Newsletter #873

We return from The Valley with a point and two goals from hitman Foe. Match reports tonight thanks to Piers and PJ – although maybe I helped by staying away as my record with Charlton is abysmal.

Tonight sees plenty of opinion from commentators, to our new goal machine and a view from a Sunderland ‘fan’ on last week’s game. A few varied requests too for good measure are thrown in.

Next game: Tottenham Hotspurs, home, 8pm Monday 23 December 2002


After the 4-0 drubbing last time round and the disappointing 1-0 at home just four weeks ago I was convinced we were going to lose this, so was just relieved that we were relatively comfortable in mid-table and couldn’t fall any lower whatever happened, with Fulham and Birmingham not playing each other until the following day. Made it to the Valley in good time despite the best efforts of Connex, who had specially cut the size of all their trains to four coaches for the day (a derailment at the depot, so they said). Risked the Valley hot dog experience, though was tempted by the numerous signs saying “We Don’t Accept