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After England’s demolition of Denmark on Saturday, the country is waking up from celebrations to face the prospect of a thriller vs. Brazil on Friday. Meanwhile, comiserations to Ireland for exiting so cruelly on penalties after an excellent first round.

Back in MCFC land, tonight sees plenty of opinion on Mark’s club-vs-country debate, fixtures and some Blue humour.

Finally, an error in the fixtures list suggested we were playing Charlton away twice (heaven forbid after last time). The November 16 game is in fact at home.

Next game: Leeds United, away, 17 August 2002


Can’t agree more. When City lose it ruins my week, when England lose I can blame the Rags, Arsenal, Liverpool players for their p**s poor performance. When anyone pulls on an England shirt I support them like I would any City player (even Beckscum) but it’s hard to get as emotionally attached to England like we all do with City. Let’s hope it’s not long before there are 3 or 4 City players wearing those white shirts and then I will be England and City till I die… but for now it’s CTID and come on England.

Paul Faulkner a.k.a. ColoradoBlue (


I wouldn’t have thought the club vs. country thing took much thinking about!

As to Pearce missing the penalty, no, that was good in two ways:

  1. it meant the goals scored record was shared with a team who scored the same number in fewer matches.
  2. it was a little reminder that we are City and even when you thinkSod’s Law has been reversed and everything that can go right will goright, this is still City.

Steve Parish (


Mark Sweeney said what I’ve been saying for weeks at work; I don’t care about England but I’m passionate about City. Picture it this week: England play Nigeria on Wednesday morning, I’m more excited about the fixture list coming out on Thursday! In fact I get more joy out of seeing Jensen and Wanchope playing well for Denmark and Costa Rica respectively, than I do out of any of the 23 man England squad (until SWeeP gets his call up).

It probably doesn’t help that the national team have always played down South and the fact that they ruined David White’s career – IMHO he never recovered from his performance (out of position) against Spain. Then the FA (with the demise of Wembley) roll the England squad around the country and everyone feels a little closer to them, but with no great surprise they decide to rebuild Wembley. As we as a nation become more and more integrated with Europe so our national identity will wane; I say look towards your local identity, your tribal roots, the only team to come from Manchester!

Oh yeah and I’ve watched the end of season video and I’d like to add my name to the list of City fans who wince every time Pearce puts that penalty wide. He might well have been a great servant, but that was probably our only chance (remember there are less games and no Burnley in the Premiership) to beat the club scoring record.

CTID, James Walsh (


Mark Sweeney wondered where other City fans stand regarding the club versus country debate. England to win the World Cup or City to win the Premiership? No contest for me – the World Cup every time. I’m sure there’ll be those reading this who consider that my view disqualifies me from membership of the real True Blue brigade and that’s fine by me. In fact I consider myself pretty much of a rabid City fan – but above all I’m a football fan, and for me the World Cup is simply the absolute pinnacle of the game.

Mr Sweeney talks about City being personal, implying that somehow England isn’t. Whilst respecting his view I feel completely different. For me it doesn’t get any more personal than watching the match against Argentina and reading afterwards about their players’ refusal to swap shirts, and how they were spitting at our players, and how they abused little Scholesy after the match and showed no humility or graciousness whatsoever in defeat. And all this after their disgraceful celebration of their stuffy “victory” against us in France ’98.

Offer me a derby victory in November or that Argentina result and I’ll take the latter every time. I can measure my life by World Cups, remembering where I watched each and every England game, and who with, and what girl I was going out with, or more likely lusting after at the time, and where I was working, and what my particular aspirations for my life were at the time, and of course just how terribly it hurt when we lost. Doubtless a big part of this is down to the fact that it’s every 4 years and in some cases this can stretch to 8 – or even 12 from 1970 to 1982, though since I was born in 1967 I wasn’t too bothered by that. But for me it’s also to do with watching your country competing in the best sport there is – I’m no nationalistic jingoist but watching the boys standing there with their chests puffed out in some far flung place whilst our awful national anthem drones away never fails to bring a tear to my eye, and even the morons who often follow us abroad can’t take away that feeling.

So I’m more than a little nervous today – the Danes lie in wait and I’ll remember tomorrow for the rest of my life whatever the score. I dearly hope City do well next year in the Prem. next year, but nothing that Anelka might do, even at Old Trafford, could eclipse for me the feeling I’d get of seeing little Michael slotting it away on June 30th to give us the lead with 2 minutes to go. Many apols to those readers who feel the same if by the time they read this we’re out – if not chances are it’s Brazil tomorrow.

Simon Hope (


Have to agree with Mark Sweeney on the club vs. country debate (MCIVTA 820). I would pick City every time. I have always said the only club I support is City, and if City played England I would support City. My United armchair-supporting friend thinks I’m “sad”.

I obviously support England, being English, but don’t get those gut-wrenching nerves that I get when watching City. I want England to beat Denmark but if they don’t, then I’ll get over it pretty quickly I’m afraid (although I will be disappointed at the time, I’m sure!).

In fact, I felt nervous just reading the fixture list that came out yesterday! do we really have to play Arsenal again?! I never feel like this about England.

Anyone care to agree/disagree?

Christine Haynes (


Good stuff on the fixture list.

Why is it we always play United at home first and then away in the 2nd half of the season? I can’t remember a season when it was the other way around. Is there a reason for this?

All the best, Adrian Bates (


Just wanted to thank everyone who replied via MCIVTA and personal emails (I must have gotten 20-30 replies).

Anyway, the general opinion was that the End of Season DVD was recorded with Format-0 and therefore can be played anywhere in the World with any player. I have yet to try it but was informed by more than one individual that it does in fact work.

Thanks again, Paul Faulkner a.k.a. ColoradoBlue (


A school class in Manchester are sitting around and the teacher says: “Put your hand up if you are a United fan.” All of the class but one small girl puts their hands up. The teacher says “Sandy, why have you not put your hand up?” Sandy say’s “‘Cause I’m not a United fan.” The teacher then says “But if you’re not a United fan then what are you?”

Sandy replies “I’m a City fan.” The teacher then asks “But why are you a City fan?”

The little girl looks at her teacher and says “Because my father’s a City fan and my mother’s a City fan!” The teacher, now getting annoyed, says “Well just because they’re City fans doesn’t mean you should be – what if your father was a moron and your mother was a moron? What would that make you?”

“Probably a United fan!” replies the little girl.

Greg Bush (

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