Newsletter #936

Well as you may have read I am doing the next two articles in Heidi’s absence. In this issue the debate about Trevor Sinclair continues alongside the issues with issuing tickets. We also have some nominations for a new song to run out to, a review of the CoMS open day and some general opinions, which seem to cover everything!

On the request front we have the possibility of a Cambodian Supporters’ Club and we have details of the Milton Keynes next branch meeting.

See you all for issue 937!

Colin (a.k.a. Spider)

Next game: Lincoln City vs. MCFC, 7.45pm Tuesday 29 July (friendly)


I have to disagree with Mr. Preston on the issue of Trevor Sinclair. Firstly, the reason why he did not sign for City in the early 90’s was because Peter Swales would not increase the bid to Blackpool from £400,000 to around £600,000, so he signed for QPR instead, because they met Blackpool’s valuation.

Secondly, whilst the comparison to Steve Mcmananan will prevail, Macca earns £65,000 per week at Real, which is close to £2.3 millionper season and unless we could get him on a much reduced salary the cost for the player would be a major financial burden to us or any team in the Prem. If Sinclair is a City fan who turned down the smog monsters for us, why not back the player who has finally come home?


I don’t get it. Why is everyone slagging off Trevor Sinclair? I have always rated him and every time I have seen him play against us he has put in a good performance.

As for Martin Preston’s assertion that ‘no-one could possibly argue that Sinclair is a better player than McManaman’, well Sven Goran Erikson would argue exactly that, as displayed by putting him in the England squad for the World Cup instead of Macca. His opinion must count for something, and was justified for all of you with very short memories, by Sinclair’s impressive, jet-lag-defying performances out there.

As for his age, 30 is not old (although a 4 year contract is, admittedly, stretching it a bit). He really is a spring chicken compared to KK’s other signings, which for me is the real cause for concern. I was quite impressed by KK filling Schmeichel’s boots with Seamen (matron!), but clearly he, Bosvelt and Tarnat (unlike Sinclair) are all past their best and are, at best, one season wonders. My worry is that KK’s over-reliance on veterans could squeeze out the youth, e.g. Bosvelt’s arrival forcing Barton back into the sidelines after his impressive showing at the end of last season.

One more thing, is it me, or was Tarnat described as a midfielder until Jensen’s departure, after which he suddenly became a left-back and a natural replacement for Jensen? Personally I would have rather kept Jensen than play with an ageing, out-of-position German (I’m not being racist, it’s just painful memories of ‘Homer’ Frontzek).

Anyone else out there like Sinclair?

Pat Moore (


Martin Preston asked the following question of Trevor Sinclair in the last MCIVTA: “And as for him being a City fan – perhaps he’d like to explain why he turned us down when Reidy (I think) tried to sign him all those years ago.”

The answer Martin is that he never got the chance to say no to City. QPR were willing to pay 50 thousand pounds more than us so Blackpool allowed QPR to talk to him. Swales wouldn’t pay the 50 thousand pounds required so City’s offer was rejected.

Although he is 30 I happen think that Trevor Sinclair is a bl**dy good buy as it gives us:

  • The width that City were so badly lacking last year.
  • Someone who can take corners (Tarnat can take corners too as well).
  • He defends well too.

Let us also add to this the fact that he is a current England International so he can’t be that bad. And unlike Nicky Summerbee, he actually is a City supporter – so he should give the mythical 110% for us during games.

CTID, Blue Anorak – Richard Mottershead (


From the strength of reaction, you’d be fooled into thinking we’d just bought Nicky Summerbee, not Trevor Sinclair, for £2.5 million. Sure, it’s tempting to expect the worst. Last season, I predicted doom to all around me about Peter Schmeichel because, free transfer or not, his return to the Prem with Villa hadn’t impressed me. Whoops.

Sinclair’s chance to play for his hometown team may well bring out new levels of determination. Stranger things have happened and I, for one, want to herald his arrival with some positive thinking without feeling naïve. We’ll be delighted with a four-year deal if he rocks.

On to other matters. Never mind the lower tier not having beer … I’m sick to the eyeballs of the fact you can’t have a beer in your seat. It just makes people force drink down themselves all the more absurdly fast before going up. Doesn’t that lead to a greater likelihood of drunken disorder?

