Newsletter #1062

An excellent game and result on Saturday as City put the Stamford Bridge millionaires firmly in their place, with some superb performances from our defence and Macken. The only dampener was the news of Sun Jihai’s injury, which leaves him out for the season.

We have match reports and views tonight from here in UK and our overseas viewers, so thanks to all for taking the time.

Opinion tonight on some of our younger players (our predominantly U18 reserve team tonight thrashed a senior WBA reserve team 3-1 to continue their good form), the ticket pricing issue continues, views on Fowler, and the Scots are comparing Mr Vogts to wor Kev.

Next game: Newcastle United, away, 3pm Sunday 24 October 2004


I’m afraid it’s the same old story… one team dominated possession, the other team left with all three points! Fortunately the cast of this oh so familiar script was juggled this week and it was City that took all 3 points after Chelsea dominated the game for long periods. Today started badly for me, during the walk (ahem – run) from the pre-match pint at Mary D’s to the East stand, we were caught as the Manchester heavens opened, making this one of the most uncomfortable games physically to watch, as I was soaked throughout and spent the entire game cold, wet and dithering. However a thoroughly entertaining game helped warm me up (albeit only a little!).

Both sides were just getting into the stride of the game when after 10 minutes Anelka was put through after Chelsea gave away possession in midfield. A very clumsy challenge by the last Chelsea defender (Ferreira) brought Anelka down – at the time we thought it was a definite penalty and surely a red card. The penalty was given but to our dismay only a yellow card. On viewing the TV replay I think the ref actually got this spot on. The incident was very similar to the van Buyten/Alan Smith incident last year (which DVB was sent off for, to our outrage); the initial contact was made outside the box yet Anelka fell to the ground well inside, it was a goal scoring opportunity and Ferreira was the last man. We are always asking for referees to display more common sense in situations like this and here he did get it right but you do have to wonder if this was in favour of Chelsea at Stamford bridge whether the “letter of the law” would have been applied. The resulting penalty was dispatched by Anelka effortlessly, in the process of sending Cech the wrong way. 1-0 City!

The game was a blood and thunder affair, with tackles going in from both sides, and the very slippy pitch helping to create a frantic pace. Chelsea had most of the possession, yet conspired to create very few chances that were not long range speculative efforts; this was largely due to the outstanding City back line (all were magnificent today). The closest Chelsea came was in the dying minutes of the first half when a deflected free kick caused James to make a reaction save with his right leg and the ball cannoned off Kezman to go wide. At half time I would have settled for a point!

In the first 15 minutes of the second half, Chelsea threw everything at us – this was largely dictated through the immensely impressive Frank Lampard, who was again outstanding. Two long range efforts from Lampard brought fantastic fingertip saves from James and all other attacks were repelled well by the City defence or poorly finished by Chelsea. As the second half wore on, City got more and more into the game (noticeably SWeeP was getting the ball more and more), and was unlucky not to score after a great move with Anelka (only to be denied by a last ditch tackle by Bridge). We all thought City had wrapped up the points when another great move by SWeeP unlocked the Chelsea defence only for Macken to screw the ball wide (we all thought it was in as the side net rippled!). But with resolute defending and superb teamwork we held on for a impressive and very surprising 1-0 victory!

Player ratings:

