Newsletter #1000

Our emphatic 4-1 demolition of the Rags on Sunday gave us a much needed home victory, 3 points and was all the sweeter because of the opposition.

Tonight we have plenty of opinion on derby day; I am sure everyone is still celebrating and Svenn’s 7 flights here and back from northern Norway proved worth the effort. Nice of the lads to coincide that win with MCIVTA 1000 ๐Ÿ™‚

Our SweeP interview is included tonight; John Wardle is still wading through your questions and we will bring you that in time for Thursday night’s edition.

I am taking a break for a few days and Don has kindly agreed to step in for MCIVTA 1001, so please keep those articles and opinions coming to the usual address:

Next game: Leeds United, away, 8pm Monday 22 March 2004 (TV)


Phew! A bit of luck in the first half but City gained control in the second and deserved to win even if 4-1 sounds more comfortable than it felt to me. This was the best I’ve seen Fowler play in a City shirt, with a neatly controlled flick for the first goal and decent through ball, admittedly missed by Silvestre, to allow Sinclair (yes, indeed!) to score City’s third. Macken scored the second but the climax was SWeeP’s last gasp goal, a terrific ball from Macken (?) running right along the sideline for SWeeP to run on to; he cut in towards the penalty area, wrongfooted the defender and showed Ronaldo how it should be done! Nice Denis Law style salute afterwards, perhaps he didn’t have enough energy left to raise both hands.

So, a bit of breathing space, and we are finding a decent formation with Distin, Dunne and van Buyten making a reasonable unit at the back. Personally I’d have Sun Jihai and Tarnat as wing backs in front of them with SW–P and Sibierski plus one other in midfield and two from Fowler, Anelka, Macken and Wanchope up front.

Ah well, a bit less stress for the rest of the season?

David Lewis <dfl(at)>


Well, today shows that football remains a strange and wonderful game. We’ve played better this season and not picked up any points – such as in the game against Chelsea.

I can’t have been alone in being rather nervous before the game – after all, United had to see today’s game as make or break, just as much as City did… and with the events in midweek, they would probably be desperate to make amends.

I don’t know what to say about the first half, except to say that we did something almost unheard of in recent times (with the possible exception of the second half of the Spurs FA Cup replay) – we took our chances.

As half time came up and after Scholes had scored to make the score 2-1, I was wishing for half-time to come. After all, we would then have an opportunity to make changes, to re-evaluate our strategy; the onus was on Keegan and the boys to make changes. In the other dressing room, what could Ferguson say except ‘keep it up’?

Personally I would have considered bringing on Bosvelt for McManaman and Sun Jihai on for the Dunny Monster. However, the result shows that Keegan got it right! Where in the first half we had left huge gaps for United to exploit, in the second half we outfought them in midfield and didn’t give them space in which to play. This was probably something of a surprise to those who thought our Kev didn’t have a plan B! He did and Fergie didn’t, and that was probably the major difference between the sides today.

And after yet another great performance in front of a national audience, capped with a superb individual goal, Shauny Wright must now get his England call up. It was great that both Jon Macken and Robbie Fowler scored – Macken held the ball up really well, and it was good to see Fowler sticking the ball in the net at the first sniff of a chance. Fowler in particular, is showing real form and I have a feeling that his goals during the remaining games will be the difference between a scrap just above the drop zone and a respectable mid-table finish. I was impressed with Paul Bosvelt when he came on. He did the simple stuff well – a real ‘no nonsense’ kind of player who isn’t afraid of a scrap.

So a real double whammy for Blues everywhere – three precious points that take us further clear of the relegation zone, and a further dent in the Evil Empire’s chances of winning the Premiership.

Great atmosphere too – today was an indication of what’s really possible in that wonderful stadium. It’s onwards and upwards now, boys! Three more points at Elland Road and we can all stop worrying!

