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City emerged winners on the pitch against AC Milan at the weekend, retaining the Thomas Cook trophy although the Chairman’s woes continue as he refuses to return to Thailand and face the ongoing court cases.

What this means for Manchester City is far from certain as he now faces an arrest warrant and his assets are already frozen.

We have opinion on this ongoing saga tonight, as well as the Milan victory and Hughes’ transfer targets.

Next Game: FC Midtjylland, home, 7.45pm Thursday 14 August 2008 (UEFA)


First, a quick word on the old “innocent until proven guilty” business. Upon becoming Prime Minister of Thailand, Toxic had to sign a declaration that stated that he held no overseas assets. Having done so, he proceeded to buy a football club with those overseas assets that he didn’t possess. That’s some accountant he’s got.

In the same way that a person accused of murder can be remanded in custody, certain precautions should come into effect where evidence of financial irregularities against somebody is as starkly obvious as a hippo sitting in your living room watching Coronation Street, e.g. Toxic should not have been:

  1. Allowed into the country by HM Government (imagine Gordon Brownreading this and moaning, “They’re blaming me for bl**dy Manchester City’s problems now!”), or
  2. Allowed to buy a football club by the F.A. (but then F.A. really should stand for F*****g Absent).

Anyway, that’s water under the bridge now.

I quickly wanted to respond to Phil Banerjee’s comments in MCIVTA 1454.

I’m probably one of the back-turners that you were referring to, Phil, and I just want to put the record straight.

I turned my back on Toxic, not on City, and I did it on a point of principle. In my case not because Sven was sacked (although I didn’t agree with that) but because no one with such a massive weight of evidence of corruption stacked against him should even be admitted into the country, let alone allowed to buy a business.

I did foresee him bringing trouble to City and I did bore everyone and anyone foolish enough to come within earshot of me with my predictions. Guilty as charged, m’lud. I just didn’t anticipate things getting so bad, so soon.

However, I’ll tell you Phil, I’m not gloating and I’m not feeling smug. Moreover, in the light of the Stephen Ireland fiasco and rumours about the Corluka transfer and its impact on relations between Hughes and the board, I feel sick. I’m 47 and City has been part of my life for as long as my memory reaches back and I, like you, and every Blue, know that feeling of despondency over the plight of City. But I haven’t ever experienced it, as I am doing now, before a season has even started. I keep hoping that, just like Pamela Ewing, I’ll wake up one morning to find it was all just a dream (mind you, knowing my luck, if I ever do, I’ll probably find that Alan Ball is still the manager).

On the positive side, Phil, you’re right that it’s not a bad thing that Toxic is selling (I know he says that he’s not selling but if you want, or as in Toxic’s case need, as much money as you can get for something that you’re selling, it’s not wise to advertise to prospective buyers that you’re desperate).

My hope is that a buyer comes along sooner rather than later, that Hughes manages to hold on to the players that we have, and that he can put up with whatever stunts are pulled by Toxic and his cronies in the meantime.

Oh, and I also hope that City’s next owner doesn’t list gerrymandering, bribery or embezzlement among his key strengths. Please let the next light at the end of this long, sodding, tunnel not be another bloody train coming towards us!

CTID, Sutty <NetSutty(at)>


An impressive performance versus AC Milan, earlier today. Good to see, and a testament to the work by Mark H and his competent staff.

Thanks must still go to Sven for purchasing the ever-dangerous and improving Bojinov; a classic finish from him for a really great shot and goal. Very instinctive. For me, he’s a mix of Viduka and Rooney, which cannot be bad. A good, strong player with an eye for goal and fire in his belly. He does seem worthy of wearing the Blue shirt, indeed.

I’m rather perplexed at the prospect of Corluka leaving the club, particularly for the relatively paltry sum in the region of 7 million pounds? Even with today’s over-inflated values, Tottenham would be getting quite the bargain for this versatile player. What is going on, here? From what I read, Mark Hughes is not too pleased about the prospect of losing the player and, neither am I.

As I stated the other week, Santa Cruz paring Bojinov and Jo would be quite a threat, if Mark can pull this off, as I am confident he can. Must sign Santa Cruz at the earliest.

Apparently, reports now indicate Mark H has successfully convinced Corluka to remain with City, which is good news. Common sense has finally prevailed.

Now, if Mark can do the business to bring in a quality striker, a.k.a. Santa Cruz, I think there may well be light at the end of the tunnel. Time is running rather short, now, but we could not be in better hands at this time, I feel, with Mark in charge.