James (8/10) – Made three world class saves from Lampard and was always alert.
Thatcher (6/10) – 100% committed challenges, very well defensively but gives the ball away too cheaply at times.
Distin (8/10) – Supreme today, won tackles, excellent in the air, good distribution and was motivating the players around him – he is starting to look more like a captain!
Dunne (8/10) – Class act – same comments as Distin, both are forming a real good partnership.
Mills (7/10) – Sound in defence and made some timely tackles and clearing headers.
Bosvelt (5/10) – Broke up play well but distribution was poor. Tired towards the end of the game.
Sun (6/10) – Was filling in nicely in midfield, but in 38th minute he went into a crunching tackle with Gudjohnsen and was down for a long period. Unfortunately the news isn’t good as Jihai has done both his medial and cruciate ligaments and is expected to be out for the rest of the season. Shame as he was performing well (he did a great job at left back against Arsenal so his versatility is going to be sorely missed – hope he has a speedy recovery).
Sibierski (6/10) – Still doesn’t seem comfortable on the left of midfield but to his credit he is doing a reasonable job.
SWeeP (7/10) – Quiet first half but rousing second; like last season, he terrorised Bridge. Also seems to be getting on the same wavelength as Anelka, which can only be good.
Macken (8/10) – MOM – full of running and defending from the front line, tackled back and was constantly a target man for the high balls. Which, against one of England’s best defenders, he did really well. Shame he didn’t score as it would have capped a super display. I do hope Keegan doesn’t rush Fowler back – Macken deserves his chance and gives us something our other stikers don’t in holding the ball up and bringing midfielders in.
Anelka (7/10) – Lots of running and tracking back, involved in the best move of the game with SWeeP. Hope he starts to get an understanding with Macken.
Macca (6/10) – Came on for Sun at the end of the first half – looked rusty, choosing the wrong option on a couple of occasions but to be fair showed a lot of running and movement that we desperately lack in midfield.
Fowler (N/A) – Only came on for the last five minutes so no score – has lost a load of weight!

Ref: Howard Webb – After the game I would have said rubbish but looking back on TV highlights he got the penalty and sending off spot-on – gave far too many 50-50 decisions Chelsea’s way (Emirates connection perhaps!? 🙂 )

It was interesting to see Chelsea, for whom last year I thought Terry/Lampard were the best opposing players to play at CoMS and Chelsea were one of the better sides. This year Terry was not as imposing, yet Lampard and Duff were simply awesome. Chelsea themselves seem to lack firepower and for all their possession they seemed lost in the final third. Compared to Arsenal who we saw two weeks ago – they were not as threatening and certainly could not move the ball as well and control the game the way Arsenal did (you’d have to say on this evidence the title will be going back to Highbury). One other point was the hilarity of Jose Morhinho’s arm/hand gestures, for which the entire City faithful mimicked him for a good 30 minutes! Great fun!

One of the most impressive take-always from this game was that we looked on the whole well organised defensively, The back four and James communicate a lot better and the additions of Thatcher and Mills have strengthened us defensively. Although Chelsea had 10 corners, I don’t think a single one caused us major problems. Midfield is a problem, as our distribution is poor and we don’t have enough runners to support counter attack or creativity. With Sun now out we are starting to have serious issues with cover in this dept (hopefully Reyna and Macca will now be fully fit). There’s also a healthy gap starting to form between us and the dreaded relegation places; we’re also only 3 points off U**ted, which no doubt we’ll claw back on the 7th Nov 🙂

So maybe we didn’t deserve all 3 points today but how many games last year did we deserve all 3 points and got 1 or 0… maybe these results do even themselves out over a lifetime?

Rich Fenton <rich(at)>


Oh, City, my City! How difficult is it not to lapse into appalling poetic sentimentality after an experience like Saturday’s! It could only happen to our club… one month ago there were ludicrous cries for the manager’s head after a poor result against Everton (now look where they are!) and now we beat one of the strongest club sides in, let’s face it, the world.

I had predicted a narrow away win, I’m afraid. As with Arsenal I was hoping for a good performance and lots of entertainment. The traffic driving over from York was heavy due to the RL final at ‘the other place’ but we were still in good time and able to marvel at the wealth of talent warming up for the opposition. I did say, however, that if Chelsea had a weakness, it would be up front – and so it proved!

City started tentatively, Chelsea looked highly organized, committed, drilled and fit. We feared the worst. But as we settled, we looked ok. I was highly impressed with the way we were not allowed to settle; they swarmed to the man in possession, much as we had against the Gooners a few weeks back.