Euan Bayliss <euan(at)>


Well, that was some game! Dutch TV station RTL5 showed the game live. I was looking forward to seeing City play live; I don’t have a Sky subscription, so every game is a treat. At the same time though, I did have a small feeling of dread. I should have more faith! The one image I found really amusing was the shot just before full time of Fergie chewing his gum as if his life depended on it. Then Sweep scored, the camera went back to Fergie, and wonder of wonders, the shock was so great that he had stopped chewing!

Anyway, City’s antics have not gone unnoticed in the Dutch press. Here’s an article that appeared in today’s Algemeen Dagblad.

City destroy United

By Sjoerd Mossou, Algemeen Dagblad, 15 March 2004

Manchester United’s disastrous week finished in suitable style. In the derby match against Manchester City, United were well and truly defeated: going down 4-1.

Sir Alex Ferguson seems to have lost his grip on everything at the moment. Since last week the health of the Scot is dependant on a pacemaker, while his team, for so long unbeatable, has completely lost its way. After the dramatic exit from the Champions’ League at the hands of FC Porto, followed a disastrous result against arch rivals Manchester City. More than enough for Ferguson’s enemies to start sharpening their knives again.

United’s problem was again at the back, as has been so often the case in recent weeks. Since the suspension of Rio Ferdinand, the defence seems dodgier than ever because the Mancunians have too few worthwhile alternatives. Ferguson didn’t take the opportunity to buy a top-flight defender during the January transfer window and is now paying the price. “The money was there, but I gambled on having Rio back quickly”, admitted the Scot recently. An enormous tactical mistake.

Already in the third minute the weakness of the United defence was painfully exposed in the impressive City of Manchester Stadium. Mika’l Silvestre headed a long throw-in from Richard Dunne, Phil Neville, acting like an old woman, tried to tackle Robbie Fowler: 1-0. United then took the initiative, created a handful of chances from Cristiano Ronaldo and Ryan Giggs, but didn’t score. City attacker John Macken managed to score after half an hour and doubled the advantage, to the obvious delight of the fans in the light blue colours.

The 2-1 from Paul Scholes shortly afterwards seemed to signal the start of a race to level the score, but City got themselves back together again after the break. Manager Kevin Keegan substituted the injured Claudio Reyna with Paul Bosvelt and the change brought a result. “I had to play a little bit in defence and bringing some calm into the team”, said the ex-Feyenoorder. “In fact that worked quite well. Before the break it was not going that well for us, which meant that one of the central defenders had to constantly mark Ronaldo and we were vulnerable at the back. In the second half things were much better. And at the same time I had the idea that United became more uneasy”.

A pass from Bosvelt 20 minutes before time decided the game. It seemed as if the ball would be easily cleared by Silvestre, but the Frenchman missed it completely and Trevor Sinclair took advantage: 3-1. United looked to have lost it completely and had also lost all control of the ball, the isolation of Ruud van Nistelrooy was the proof. The Dutchman played well as an individual but did not once get a chance to score. “Without Beckham we have become a better team”, Ferguson dared to say at regular intervals at the beginning of the season. Since then it’s been proved what a ridiculous thing it was to say. On Sunday Darren Fletcher played in Beckham’s old position, but van Nistelrooy received hardly one useful ball from the wing.

In injury time Shaun Wright-Phillips completed the destruction with a wonderful individual shot: 4-1. “If there was one time when we wanted to beat United, then it had to be now. That feeling was very strong today”, said Bosvelt. Until Sunday’s game his club had won just one of the last 18 derbies. At Old Trafford earlier this season City didn’t stand a chance, just as so often in the past. Bosvelt: “You could see that United didn’t have much confidence, but you also need luck to be able to expose that. We scored exactly at the right moments. We’ve played better this season and not won, but today’s result is so important for the club. For the supporters this means so much”.

The current crisis at United makes the joy of winning for City all the more pleasurable. A power struggle behind the scenes, poor results, health problems for Ferguson and a 4-1 defeat by City makes for United’s worst season for years. The City fans en masse had a clear message for the board of their rivals: “Sack Fergie!”