I also demand that City name the new ground The Enormodome. ‘The B of the Bang’ must not be built; instead, there should be a structure called ‘The G of The Goat’: two 150-meter horns roaring over the East Mcr skyline. I suggest that Billy Duffy and Roy Harper re-record “Boys In Blue”. City must grant ‘The Soccer Shop’ an outlet in a prominent part of the ground with immediate effect. I want The Shezan (the old one), The Blue Moon Chippy and Tampopo to be awarded food franchises. Nothing less than Red Stripe being the only lager on sale will suffice.

Starrzinho (


What a moaning bunch you all are.

“I can’t have a pint at the ground, the seats are the wrong colour, I hate the new shirt, Trevor Sinclair is rubbish / too old / a jinx, why sell a young Jensen and buy an old Tarnat, The ground is too small, it doesn’t have CITY picked out in the seats”… blimey!

We are just about to move into the best ground in the country. We have a squad that is more than well equipped to go for a top six finish. We are in Europe. We are City, super City from Maine Road. Chill out boys. It’s going to be a great season, even if the predictions of Eyal out and Macca in didn’t happen.

Support the team and in the words of ERNie BaRRoW “Come on CITY!”

Sarah Ferguson (


Couldn’t keep my gob shut any longer; here is my opinion on a few things, for what it’s worth.

Marco: thoroughly nice bloke, a great loss. I have never challenged any idiot supporters chanting Munich in the past – from now on I will; surely to God if we have learnt anything as a collective of people then it must be that this sort of behaviour is not right, football is only a part of it.

New Stadium: the ground is magnificent, stop moaning!

New transfers: Give them a chance, Bosvelt knows how to tackle, Seaman is still quality, Sinclair has pace and skill, £2.5 million is good business; would you really want a louse like Kewell? Hopefully Tarnat will do a good job on the left hand side.

To the moaners: support our players or sod off and follow that other side. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course but good grief it doesn’t help bleating about things that haven’t happened yet.

Ali Benarbia: God bless him I will never forget his genius, one of the most skilful players ever to grace English football.

Right back: Keegan please please please buy one.

New kit: It’s top – go and buy it. Can’t wait for the away one, which is even nicer. What a pleasant change – remember the chess board one? etc.

The Goat: good luck to the legend wherever he goes.

The Chop: masterpiece of understatement to call him injury prone; let’s hope he can get and stay fit as he is a top player. He gives us that certain unpredictable edge that we lack with some other players.

Ticketing policy: I was a steward in the Platt Lane last year as I was a student and couldn’t afford any other way in. The new tickets are miles better so welcome to the 21st century. Be gone you ticket touts, demons of Maine Road! Didn’t realise Barça was season ticket only; bit silly that – really could have got a few extra coppers.

Eyal: hope he stays, especially with Ali going.

Name that tune: kind of liked last year’s, whatever that one was called.

New season ticket holders: I’m one of them so here’s my perspective. Not my first season ticket. Money, work etc. is a factor for many people and I have been no exception to this in the real world we do not all drive Audi Quattro’s, wear designer suits or drink in members-only clubs every night. Some of us are perpetually skint! Anyway, this year I have forked out for one and am looking forward to it. I would have got one even if it had been Maine Road which I will miss. People that do not have season tickets may love the club just as much if not more than others.

So come on folks, the season is so close it’s getting really exciting. Let’s just get behind the Blues and stop moaning over insignificant things. Next time you are about to repeat those glib phrases we all know and love, bite your tongue. You know the ones… Same old City… Typical City… Predictably unpredictable City etc. (I’ll include myself in that as I know I’ll want to!) and support City.

Scott Moore “We are the West Stand!” (


Of all the “keeganisms” that we’ve endured, the sound bite that he came out with about our beloved Ali is the one that will always stick in my mind. “He cost us nothing, yet he gave us everything!”

Ali is the player that every club in the world wants to have, absolute commitment, total honesty, and a talent and inventiveness that will spur conversations in pubs for years to come, in other words “a complete team player”.