Then came the goal. Marvellous! But if it was a penalty, why not a red card? Nicolas Anelka was the coolest head in the stadium. I could not bear the tension as the complaints rumbled on. Great penalty, as ever. 1-0. And that was that!

How Chelsea did not score was beyond me. But I must say James was awesome, as he has always been. How can one silly error cause so much vitriol? Mills impresses me more with each game. A very good acquisition, despite my initial fears… Thatcher had his best game so far, Distain was imposing at last and Dunne, frankly, excellent yet again.

In the midfield, Bosvelt really played well, I felt. Sometimes I have wondered about him, pace etc. being lacking, but he was cool and assured, and I felt with Macca there in the second half alongside him, the team looked nicely balanced. Sibierski adds more and more but I really wish he would have the confidence to get more involved, to try to take a game by the scruff of the neck. SWP was very tightly marked, Mourinho really does his homework, you can tell, and our most potent threat was hidden until the last 20 minutes when Chelsea threw everything at us.

Up front, I thought Anelka was magnificent – a different challenge for him this time, but in the second half in particular, he dropped deep, collected the ball and changed the pace of the game, slowing the momentum and allowing us a bit of breathing space. Macken battled gamely and provided a target for many a defensive clearance but again, he has not got what it takes at this level – especially when you look at him lumbering alongside Anelka – and it was utterly amazing when he (Macken) was announced as MOM… the laughter echoed around us in the Colin Bell. Almost as loudly as when Jose Mourinho in the second half appeared to be conducting an orchestra of waving arms. Mourinho may come across as arrogant and humourless but credit the man for his amusing round of applause when a Petr Cech goal kick did not go out for a throw!

Obviously the glory of the win was severely dampened by the awful injury news regarding Jihai Sun, a totally wholehearted and likeable player who serves us so well wherever he performs. One can only wish him all the best and hope he comes back 100% – one can imagine he will get KK’s full support.

So what now? A great result, against a great team. Had we beaten Everton, we would be fifth. Our goal difference is identical to that of ManUre, we have let in only seven in nine… ok so we have scored only 9, but look at the fixture list: we have played some tough teams already and we have a good set of opportunities between now and the turn of the year – yes, next week will be tough, as we always struggle badly at Newcastle and they will be revitalized by Souness. Yes, November 7 will also be difficult, one imagines. But all in all, I feel that if we get a couple back from injury, if the youngsters flourish, and especially if Robbie can come back properly and get goals, we shall be fine this year.

My one worry is this: in Anelka, as I have postulated before, we have a world-class player. Yet if we do not get somewhere near a cup final and push hard for a European place as the season goes on, he will leave. Especially if Domenech continues to overlook him at international level. Then what will happen?

In the meantime, I shall bask in the memory of the amazing atmosphere on Saturday, the great result, and the fact that my boss is a Chelsea supporter!

Mike Bains <mikebains(at)>


Three very welcome points and probably just about deserved although all the statistics on corners, possession, shots etc. had Chelsea ahead on points. I just felt City wanted to win it more than Chelsea. The referee was one of the few who would interpret that pushing down Anelka in the penalty area as the last man was not denying a goalscoring opportunity – OK if they all work that way but they don’t. Anelka was his usual competent self at taking the penalty. Mourhino was ungracious in defeat – “it was never a penalty the referee was 50 metres away and his view was blocked” – all instantly disproved by the replays. “I didn’t have enough attacking players to choose from?!” “James was too good for us” – true.

Sad item was Sun Jihai damaging his knee ligaments and he will be out for a year. It was a typical Sun challenge, all enthusiasm, but leaving his left leg vulnerable and sure enough when the Chelsea player fell on it both knee ligaments were damaged. Regular readers will know that I have a soft spot for Sun Jihai and he’d had a good game up to that point – in centre left midfield – I think we’ll miss him. Still apparently, from the horse owner’s mouth, we’ll be playing our youngsters.

David Lewis <dfl(at)>


Well it’s quarter past seven on a Sunday morning in Christchurch, New Zealand and I have just finished watching the Chelsea match. Well, a mismatch really; Chelsea with all their fancy players and price tags looked devoid of ideas on how to beat down a resolute City defence.