Sarah Humphrey <sj_Humphrey(at)>


Well, what a fantastic result!

Sunday’s game was phase two of a 3-phase strategy plan. Now that phase 2 is complete all we need now is for the mighty Arsenal to complete phase 3.

So for one day only, when the FA Cup semi-final is played, I am sure that all the Blue fans will be the best Arsenal fan, giving them all the support they need to kick out the Rags and demolish any hopes of glory.

Sunday’s team played out of their skins, all worked very hard and played for their own pride. It is only a shame that they just simply cannot perform to the same standard week in, week out. Even if they performed at a percentage of Sunday’s workrate we would surely have had more success in the league this season.

Once again, the Rags are not talking about the match! Wonder how much they would have to say if they had won! Shame I will not find out (not).

What about the atmosphere inside the stadium? It was brilliant, my throat is sore from all the cheering. Let’s keep up the vocal support and surely the team will respond, like they did at Spurs.

Well done the boys.

CTID, Mark Denton <mark.denton2(at)>


“Could only happen to a Blue!”

At 1.50pm yesterday in a fit of optimism I decided to call up Ladbrokes, with whom I have an account, to place a couple of bets on the match.

On stating my bets I was told that my payment for these had been refused. Upon further investigation we established that this was because I had changed my switch card since I last placed a bet after losing it on a drunken night out. I gave them the details of my new Switch card only to be told that they had this card registered against another account. This was obviously a worry as I certainly only have one account; they offered to put me through to customer services to sort the problem out but by now the match was kicking off, so I told them I would call them tomorrow and thanks for saving me £20!

The bets I was trying to make? £10 City to win @ 3-1 & £10 Fowler to score first @ 7-1.

Thanks Ladbrooks! I must say I never thought I would be incandescent with rage to see Robbie Fowler score against The Rags!

St. John Cox <COXST(at)>


Just what Kevin Keegan ordered, now maybe the rest of the City fans (a minority) will get behind KK and stop calling for a different manager; we have the best!

This win against the Rags will certainly lift all City supporters; now for the rest of the season, keep it going.

What City had lacked in some other games earlier this season, City showed that they had not forgot how to score, they saved the goals for the right occasion. This was the performance we had been waiting for: absolutely brilliant!

Come on you Blues!

Ernie Barrow <britcityblue(at)>


Nearly 2 o’clock in the afternoon, on the day after the vanquishing of the forces of Darkness and Evil. Nearly 24 hours have elapsed since the sky blue (heavenly hue) sent the Devil’s Own back to Hell’s red pit with their tails between their legs, and doesn’t it feel good? Still in a joyous mood!

Be prepared though; I saw BBC Breakfast telly this morning and there was an interview with some Red-tainted moron who already had a catalogue of excuses ready to take the shine off things. Of course there had to be a reason. We were treated to boardroom splits and reorganisations, Sir Alex’s pacemaker not ticking over at the right speed, the absence of the grim-faced woman-beater and Rio’s silly haircut (must have been on drugs when they did that to him).

Isn’t life wonderful?

Greetings Blue Brethren, Dave Lyons <davelyons(at)>


Was that the best day for years? Or, best day ever? I am still hoarse. I took some photos. These are at:

In the last two folders. One named M52 in folder 2 actually pictured the goal from Macken, brilliant!

John Stewart <johnatredcar(at)>


At long last the tide has turned with a bit of luck and Jon Macken played. I believe we have witnessed the end of an era at Salford and hopefully the start of something special at Bewsick including a Fairs Cup place.

Stephen Burt <sjburt(at)>


Anyone ever tried celebrating without noise? Family in the land of nod as KO was 1am on a Monday morning, Fowler’s first greeted with a muted “gerrin” with a fist in the air, the 2nd goes in from the wicked witch of the west and the auld brew gets booted over the carpet in the melee. I’m dabbing it up when the ginger pig scores the inevitable fightback goal. After much more inspection of the stained carpet, my “gerrins” become “GERRINS” as Sinclair (can he be called ‘tricky’ anymore?) is put through by Silvester the cat (a great ball) and duly obliges. The bathroom light came on at 3-1 and I thought to myself “well, they must be awake then” and when SWP chipped the cussin’ yank it had to be followed by a full on “EFFING GERRIN” shout on the outside balcony (amazing how your voice travels over a community at 3am in the morning). Happy days indeed.

