but not necessarily the best. Why oh why we are prepared to offer approx £30 million, plus a ludicrous weekly salary is just beyond me; there will be no re-sale value after his 4 to 5 year contract. Personally, I would much rather City went for 1 or 2 good younger centre halves, there are plenty around Europe that would cost us so much less and probably do as well as JT. I would purchase Oguchi Onyewu (USA) and maybe Luisao (the Brazilian playing for Benfica), both tall international centre halves who will be far better value for money. I would also welcome us pursuing Maicon, who is a strong, athletic right back that Richards would be a good understudy to and hopefully learn from.

I don’t want to see “mercenaries” who only come to City for the money, and that is likely to happen with players in their late 20’s who see us as a last chance to bag a lot of dosh.

Whilst I appreciate that we need quality experienced players, I would like us to have talented “hungry” players who will only get better in time. From the back, we have an excellent goalkeeper, 2 young and raw defenders (Onuoha and Richards), and a left back (Bridge) that I would not consider as being one of the best in the Premier League. We have 2 good holding midfielders in Kompany and de Jong and 3 excellent midfielders in Barry, Ireland and SWP, and 2 excellent forwards in Robinho and Santa Cruz.

For us to be successful this season, we ideally need quality cover for our starting eleven. Therefore, we need another good left back (Armand Traore) and right back (Maicon), a quality centre half (Luisao) though Kompany can play there if required, another centre forward (Tevez), and a right winger.

I guess MH will retain Zabaleta, Johnson, Bellamy, Petrov, Bojinov, and Evans? So that leaves 10 players who will have to be released or sold. Therefore we will still be in the hunt for another 3 or 4 players as cover. Speculation as to who we will sign will reach fever pitch; thankfully, we have the money to be one of the serious “players”, rather than wait for the leftovers.

Many supporters might be thinking: “So what if we end up paying ludicrous amounts of money for all and sundry, especially if these players are considered to be ‘top’ players. It’s the rich owners’ money (and they obviously have bucket loads of the stuff), and have ambitions to make City a genuine Top 4 contender!” Who am I to argue with that… however, I would still like us to be sensible!

Come on City… get us into the Top 4!

Glyn Albuquerque <glynalbuquerque(at)>


I guess the reason for the delay in Tevez signing a City contract is that he, like the Brazilian stars Robinho and Elano, have been given an extension to stay off, because of them all playing in the Confederations Cup.

No new news on Eto’o, looks like the player himself wants more money after MCFC and Barça have agreed on a transfer fee.

Our strike force looks potent right now with Bellamy who when fit is a menace to any defence, the new signing Rocky, Robinho, Boj all who are potential goal getters, and soon to be added if all goes well Tevez.

It looks as if Caicedo, Benji, and Ched Evans, might be either loaned out or transferred, Jo having already gone to Everton on loan for the season; Moyes must see something in this player.

The midfield looks all set to go, and is a very good one.

We don’t know if MCFC really made an offer for John Terry; some reports say it all started just because Sparky and JT were in the same hotel. The media will make a story out of anything that they can but I bet it made the Chelsea fans nervous.

City are still looking around at central defenders, many names being mentioned by the media, with Sunderland waiting with an offer for long serving Richard Dunne.

It won’t be long before the first of seven pre-season games start; it would be nice to see the City squad of players that have been selected to represent the club next season all ready and set to go, with no more transfer talk to come in or go out.

Sparky’s City team is getting closer to being his City team.

Come on you Blues!

Ernie Barrow <Britcityblue(at)>


In answer to the recently posed question “when did Blue Moon start to be sung by City fans?”, I think it was at Nottingham Forest vs. City in 1989/90 season – the first season back in the top flight. I went with my mate Paul Graham on a rare away trip to Nottingham.

The City keeper, Andy Dibble I think, had the ball cheekily headed out of his hands as he was about to take a goal kick. The goal stood, despite protestations and City eventually lost. However, the sense of injustice created a remarkable sense of camaraderie and we started to sing Blue Moon, because we were so melancholy.

I had never heard the song sung before so this leads me to believe that this was indeed the origin of the song.

(In Sparky we have reservations)

Darran Clarke <darranclarke(at)>


David Buxton asked in last Thursday’s McV “when did we start singing Blue Moon?” I can’t give an accurate answer but know it was during Howard Kendall’s reign as manager. I also recall the full words of the song being published in the matchday programme at the time but doubt if many us still know more than the first couple of lines.

I much prefer some of the songs and chants from the 60s and 70s, they lasted much longer without interruption and encouragement from a PA system.

Alex Channon <alexchannon81(at)>


David Buxton in MCIVTA 1545 said that: “When I first watched City, we had nothing, and it was rather embarrassing during the community singing before the Cup Final against Newcastle in 55 to hear the Geordies rapturously singing their ‘Blaydon Races’.”

Well Dave, you had no need to be embarrassed because we City fans indeed had our own song. It was sung to the tune of an old war time song called (I think) “Bobbing up and down like this”, and the words were:

City’s the team, we are the best team in the land.
Playing away games, always in command.
Now and again.
May we lose a point or two but we never do do despair.
Why not?
‘Cause you can’t beat the boys in the old light blue, when they come from Manchester.

Sung with great gusto and much rattle waving by all the lads behind the goal at the scoreboard, later North Stand end at Maine Road, and even louder at away games.

Many regards and thanks for jogging my memory David, lol.

Jack Millington <jack(at)>


This may be apocryphal, mythical, reasonably accurate or the real deal as to the origins of why we sing Blue Moon. I am sure this will be like an episode of Call My Bluff with three of us providing reasonably plausible answers.

My story!

The reason why City fans sing Blue Moon is… It goes back to when Niall Quinn played for City (1990-1996). He scored the winning goal in a game and was interviewed on TV (game and interviewer escape me)…

Interviewer: “So Niall, talk us through the winner.”
NQ: “It was Stevie (McMahon) got the ball on the wing, I thought he was going to cross to the players in the middle but he passed to me on the other side of the box, it was a perfect Blue Moon goal.”
Interviewer: “Blue Moon goal?”
NQ: “Yeah he saw me standing alone, a great pass, a perfect Blue Moon goal and I slotted it home.”

From then on there was no turning back we had a second song to dedicate to Niall Quinn along with Disco Pants.

“I learned my trade at Arsenal, at City I became a footballer but Sunderland got under my skin.” Niall Quinn MBE (hon).

That quote is from his biography, which is by far and away the funniest football bio you will ever read. His stories about the Irish squad, the team talks with Jackie Charlton, and the fight with Ricky Holden and Steve McMahon (on a City tour) are just hilarious. His take on Roy Keane and life in football is just a great yarn beginning to end. If you’re a City, Arsenal, Sunderland or Irish then it’s a must.

Phil Lines <phil.lines(at)>


Just wondered if anyone could help me get hold of the home and away shirt for the season just gone?

The shop on the official website has the home shirt available, unfortunately not in my size, but not the away shirt. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know I’ve left my run late but that’s what comes with being Down Under!

Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist.

Brian Carter <bluebrian52(at)>

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