Graham Mills <gkm_5(at)>


As a lifelong City fan, I have to say I have been really fed up lately with the ongoing saga about one of our best players being linked with a move to moneybags Spurs, and indeed the attempt by certain sections of the media to unsettle our club.

I read tonight with great pleasure on our official website, that Vedran Corluka is not going anywhere.

This will be a right a kick in the teeth to a certain Mister Daniel Levy who knows as much about football as my auntie who is my uncle. The same Mr. Levy has been whinging in public about other teams tapping up his players, yet he seems to be very comfortable in unsettling other teams’ players at will. So keep spending Levy and you might end with the Carling Cup again.

CTID, Paul Fegan <paulo9(at)>


Well things never seem to go the easy way following City. Another season and things remain the same, and the echoes around of “I told you so” are seemingly growing louder.

I was one from the start who said selling to our chairman was a huge mistake, but I guess everyone, including those that sold, were blinded by the thought of vast amounts of money. If people had done their research instead of being blinded by greed, they would have found that what has come out in the papers is only half the trouble that they’re in, and hence my beloved club.

I would dearly love to be proven wrong, I would dearly like City to be great again, I would dearly like to see the likes of Lee, Bell, Summerbee, Young, Oakes, Heslop, Doyle, Donachie, Hartford, Kinky and Benarbia recreated again in some of our younger players.

We have very little money, payments to be made, having to sell before we can buy; it doesn’t bode well for the club, at this stage top four seems a distant dream.

I expect to have some of you come out and have a go at me, okay I have broad shoulders, but even in the 3rd Division I stuck by them, through the Frank Clark, Alan Ball eras, when we could never take a trick on and off the football field. I always thought one day we would sort everything out. Hopefully we will this time, who knows?

Ernie, I love your optimism, hope it can stand another season, and yes I’m staying Blue, got the shirt!

Enjoy the season everyone.

Kevin Williamson <scribbs(at)>


Dr Thaksin Shinawatra and his wife Khunying Potjaman attended the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing on Friday. Rumours are going around that they both may go into exile overseas: some people confirm it, others deny it.

Thaksin will be tried by the Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for holders of political positions, regarding alleged wrongdoing in the Ratchadaphisek land deal.

Two other cases against Thaksin (the “lottery case” and “Exim Bank loan to Burma”) are pending in the same court, and five other cases are with the office of the Attorney General.

Arisman Pongruangrong, a former Thai Rak MP (Thaksin’s old party) says the couple have booked seats on a flight back to Bangkok on Sunday. If the couple fail to show up on Monday in the courts, the judges may issue warrants for their arrest, and that it may be possible for the trial to go on without them being present, depending on the evidence.

If Thaksin shows up he will have a chance in the courts. If he fails, we will not have an owner? Thaksin, as I have said in the last issue of McV, is innocent unless proven guilty. Either way my gut feeling is I wish there was another owner of MCFC.

John Wardle tried his best for the club, and I don’t blame him for stepping outside the boardroom. From what I understand, John Wardle gave the club two more loans last season because Thaksin’s money was frozen. JW has since been paid his money back before he got out.

What’s worrying is that many of the new players signed by the club last season by SGE have only been paid downpayments for, and the club still owes large amounts on these players.

I think that we all know now why MCFC were not able to sign Ronaldinho, with the deal hanging on for so long; in truth MCFC did not have the money.

Right now I just wish a big investor would come along to help our club.

I don’t know all the facts other than what I have said, which has been reported in the press by the Bangkok Post and other local media (I am not responsible for them).

On the positive side, we have a great manager in Mark Hughes (but he will no doubt he will be upset if he has no money as promised for new players), we have a good squad of players, and some good young players on the verge of making it into the first team.

God is a City fan, that’s why the sky is blue; right now I fear we need his help. I, like all other City fans, hope that everything that I have said in my comments will soon be resolved.

I am writing this on Saturday, so a lot might have happened before you read it.

Dr Thaksin Shinawatra and his wife Khunying Potjaman both were not on the flight TG615 from Beijing. The plane was due to arrive in Bangkok 9-45 PM Sunday.

If they do not appear in court on Monday in Bangkok they could lose the money that has been frozen in the banks and it will go to the state.

It looks as if the F.A. might have to step in, unless there is a dramatic turnaround by Thaksin.

Come on you Blues!

Ernie Barrow <Britcityblue(at)>

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