A slightly kernackered Stu from Sydney.

Stu Catterston <scatterson.manly(at)>


I held the faith and put £10 on City to beat the Scum 4.1 at 100/1

Thank you City for not scoring in injury time.

Richard Stoodley <Richard(at)>


Here are a few stats that make good reading: last 8 league games vs. the old enemy: City W 5 D 2 L 1 goals F 10 A 7 Points 8.

I was told a brilliant true story today. Mon, a work colleague, took his 7 year old son to the Bolton vs. Chelsea game and even though it was an entertaining game, he turned to his dad and said “Dad I don’t have to support Bolton do I?”

This lad has his bedroom all done out in Utd wallpaper and has all kits etc. but after watching the game on TV, turned to his dad and said, this is true, “Do I have have to support United dad? Arsenal are the best team!”

How things change.

Tony Roberts <tony.r.Roberts(at)>


My previous contribution to this great newsletter was to report on my wedding at Eastlands on Feb 21st when we beat Bolton. I said that maybe I should wear my wedding dress at each game. Again in the last edition it was also suggested that maybe I should wear it. This got me thinking! I got up Sunday morning still debating that if I wore my dress and we won it would be terrific but I would probably end up with pneumonia but if I didn’t and we lost, could I ever forgive myself? Then I had a cunning plan. Maybe it wasn’t the dress, maybe it was the flowers that were lucky (you’ve all heard of ‘lucky heather’ etc.) so, still having my bouquet (very dry by now), I cut the bottom blue and white flowers along with some fern and blue ribbons and placed them very neatly into my inside pocket of my match coat. To be on the safe side, I took some more ribbons from the bouquet and tied them in my hair. Lo and behold! It did the trick. So I am just hoping they don’t disintegrate before the end of the season.

Great result. CTID.

Clare Watson <clare.Watson(at)>


My dearest friends,

I just watched on Sky TV the goals of this incredible afternoon and later I shall look at all the match. There are no words to describe how I feel happy! The latest goal of SWP was simply magnificent!

Now I’m very proud to tell all of you, with a little help from a few clever friends of mine here in Torino, the birth of our Italian Blues Fan Club. We want to call it “The Four to One Man City Fans Club”.

Isn’t it nice to celebrate today great victory of KK and our sunshine band? Best regards and, Blue Moon to everybody of you in all over the world!

Renato Tubère <r.tubere(at)>


Congratulations Mr KK – I hope everyone agrees that you can stay forever now!

I just want to state that the addition of “Big Dan” vanB. is probably the best signing for a long, long time! Is he not 100% in the air?! Has he not the hard-boy presence of Vinnie Jones?! Make him stay, whatever the cost.

Love to all City fellows all over the world.

Fredrik Teurnell <>


From Nicolas Anelka’s website (my translation). This appeared just over a week ago.

Hello. A little patience and I could be playing again. There is still one match to be purged of the three-match ban that I got after getting the red against Arsenal a month ago. Frankly, this card was harsh. The incident involved Edu and especially Cole and then the referee showed a yellow to him and to me the red. It hurts because this sending off penalises the team. If all is well, I will return for the Leeds game on March 22, and then we carry on with the visit of Fulham. Two matches very important as at the moment luck is not smiling on us. We saw this against Chelsea, I was in the stands that day. We lost 1-0 but dominated, we created the chances but nothing would go in. It’s always frustrating to watch your pals from the stands, especially when I think of the derby that I’ll miss. And the match against United, it’s my 25th birthday! Never mind, while waiting I continue to train normally. My small problem with the adductor muscles has been well treated, and everything works fine. Friday, I will pay a small visit to my pal Fabrice Abriel at Amiens. He plays against Saint-Etienne. I will stay over for the weekend (it’s the Cup) before getting back to training on Monday.