I know he is off to top up his tan and have a rest in sunnier climes, but I for one would love it if he was offered some sort of job with the junior players at City, if he can impart just some of the enthusiasm, commitment, and “joi de vie” that he shows on the pitch, to our kids, then we will be a lot richer for it.

Best of luck Ali, and thanks, you were worth the price of the seat all on your own.

Phil (


In reply to John Walker’s comments in MCIVTA 935 – like him I was a real fan of the laser blue shirts when they hit the streets a few seasons ago and had my doubts about going back to what might be considered the old ‘wishy washy’ Sky blue. However, like many thousand others I checked them out as soon as they hit the shop and I must say that they look fantastic, so much so that I ended up spending over £150 on kit for my two sons and me. If you are in doubt then get to see the real article – the photos in the press don’t do them justice.

One slight moan is the quality – the shirts are fantastically light (not like the old LCS or Kappa shirts) and as a result really comfortable – the down side is that the material snags pretty easily and will probably look a bit shabby by the end of the season (surely only a cynic would say that this is by design).

John Bellairs


On the ticketing front I too object to paying £1.25, especially as I book for 4 of us each time. Anyway I rang the ticket office (only took an hour to get through) and checked I could book both home and away by post and they said yes. So I booked Barca, TNS home and away all for the cost of a SAE.

Better finish on a whinge note though… there are no upgrades being allowed for the Barça game, so I was not allowed to upgrade my 9yr old son’s ST for my 6ft 4′ mate.


Regarding the Barcelona game being for season ticket holders only, I phoned the club and was told that the game is restricted to 36,000 for safety licensing reasons.

So how come you can get a ticket on the MCFC website travel care link with hotel for £115! Come back David Bernstein all is forgiven – at least he looked after the non season ticket holders.

Blue_Ged – Citycard holder (


Here’s my bid for the song for the lads to run out to. How about Whitesnake’s “Walking in the shadow of the blues”? I know this is hardly a new song (some 20 odd years old) but I think the lyrics say it all.

“I love the blues,
They tell my story,
If you don’t feel it you can never understand
So many times I thought about it
And now I know just what it means to be a man

Everyday I realize you can see it in my eyes
I never wait, or hesitate.
‘Cos I love the life I live,
I’m gonna live the life I choose,
You gotta understand
I’m walking in the shadow of the blues”

Well it’s a great rock song, and rock is trendy again so why not?

Steve Hunt (


A few years ago the theme for Laurel & Hardy would have been apt. Now…

“It’s a Beautiful Day…”

Paul (


Regarding what music the teams should come onto the field to, I suggest The Mighty Wah`s “The story of the blues”! Anybody else have any good ideas?

David Peers (

OPINION: Press Complaints Commission – Marc Vivien Foe

I along with many other City fans (and indeed other football fans) took the liberty of making a direct complaint to the Press Complaints Commission via their website concerning the distasteful gutter press coverage of the sad death of former Blue, Marc Vivien Foe.

I am pleased to report that they have replied to my initial complaint and whilst the PCC cannot consider third party complaints – in this case it appears they feel strongly enough themselves to contact Foe’s family to request they make their own complaint and indeed thanks go to all Blues everywhere who will help them take this distressing course of action. Unfortunately it seems that the Sun/Mirror and other offenders were at liberty to publish a full page front cover of a dying man. Here is my reply, which might be of interest to you all:

Dear Ms Hardman

Thank you for your email regarding the photographs of the late Marc Vivien Foe.

As you will see from our website, the PCC does not generally investigate complaints from people not directly connected to the matter about which they wish to complain. In this instance, as I am sure will understand, the PCC is most concerned about the family of the deceased who are – of course – at liberty to raise a complaint with us. Indeed, we have sought to contact a representative of the family in order to make clear that the PCC is available if they would like to take this matter further.

Obviously, a complaint from the family would be something the PCC would be able to investigate. However, in exceptional circumstances, it can consider complaints from unconnected third parties and we will now ask whether the Commission is prepared to do so in your case.

I should also point out – as you will see – the Code does not cover matters of taste or offensiveness. The reason for this is that editors are best placed to judge whether something will offend their readers, and they must be free to make that judgement. A complaint that an image is distasteful would not therefore appear to raise an issue under the Code.

