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Tonight sees opinion on great goalscorers past and present, info on City in Europe party in Hamburg, the start of those ticket requests and some great Blue humour.

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Next game: Leeds United, away, 17 August 2002


In Ian Penney’s excellent book “The Essential History of Manchester City”, there is a section which lists the top 10 goalscorers in City’s history. The most recent players to feature in that list are Colin Bell and Francis Lee. Since Bell retired in 1979 and Lee left us in 1974, I began to wonder how far down a list I would have to go before finding a current or recent player. Anyway, here below are the top 50 scorers in City’s history. The stats do not include wartime games etc. or friendlies:

1.    Eric Brook       177
2.    Tommy Johnson    166
3.    Joe Hayes        152
4.    Colin Bell       152
5.    Billy Meredith   150
6.    Francis Lee      144
7.    Tommy Browell    139
8.    Billy Gillespie  132
9.    Fred Tilson      132
10    Frank Roberts    130
11    Horace Barnes    125
12    Alex Herd        124
13    Dennis Tueart    108
14    Neil Young       107
15    Shaun Goater      97
16    I Thornley        93
17    David White       93
18    Peter Doherty     81
19    George Smith      80
20    R Marshall        80
21    Roy Clarke        79
22    Niall Quinn       77
23    Ernie Toseland    75
24    W.L. Jones        74
25    Johnny Hart       73
26    Mike Summerbee    67
27    Billy McAdams     65
28    George Dorsett    65
29    Uwe Rösler        64
30    Sandy Turnbull    60
31    George Wynn       59
32    Brian Kidd        57
33    Derek Kevan       56
34    Andy Black        52
35    D Halliday        51
36    Bobby Johnstone   51
37    G Hicks           48
38    S. Austin         47
39    T Tait            46
40    Jimmy Murray      46
41    Rodney Marsh      46
42    F Howard          43
43    Jimmy Heale       41
44    Don Revie         41
45    Kevin Horlock     41
46    Mike Doyle        40
47    Paul Dickov       39
48    Kevin Reeves      39
49    F Williams        38
50    T Holford         38

So, Shaun at number 15 is our best scorer since Dennis Tueart, who was the last City player to notch 100. If Shaun stays he will surely get his ton. Whether he does or not, he has been a tremendous buy. It will be interesting to watch the new strikers (the most exciting batch we have ever had) and watch when any of them break into the top 50. On that note, Huckerby has 28 goals so far and Wanchope is on 23.

Congratulations too to Kevin Horlock. Not bad when a midfielder is in your top 50 strikers! Mike Doyle is in there also, but he played about 3 times the games that Horlock has played. In fact, in the last 20 years, our best 5 strikers (in terms of highest totals for City), are Goater, David White, Niall Quinn, Uwe Rösler and Kevin Horlock!

One last thing on the fuller stats (which are available at the website below); Goater has a great strike rate of a goal in every 1.75 games, which is the 6th best in the list. We have to bear in mind that most of his goals have not come in the highest divisions. The best strike rate is Derek Kevan at a goal every 1.36 games. Again these were scored in the old 2nd Division in 1963-65. The post-war players with the best strike rates when playing in the highest division would be Francis Lee 2.28, Brian Kidd 2.23 and Joe Hayes 2.39.

John Ogden (


I have been gorging myself silly on the City end-of-season video, so here in my humble opinion are 10 of the best goals of 2001/2002. In most cases, I have selected them on aesthetic merit alone, rather than their importance to the game/campaign, etc. They appear in date order.

Top 10

  1. Pearce (Watford H): Blistering free-kick to round off a great first day of the season.
  2. Wanchope (Burnley A: Deft header after Dunne’s back-heel for Edghill’s cross.
  3. SWP (Millwall A): His first ever goal after a sweeping breakaway in the away fans-free zone.
  4. Wanchope (Preston H): Berko plays him in on the right, but nothing could prepare for us the accuracy and power of Paulo’s shot.
  5. Berkovic (Norwich H): From Carlo’s throw-out, Eyal just keeps going before scoring with a nutmeg under the ‘keeper – what a way to end the game that ignited with Tiatto’s sending-off.
  6. Berkovic (Ipswich A): A dodgy decision for the corner, then pure artistry as Ali B sweeps the ball over for Eyal to volley home from 30 yards. Sweet revenge at Portman Road.
  7. SWP (Coventry H): Goat is caught rounding the ‘keeper, the ball comes back to SWP who executes a brilliant chip that takes an age to reach the net.
  8. Horlock (Birmingham A): Huckerby breaks down the left, holds it up and slips it into Kev for a peach of a low left-foot drive from outside the area. One of many good strikes by SuperKev in the season.
  9. The Goat (Gillingham A): Goater to Benarbia to Goater. Ali B found Goater with a back-heel that he managed to get air on. That is quite difficult to do. Goat’s low volley into the corner wasn’t bad either.
  10. Huckerby (Barnsley H): Benarbia dances through three Tykes and finds Huckerby, who jumps over another hapless challenge then slides the ball home. Time to start the celebrations (with due respect to the many other goals that involved eye-of-a-needle throughballs by Benarbia and Berkovic).