Steve Parish <bloovee(at)>


Dave Lyons hit the nail on the head by saying that seating needlessly scatters groups of people willy-nilly around the ground. It wasn’t just the Kippax where you could go where you wanted, though; when the Platt Lane still had long wooden benches, we had that freedom there too.

I’d love the removal of seat specification. Sell the tickets for each large section of the ground and leave it at that.

Then, you’d still have 8,000 or 10,000 or whatever in the various sections of Eastlands, and whoever arrives later would simply get the seat closest to the touchline (or furthest back in the case of the upper tiers). That would probably encourage people to get in their seats a little earlier and make more noise before the game. And I could sit with all my mates instead of just the one who I’ve got my season ticket with.

Marc Starr <Marcstarr73(at)>


Let’s put an end to all the confusion surrounding the name of the new stadium. “City of Manchester Stadium” is just too long-winded, “CoMS” sounds too anorak-ish and “Eastlands” sounds like either a soap opera or a nursing home.

How about a radically new title for the place, one that football fans the world over will have no problem identifying. After seeing Ferguson’s face during the derby match at the said stadium, I am now convinced it should be renamed the “Temple of Doom”. I know, he coined the name himself back in November but in a different context – now it seems particularly appropriate. “Welcome to the Temple of Doom” over the entrance to the players’ tunnel, what do other readers think?

Robert Sleigh <Robert.Sleigh(at)>


With reference to Richard Stoodley’s request for what Wednesday sang for ‘Oh Pretty Baby’, here is a possible City version:

We love you City, ’cause you play in blue,
We love you City, ’cause we hate Man U,
We love you City, ’cause we are all Mancs through and through.

Another version to the same tune that a few of us tried to get going in Lokeren (to many strong Belgium beers) was:

He’s Nic Anelka,
Na Na Na Na Na Na
Na, Na, Na Nelka,
Na Na Na Na Na Na,
Na, Na ,Na Nelka
If he don’t score one he’ll score two

Ok so it’s sort of nicked off Arsenal for their version of Freddie, but many clubs have nicked our songs before now and it would wind the Gooners up as they don’t like our beloved Nic. It also does sound better than it looks I promise.

Ross Young <ross.young(at)>


How fitting that City should save their best result of the season for McVittie’s 1000th issue.

Very considerate of them.

Lance Thomson <lnt(at)>


Congratulations to Heidi and all the MCIVTA team past and present on reaching the 1000 mark. Thank you City for marking the occasion in such a superb way. What a game and what a result. Fergie’s face at the end was a picture. SWP must be in with a shout for an England place. That goal at the end was tremendous. Good to see KK make some good tactical decisions, formation change and the subs, this had quite a bearing on the game. Van Buyten must be signed, he did not give van Nistlerooy a chance. My only negative is Dunne, he is just not up to it. Pace is woeful, distribution is poor. Well done City on a great result.

Ian Richardson <kinkladze(at)>


To everybody involved with MCIVTA,

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all the fantastic work you do in bringing news and comment of our beloved club twice a week. You were the only source of news in earlier days and also when I lived abroad. Here’s to another 1000 issues.

Cheers and best regards, Rhys Rowlands <rhysrowlands(at)>


Are you, or do you know somebody who is proud to say they have a long unbeaten run of City 1st team matches? The run might still be going strong, and could be a home run, away, or both!

If so, would be pleased to hear about it, as we are considering putting pages on the site to commemorate these achievements. My six-year run of 312 games is one I am proud of, but is dwarfed by Sean Riley’s run, who is closing in on 800.