If Spurs were accused of parking a bus in front of the their goals, well we must’ve had a train. It seems strange talking about how good the City defence is now after a few really bad years where our defence leaked worse than the Titanic. Maybe a little luck has come our way this season, but the defence has been superb; seven goals in nine matches can’t be sneezed at.

As long as David James plays that well for us, I don’t care if he doesn’t play for England again, better for us. Dunney’s a legend and still improving, Distin seemed to be back to the form of a couple of years ago, and I’ve always said it’s better to have Danny Mills playing for us than against us.

The midfield did remarkably well, considering the injury toll. The only problem I can see hurting us is the lack of goals scored. A bit strange for a Kevin Keegan side. Glad to see John Macken getting an extended run, Siberski’s great in the air, and Shaun WP, well he’s Shaun isn’t he? I think we’re two players short of being a very good side, but mind you I’ll take a 1-0 scoreline any day.

Hope this result will give the boys the confidence needed. Better go and wipe the tears away!

You gotta luv City.

Kevin Willamson <scribbs(at)>


The City team came out well prepared by Kevin Keegan and his coaches for the encounter with Chelski; this game could easily have been labelled the rich club versus the poor club cash wise.

It was a complete team effort, with a fighting spirit from start to finish by every City player.

All I am going to say is brilliant, brilliant! Well done you Blues. Phew, just getting my breath back!

The only sad thing was Sun’s injury, who is reported to be out for the rest of the season.

Not all easy viewing though. Where I live is in the country, and around my home is fairly agricultural; whilst we were watching the game live on TV, the farmers were busy harvesting their corn with big machinery.

It was five minutes to go regular time (I found out later that there was an additional three minutes injury time played) when one of the farmers’ machines hit an electrical pole and brought down the electric cables. Of course we lost power, no more game, with City hanging on to their 1-0 lead and only 5 minutes to go.

I in desperation got my generator started, but by the time I got the TV hooked up the game was over; had City won? Next step was to hook up to the computer and Internet; yes City had won, the celebration started!

Ernie Barrow <britcityblue(at)>


A 5.15 am kick-off on a Sunday morning in Wellington can be hard to take but when City work like they did against Chelsea it’s no problem at all.

I’m not sure if the Mills / Thatcher ‘mongrel’ attitude is rubbing off but it was great to see Distin lose his ‘after you’ approach and use his full weight to win aerial balls, the back four and James looked like the sort of defence we have dreamed about for years. To me the most impressive things were the attitude and work rate of just about the whole team, and the way they celebrated at the final whistle said a lot about how much they cared. We’ve got some very good players who don’t always turn up; the challenge to KK and everyone now must be to approach games like this on a consistent basis.

Also it’s good to see some young faces on the bench lately; I’m not sure if the Stephen Elliott experience or current injuries have led to this but good one Kev!

After a drought at the start of the season Sky are showing most of our games in October live in NZ, which is great when we play like we did on Saturday. Fingers crossed.

John Jennings <>


Last night (Thursday 14/10/04) I was amazed, no, privileged, to witness an embryonic megastar begin to shine (b*gger, I’ve run out of superlatives).

Seriously, did anyone watch the Victory Shield match between Wales and England schoolboys (under 16’s)? It was held at Stebonheath Park in Llanelli, was on Sky TV, and finished 5 goals to 1 to England boys. The England No 9, a lad called Daniel Sturridge (nephew of Dean if you are wondering) scored two goals. Those are the bare facts. The kid was magic – tall, strong, great balance, two good feet, intelligent, and led the line brilliantly. His second goal, which he made and scored was sublime. A drag-back side step and shimmy before hitting a piledriver into the roof of the net. He looked better than Rooney at the same age!

The point of all this? He’s ours!