We will be in touch with the Commission’s decision in the near future.

Helen Hardman (


Well I have seen Paulo play but it was that long ago I do not remember too much. The point I was trying to make was that the game would appear to be full of players who can make a wage without putting any real effort in, and as a City fan for over 30 years I can remember a few of them.

I only hope that I am proved wrong. But at this moment the return on our investment is not looking too good.

Sam Duxbury (


I’d like to respond to Mr. Jon G Marshall’s vitriol in MCIVTA 935.

Is there anything you do like about what’s going on or is an attacking team playing Premier League football for a shrewd manager who has the full backing of the board and 99.99% of the best fans in the world in a fantastic stadium not enough for you? If I hadn’t read it with my own eyes I would never have believed all the negativity you wrote.

Either you’re a difficult man to please (I can’t imagine how you coped when we were in Division 2) or you’re a United fan trying to wind us up. If it’s the former try lowering your standards a tad and if it’s the latter get yourself a life… and get out of ours.

Dave Hoffman (


Just wanted to apologise, after my rant in MCIVTA 935, for saying that “someone has somehow put the wind up Ali B” – I’ve since read his comments about his feelings following the tragic circumstances surrounding MV-F’s death, and his decision now makes absolute sense. Clearly, none of this has anything to do with anything that the club or its representatives have done or said.

Best of luck Ali, and thanks, Jon Marshall (


I went to the CoMS Open Day on Sunday and thought that the stadium was truly stunning. For me, the weekend marked the perfect transition from old to new. After queuing for 3 hours on Saturday to collect my seats and turf from an already sad looking Maine Road, it was great to finally see inside the greatest stadium in the country. Anyone interested in seeing a load of text free pictures of the CoMS and some final photos of a decaying Maine Road, then please visit my website at

Colin Jonas (


I went in to Lillywhites in Piccadilly Circus in London yesterday – City’s new home shirts (short sleeves) are on sale for £30 (adults) and £20 (children). Me and my daughter are now the very proud owners of new shirts, and can’t wait for the season to start.

John Edwards (


This weekend Kick It Out in partnership with Manchester City Council and Manchester County FA are holding a football tournament for 16 teams of Refugees from all over the UK. As part of the tournament there will be a trophy named after MVF for Fair Play.

The tournament takes place on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 3rd August at the Armitage Centre in Fallowfield.

Colin Moore (


Has anyone had any difficulty in accessing the official website recently? For the last month or so, I have had problems getting into the City website. Even the links through the Blues newsletter don’t seem to work properly. Is it just me?

Barry (


I was surprised to read Don Barrie’s comment in MCIVTA 935, namely “City have agreed to pay £350,000 to the Proactive Sports Agency for negotiating Mikkel Bischoff’s transfer of £750,000” – is this a departure I missed or is Don talking about when Mikkel joined the Blues?

Either way it occurred to me that there have probably be several low profile departures during the close season and it would be interesting to know exactly who’s left and who’s joined. Anyone fancy putting together a list?

On a related point – What was the average age of the 1st team squad last season? What will it be this coming season?

John Bellairs


I know that there is only the remotest of likelihoods that I will be successful but does anyone know of any other Blues’ fans living and working in Phnom Penh? I’m desperate to have a decent football conversation with someone who doesn’t say “Oh, very good, David Beckham” when I mention Manchester City.

There are a few decent bars we could persuade to show the games that UBC screens and we could have the smallest and most remote City S.C. in the world… unless you know differently!

Kev and the boys, Cambodia will salute you!

Andrew Lowrey (


The July meeting of the Milton Keynes branch will be this Thursday, July 31st. Venue is Great Brickhill Cricket Club starting around 8pm.

If you’d like more details please contact me.

Steve Maclean – Secretary, MCFC Supporters’ Club, Milton Keynes (


As a result of calls on various websites, emails and talking to MCFC and other authorities involved, together with the amazing response from fans worldwide (as diverse as China, Japan, Australasia, USA, throughout Europe) and from rival clubs, it was decided to launch an appeal fund, which would help to fulfil Fo