If you are on an unbeaten “home and away” run at the moment, you can check out how many games you are on, by visiting the website. Find the last game you missed in the Matches > Seasons section, and take the match number away from the current match number, 5035. Then add on any abandoned games (they count because you didn’t know they weren’t going to be completed when you entered the ground), and there you go! are pleased to announce their 50,000th page hit last week, and are now inviting City fans to register to become members of the website, and so receive an email every time the site is updated. Coming soon will be various “Top 20” lists of Appearances, Starts, Sub Appearances and Goalscoring records for all competitions.

To register, send an email to <member(at)>, stating your name, town/city of residence, year of birth (optional), and the email address you would like us to use to contact you.

Steve Kay <steve(at)>


Friday: Put the cones out for Sir today and he glanced at me. Made me feel special. He never looks at Phil like that. Told mum and she said I have to share but that’s not fair because I got to the cones first. Moustache looks a bit thicker today.

Saturday: Won today but I didn’t play ๐Ÿ™ Watched MUTV all night to see whether Sir said he missed me. Am sure they edited it out. Hung out with Rio until he told me to ‘go away innit’. Will tell Sir tomorrow. Deffo not a penalty today – gave that girl Boa Morte a nasty stare after the game to let him know that I know. Man in wheelchair laughed at my moustache. Cried myself to sleep.

Sunday: Took Sir an apple. But Weasley ๐Ÿ™‚ gave him a bottle of red wine so he’ll probably play on Tuesday. Creep. Went to mum’s for dinner but she tried to make me eat sprouts and then laughed when I banged my fists on the kitchen lino. She won’t laugh again. Read Sir’s book in bed. Coloured in moustache with marker. Looks manly.

Monday: Rained at training. Marker wasn’t permanent.

Tuesday (early): Playing tonight so was definitely worth washing bibs for Sir. Looked at papers and I was in them again! Will put in scrapbook. So glad I said Porto don’t act like men. Am really getting good at this mind games business. Photo on back of The Sun made my moustache look thin but mum says it’s just the ink. She says I look handsome.

Tuesday (late): Not fair. Not fair. Not fair. It was a goal and we should have won and someone pushed me and someone tried to hurt Ronaldo and the girls dived on the floor and the referee blew the whistle before we could score and they celebrated in front of our fans and that made me so angry but I had to go and tell the TV that they deserved it (they didn’t and I had my fingers crossed. Ha!). It’s just not fair because we’re the best team in the whole wide world. Have given Philip a Chinese burn for that free-kick and told Sir to sell him.

Wednesday: Sir not happy today. He didn’t even cheer up when I gave him my drawing. Wonder if he’ll put it on his fridge with the others? Saw a small boy laughing at me so held him down until he said that Manchester United were the best team in the whole wide world. Feel better now. Bought some Re-Gane and put on top lip. Can’t wait until the morning to see my bushy, manly ‘tache.

Thursday: Phoned David to ask him to ask Elton about hair transplants. He said he was ‘too busy preparing for the quarter-finals of the Champions League’. Am going to tell Sir and then I’m going to fly to Spain and then hold him down until he says that Manchester United are the best team in the whole wide world. And I’m going to take back the Man United sovereign ring I sent him for Christmas.

Update: Mum says I can’t go to Spain.

