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Details on pre-season ticketing are now released with one or two taking full advantage of the expect demand by setting high prices. Vuoso has made his loan move to Santos Laguna a permanent one and Club physio Rob Harris has left the Blues.

Tonight we have opinion on the Sky games, youth academy and fixtures request.

Next game: Bury, away, 7.30pm Wednesday 21 July 2004 (friendly)


I’ve just read the Sky Live Schedule that’s been released for now up to Christmas, and it’s laughable. Reading through the list of games, I had a nasty feeling that we’d been relegated.

Not only are we the last club in the Premiership to be televised, but by the time we’re on the box (Norwich Home 1st November), Newcastle, Portsmouth and Liverpool will all have been on four times, whilst Chelsea, Man Ure, Palace and Arsenal will have been on three times.

Also, the November 1st game will be Norwich’s third appearance on Sky, all away from Carrot Road, whilst Portsmouth’s four appearances are all at home. I know there’s always a preference to the Premiership challengers in the back end of the season, and that’s understandable, but there’s no excuse for such an imbalanced schedule before Christmas. I think that before Mr Murdock makes these decisions he should consult with Hannibal and BA, the crazy fool.

Chris P Bacon <gin.mcfc(at)>


It’s great that Jim Cassell is backing home grown talent, it’s just a shame that Kevin Keegan is not prepared to give some of them a fair chance, and if the manager feels that Stephen Elliot deserves no more than to be given away for free, then what is the point?

For a club abundantly in debt, you would have thought it a priority to bring good youth players through in order to challenge for a first team place.

Gary Sullivan <gary(at)>


No need to hope or worry that Marian Hristov will join City, he just signed a three year contract with Wolfsburg. I suppose that is good news, because, although I like his commitment and his distribution, I think he is too slow for Premiership football.

Petra Manker <PeManker(at)>


Bury – MCFC 21/7/04

Cash turnstile, £10 adults, £5 concessions.

The following are all available from the Ticket Store:

Doncaster – MCFC 24/7/04

£15 adults, £7 concessions (seating) and £13 adults, £5 concessions (standing). There will be cash turnstiles available on the day for standing.

Hull – MCFC 28/7/04

£15 adults, £7 concessions, only 1,800 tickets received.

Wolves – MCFC 30/7/04

£13 adults, £7 seniors and £5 juniors – 1,500 tickets received.

Reading – MCFC 2/8/04

£10 adults, £5 concessions, 2,000 tickets available from 12/7/04.


Last year some kind soul sent information of a website where you could load the fixture list straight to your Palm / Hand computer. This was very useful but unfortunately I didn’t bookmark the site and I now I can’t find it. Can anyone help me?

Thanks, Andreas Larsson <city-andreas(at)>

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