Best Goal Against

Jon Macken’s “Nayim” away at Preston, so we thought we’d better sign him.

And the One That Got Away

City set for a record 109, Pyscho set for his record 100, Dave Beasant has said “just hit the target”. Why couldn’t you just roll it into the net Stu?

Murray Withers (


The pre-season games have not got under way yet and we have lost Wanchope again; this is tough luck for the player and the club. Already we are down to 5 strikers, but let’s not forget the ever improving Chris Killen, just maybe he will make the grade. It’s not so much the competition for a place, but who fits in the City team to play against the opposition of the day.

It’s a long season and it’s nice to have the players already at the club to make their contribution to the cause, that being City in Europe for the new stadium.

Come on you Blues!

Ernie Barrow (


Having followed the Blues for 27 years, and been more passionate than most due to me exile from Manchester, I was appalled to receive an e-mail from Lucy Parnell from MCFC Merchandising, telling me that they will not deliver to Israel where I currently live. I have never been so hurt from a club I love. Can anyone please attempt to explain why MCFC would behave in such a manner?

Benjamin Bloom (


There will be a party on Saturday 3rd August for City fans making the journey. It will take place on the ‘Cap San Diego’, a large boat moored in the main harbour in Hamburg. The boat has a capacity of over 1,000 people, with different deck areas, and has both outside and indoor bars (so the weather should not matter), along with dancefloor and music facilities.

The party will start at midday and finish at 5pm, allowing an hour for all the supporters to get to the stadium. There should be a German Oom-Pah band, in the spirit of the German beer festivals, while a British DJ will also play plenty of UK summer and City classics. The idea is to provide a meeting place for the City fans and a cracking atmosphere, building up to the match.

It is almost certain that Key 103 will be promoting it on their shows daily, while tickets will probably be available through their ticket phoneline. Further details on general ticket purchasing though should be available shortly.

Many thanks for your help.

Richard McCabe (


I am busy at present compiling ‘The Essential Football Fan 2002/03’. The book is due out in August and is intended to be the most comprehensive fans’ guide yet published. In order to achieve this, we are establishing a network of contacts with fans’ groups and lists.

It isn’t just a case of gathering information. I want the book to reflect each club as accurately as possible – which is where, hopefully, you can help.

If you are interested in completing a questionnaire about Man City and for that to go towards shaping the club’s entry in the book, then please click the link below. Some parts of it (for example, the predictions) will also go on to our website. We are hoping as many fans as possible complete the form as it will give us a full picture of the club, plus serve as an excellent cross-reference.

As a small carrot, everyone who completes the questionnaire will be credited in the book. We’ll also do a prize draw amongst those who respond from each club for a copy of the book when it comes out. I will also ensure that this group is included in the Internet section in the book.

Thanks in advance and best wishes for the coming season.

Dave Thomas, The Essential Football Fan


Has anyone got 2 tickets for the Leeds game? Email me please?

Simon Moorehead (


OK, OK, OK, I know… but I need a ticket – Leeds away. I ain’t got the loyalty points. MCFC Supermarket dash? £27 each? Hmm, not again! We get 3,000 tickets? We need 30,000!

Mark (


Sat 3 August – Sun 4 August: Coach to Liverpool Airport leaves approx 0600 from Manchester, fly from Liverpool 0830 direct to Hamburg, return from Hamburg 1700 Sunday, 4 star accommodation in Central Hamburg.

All transfers and all taxes included, price £255 including coach to and from airport. Contact Independent Travel Club Ltd 0161 205 0007.

Noel Bayley (


An aeroplane was about to crash; there were five passengers on board but only four parachutes.

The first passenger said, “I am a world famous heart surgeon. If I survive, thousands of people will benefit.” The others agreed that he had to live, and so he took first pack and left the plane.

The second passenger, a political journalist, said, “I am the gadfly all democratic systems need to keep the incumbent government on their toes.” Again, the others agreed that he had to live, and so he took second pack and jumped out of the plane.

The third passenger, David Beckham, said, “I’m the captain of the England football team. The nation looks up to me. I’m an icon. I am also much cleverer than people think – see?” With that, he grabbed the pack next to him and jumped out of the plane.

The fourth passenger, the Pope, said to the fifth passenger, a 10-year-old schoolgirl, “I am old and frail and don’t have many years left, and as a good Catholic I will sacrifice my life and let you have the last parachute.”

The girl said, “It’s okay, there is a parachute left for you. Becks has just taken my schoolbag.”

Don Barrie (


A City fan, a Stockport County fan and a United fan were trying to get into the Commonwealth Games but had no tickets. The City fan said “I’m going to try to get in as a competitor.” With this he took the hub-cap off his car, walked up to the athletes’ entrance and said “Jim Smith, Discus” and they let him in. The County fan thought what a good idea and found a clothes-line prop, went up to the athlete’s entrance and said “Bill Brown, Pole Vault” and in he went. The United fan came back with a roll of chicken wire. He went up to the athletes’ entrance and said “Bob Jones, Fencing.”

Dave Kilroy (

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