Carol Darvill <carol(at)>


“Live” at Carrington, 11th March 2004

There’s a lot of different opinion about which club you actually support; canyou just confirm that for us?
Arsenal, and yes I still do follow them, I still look out for theirresults.
When you were released by Forest, were other clubs after you? Why City?
City were the first club to come in for me, and the one that I went for.
How do you feel about the rapport you have with the fans, as the playerwho (since Goater left) gets more of the attention, focus and support?
It’s great, but I just perform to the best of my ability, get on withthings and try to keep it that way.
Who has had the most influence on your footballing career so far? Who,as a youngster, did you admire?
My dad and my mum have been the biggest influence. Paul Merson was theplayer I admired most.
When you played in the U17s and reached the playoff final at Blackburna few years ago, there were a lot of players who looked destined for thefirst team. Some made it but didn’t stop in the team. The likes of Killen,Dunfield, Mike, Day, Etuhu, Shuker. Are you surprised that these playersdidn’t progress further?
Roger Haigh, Rossendale
Yes, very surprised because a lot of them just needed a good enoughchance and I thought they would have made the step up, but at the end ofthe day it’s down to the managers and coaches who they want in their teamand they decide who they want for their teams and it wasn’t right for themat the time.
Why do you think you managed the jump to first team football when theydidn’t?
Roger Haigh, Rossendale
I just stuck got my head down and kept going. I’ve had a few setbacksas well, but just kept on working.
Who’s going to be the next Academy product to establish himself as afirst teamer? Aside from Bradley of course!
Roger Haigh, Rossendale
Stephen Ireland, Stephen Elliott, Willo Flood, Lee Croft, and Bradley!
I believe that you are the most exciting player to emerge from theyouth team at City for decades and that you should definitely be in thenext batch of full England internationals. Do you feel you are ready toplay for your country and how important is international football to you?
Daniel Bowen, Manchester
To be honest, I’ve never really thought about it. I’ve listened toeverybody talking about it, but I’m just concentrating on playing for myClub at the moment. If that opportunity comes, I’ll just have to crossthat bridge when it comes. It would be an important step to try and makethe grade on that big stage, but I’ll deal with that when it comes.
Would you just clarify for me, who takes the defensive coachingresponsibility, how do they plan for the next game and how much of aninfluence does the attacking play on defensive preparations?
Huw Thomas, USA
It all links in together, they all coach together and approach the gameas a whole.
During the past couple of seasons Keegan has experimented with avariety of different formations. Given the current personnel at the club,what is your preferred formation and what position would you play yourself in?
Brad Kenyon, London
Simon Greenwood, Stockport
4-4-2, and myself wide on the right. I’d like to play in the middlesometime, but I just like to have a lot of the ball. I just do whatever’sneeded for the team.
In training, how is your time split between fitness work, skillspractice, tactics, team-work, set pieces, and practice matches?
Mike Maddox, New York
Fitness work is done in the training games, everything is game relatedso a lot of the work comes with that – the shooting, crossing, running etc.,it all slots in together. There’s some gym work, but that’s mainly whencoming back from injury. Practice matches tend to be when new players comein, but we haven’t really needed any this season.
How do you see yourself as a player and what do you think your futurewill look like?
Ronald den Hoed, Netherlands
Someone who loves to play the game. I don’t like losing, but I try notto take the games too seriously and find I’m better when I enjoy thegame. I deal with things on a daily basis, don’t get too wound up aboutthings.
How much longer do you have to go on your City contract? And do youwant to stay?
Two years, and I’d love to stay (laughs), definitely if they want me.
If you could play for any club, which would it be?
I’ve never really thought about it, I really don’t know. One of mymates was asking me that question the other day, but I can’t honestly saythere’s anybody I’d really like to play for, haven’t every really thoughtabout it. Ultimately, yes I’d like to go abroad.
Not even Arsenal?
No. Not really. Not even for my dad!
What are your thoughts for the derby game? How are the rest of thelads approaching it?
Everyone’s fine about it. Most of them are like me, we haven’t reallyspoken too much about it, we just get on with and enjoy the training. It’sa big game for us, and when it comes we deal with it but we’re focusing onthe training. It’s hard, because if you think too much about it and buildit up too much, it puts the pressure on, and you can let yourselfdown. It’s essential to get the balance.
How many are you going to score on Sunday?
I’d like to get three!
Do you get nervous before a big game?
No, I’m fairly chilled. I don’t tend to get nervous at all.
What’s your typical matchday preparation?
The night before, DVDs, Playstation. The day of the game I get to thetraining ground, we have something to eat and then ready for the game.
Any superstitions?
No, I don’t believe in that.
Amongst the squad there’s definitely a friendly atmosphere, who are thereal characters?
Paul Bosvelt and Michael Tarnat are the main suspects if anythingdaft’s happening or things go missing. They’ve got a good sense ofhumour. Kevin Horlock and Ali Benarbia used to be real jokers, but Pauland Michael have taken that over.
What about the alleged Liverpool/French divide?
That’s just paper nonsense, everyone gets on together. We have a goodlaugh and craic together. I get on with everyone, I room with Joey Bartonwhen we’re at away games. He’s not a hardman, he’s a real pussycat! It’sa pitch image.
What’s your prediction for the rest of the season, how are we going to do?
No prediction, I just want to stay up and want us to stay in thePremiership.
Shaun, you’ve had a magnificent season and I would say, have been byfar our most consistent and impactful player, a player of the year awardshould be assured. [Shaun’s been Young Player of the Year for the past fewseasons]
Huw Thomas, USA