[We’ve some tremendous kids coming through the Academy now Jack, and it was great to see young Onouha get a place on the bench Saturday – Ed]

Keep the faith, Jack Millington <jackblue(at)>


I’ve read the opinions and views in recent editions with great interest and believe everyone has made some valid points. However, the root of this problem I believe sits back with the Government, the Hillsborough disaster and Mr Rupert Murdoch. Only 17 years ago (as a 15 year old), I could get a ticket, train, programme and a drink for less than £15! Try doing that today – no chance. In my view the government pounced on the tragic events at Hillsborough to say our stadiums were unsafe and that every top footballing stadium should be made all-seater; is it also a coincidence that at the same time Sky purchased the rights for top-flight football. Since then the average fan has slowly been priced out of watching live games but yet if he likes he can pay his money to Sky and watch each and every game from the comfort of his armchair. Instead of giving the money to the club, it goes to Murdoch’s empire.

Football is quickly becoming a corporate event (just look at the FA Cup Final nowadays), the average fan is now priced out of the game (I have two sons and am financially dreading the days they want to come and watch the Blues with me – it will cost a small fortune). How long before every team has a dedicated channel and all games are televised pay-per-view? The pity is we’ll end up with a sport that is full of mercenaries and corporate entertainment where all that matters is success (some will say we are already there). The fans are the life and soul of football and sadly we are being sold down the river.

Personally I preferred watching the game stood up in the Kippax. Even though it was a shed I’d prefer watching the game like that to the comfy surroundings of CoMS, simply for the atmosphere and craic with familiar faces and fellow supporters but unfortunately those days are gone and will never return.

Rich Fenton <rich(at)>


I read with interest the contribution from someone who had to pay £35 for a ticket at Southampton for his two and a half year old daughter. Three years ago I wanted to take a friend of mine to Maine Road along with her four year old daughter. I managed to talk my mate out of his season ticket for the day (he sat somewhere else) but still needed another one. I rang up the ticket office to see if they had any tickets near my seat and they told me not to buy a ticket but just to carry in the daughter and see if there were any seats nearby.

Admittedly it was Rotherham in the First Division (as it was then known) but I do wonder if that would happen today. Anyway we won – Rotherham scored first, we equalised through a dodgy hand of god goal and then we won from an Ali B deflected shot in the last minute. A great day out for all and two more on the Blue bandwagon.

Richard Lane <richlane5(at)>


Up here in Scotland, patience with manager Berti Vogts ran out after this week’s World Cup qualifier draw with Moldova. The papers have turned on him in the most savage way imaginable. The front page of the Scottish Sun on Friday shows the beleaguered Vogts leaving his home carrying a copy of an autobiography by a famous ex-England manager.

The story reads:

Bumbling Berti spent yesterday studying the memoirs of another flop international football manager. Vogts, 57, fled his home gripping a copy of Kevin Keegan’s autobiography. And last night the Tartan Army were praying he takes inspiration from quitter Kev. He threw in the towel as England boss four years ago after being beaten by Germany in the first match of a World Cup qualifying group. Like Vogts in Moldova, he suffered abuse from irate fans as he made his way up the tunnel at full time. And Keegan – who also chucked his beloved Newcastle job – instantly decided his love affair with the national team was over. At the time, Keegan said: “I just felt that I fell short of what was required in the job. It’s a massive job.” Scotland fans are now clamouring for Vogts to follow suit after a dismal start to our World Cup Qualifiers.

Steve Brocklehurst <steven.brocklehurst(at)>


I am puzzled. Why should Fowler immediately get back in to the first team after having to go on a fitness programme? Notice that Saha (a better player than Fowler) has had to play in the reserves prior to getting the call back to the first team. Given that Macken has had to spend time in the reserves, I would suggest that Fowler should have to play there as well. When he starts scoring goals there (apparently very easy given how many Elliot scored) then he should be considered for a place in the first team squad and not before. There has been too much favouritism at City. It’s time the likes of Fowler and McManaman earned their place in the team. And to the readers who undoubtedly will disagree with me, let me say that I do think that Jon Macken is better player now than Fowler is. As I’ve written on other sites I’ll bet he would score more goals than Fowler if he were given 59 games. City ought to use the Arsenal game to blood BWP – we know Arsenal will rest their stars, not bringing back the likes of Fowler (and presumably paying Leeds £500,000 for the privilege). We can keep Anelka in reserve, should we need him.

“Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit”

Ian Burges <i.burgess(at)>


I have 2 adult season tickets next to each other in a superb position. I am unable to go to Saturday games. I am looking for a trustworthy and reliable person to split one or both season tickets with me, leaving me to attend mid-week and Sunday matches.

If you are interested, please email me directly at the address below.

Howard Gruber <howard.gruber(at)>


I would be very grateful, if anyone can let me know (or send me) the ringtone for Blue Moon for my Nokia Phone 5100.

Thanks, Glyn Albuquerque <glyn.albuquerque(at)>


17 October 2004

Charlton Athletic     1 - 1  Newcastle United      26,553

16 October 2004

Birmingham City       0 - 0  Manchester United     29,221
Arsenal               3 - 1  Aston Villa           38,137
Blackburn Rovers      0 - 4  Middlesbrough         20,385
Bolton Wanderers      1 - 0  Crystal Palace        25,501
Everton               1 - 0  Southampton           35,256
Fulham                2 - 4  Liverpool             21,884
West Bromwich Albion  0 - 0  Norwich City          26,257
Manchester City       1 - 0  Chelsea               45,047

League table to 17 October 2004 inclusive

                             HOME          AWAY        OVERALL
                    P  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F   A   GD Pts
 1 Arsenal          9  4  1  0 17  6  4  0  0 12  2  8  1  0  29   8  21  25
 2 Chelsea          9  3  1  0  4  1  3  1  1  4  1  6  2  1   8   2   6  20
 3 Everton          9  3  0  2  5  6  3  1  0  5  1  6  1  2  10   7   3  19
 4 Bolton Wndrs     9  3  2  0  9  4  1  1  2  5  7  4  3  2  14  11   3  15
 5 Middlesbrough    9  2  1  1  6  5  2  1  2 10  7  4  2  3  16  12   4  14
 6 Manchester Utd   9  2  2  0  5  3  1  3  1  4  4  3  5  1   9   7   2  14
 7 Liverpool        8  3  0  0  8  1  1  1  3  6  7  4  1  3  14   8   6  13
 8 Newcastle Utd    9  2  1  1  8  4  1  3  1  9 10  3  4  2  17  14   3  13
 9 Tottenham H.     8  1  2  1  2  2  2  2  0  3  1  3  4  1   5   3   2  13
10 Charlton Ath.    9  3  2  0  7  2  0  1  3  2 13  3  3  3   9  15  -6  12
11 Manchester City  9  2  1  2  6  3  1  1  2  3  4  3  2  4   9   7   2  11
12 Aston Villa      9  2  2  0  7  3  0  3  2  4  9  2  5  2  11  12  -1  11
13 Portsmouth       7  2  1  1  8  6  0  1  2  3  5  2  2  3  11  11   0   8
14 Birmingham City  9  1  3  1  4  4  0  2  2  3  5  1  5  3   7   9  -2   8
15 West Brom A.     9  1  4  0  5  4  0  1  3  3  9  1  5  3   8  13  -5   8
16 Fulham           9  2  0  3  5  9  0  2  2  5  8  2  2  5  10  17  -7   8
17 Norwich City     9  0  3  1  4  7  0  3  2  3  7  0  6  3   7  14  -7   6
18 Blackburn R.     9  1  3  1  5  8  0  0  4  2 10  1  3  5   7  18 -11   6
19 Southampton      9  1  1  2  5  6  0  1  4  1  6  1  2  6   6  12  -6   5
20 Crystal Palace   9  1  0  3  4  7  0  2  3  4  8  1  2  6   8  15  -7   5

With thanks to Football 365

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