With grateful thanks to Shaun Wright-Phillips, Vicky Kloss and all at MCFC.


14 March 2004

Wolverhampton Wndrs   0 - 4  Aston Villa           29,386
Manchester City       4 - 1  Manchester United     47,284
Tottenham Hotspur     1 - 0  Newcastle United      36,083
Southampton           2 - 0  Liverpool             32,056

13 March 2004

Bolton Wanderers      0 - 2  Chelsea               26,717
Birmingham City       0 - 1  Leicester City        29,421
Blackburn Rovers      0 - 2  Arsenal               28,627
Charlton Athletic     1 - 0  Middlesbrough         26,270
Everton               1 - 0  Portsmouth            40,105
Fulham                2 - 0  Leeds United          17,104

League table to 14 March 2004 inclusive

                             HOME          AWAY        OVERALL
                    P  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F   A   GD Pts
 1 Arsenal         28 11  2  0 26  9 10  5  0 29  9 21  7  0  55  18  37  70
 2 Chelsea         28  8  2  3 22 10 11  2  2 28 11 19  4  5  50  21  29  61
 3 Manchester Utd  28  9  3  2 30 13  9  1  4 22 16 18  4  6  52  29  23  58
 4 Charlton Ath.   28  6  3  5 22 22  6  4  4 17 12 12  7  9  39  34   5  43
 5 Newcastle Utd   28  8  3  3 23  9  2  9  3 15 20 10 12  6  38  29   9  42
 6 Birmingham City 28  7  4  4 19 16  4  5  4 11 14 11  9  8  30  30   0  42
 7 Aston Villa     28  7  4  2 19 12  4  3  8 17 20 11  7 10  36  32   4  40
 8 Liverpool       27  6  2  4 18 13  4  7  4 20 18 10  9  8  38  31   7  39
 9 Fulham          28  8  3  4 24 16  3  3  7 17 22 11  6 11  41  38   3  39
10 Tottenham H.    28  8  2  5 29 23  3  2  8 11 20 11  4 13  40  43  -3  37
11 Southampton     28  7  4  4 18 11  2  5  6 11 16  9  9 10  29  27   2  36
12 Middlesbrough   28  4  4  6 12 16  5  3  6 17 19  9  7 12  29  35  -6  34
13 Bolton Wndrs    28  3  7  4 15 16  5  3  6 17 28  8 10 10  32  44 -12  34
14 Everton         28  7  4  4 22 15  1  4  8 12 24  8  8 12  34  39  -5  32
15 Manchester City 28  3  7  4 21 17  4  2  8 19 23  7  9 12  40  40   0  30
16 Blackburn R.    28  3  3  8 20 26  4  4  6 19 20  7  7 14  39  46  -7  28
17 Leicester City  28  2  7  5 14 23  3  4  7 24 28  5 11 12  38  51 -13  26
18 Portsmouth      27  6  2  5 23 15  0  4 10  6 26  6  6 15  29  41 -12  24
19 Wolves          28  5  5  4 17 26  0  4 10  7 30  5  9 14  24  56 -32  24
20 Leeds United    28  3  5  6 15 22  2  2 10 11 33  5  7 16  26  55 -29  22

With thanks to Football 365

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