Newsletter #729

A busy issue tonight with a couple of good reports from Halifax. Having attended the Halifax game (or rather 15 minutes of ‘play’), we witnessed a mixed bag. The occasional flourish from our new Australian signing who can actually pass the long ball accurately without the ‘hoof it and hope’ approach; to a fluff of a free kick from Psycho; an aggressive Whitley; a keen Granville; but on the whole an abject performance albeit good to see us able to come from behind and win. Still, first game and only a friendly. Some familiar faces have obviously been training hard and downsizing. Chant of the day had to be ‘town full of Dingles’, which I expect we’ll hear frequently with our trans-pennine opposition this season.

Plenty of opinion on our new signing, the TV issue, news on the Mossley game for Neil Young and a hatful of requests for travel, ticket info etc. Unfortunately Michael’s news has got lost in cyberspace tonight, so we’ll have to wait until Thursday.

So we now look forward to our trip to Scunthorpe tomorrow, and again if anyone fancies doing a report then please do. Otherwise I’ll have to remember what happened!

Next game: Scunthorpe United away, Tuesday 24th July 2001 (7.45pm)


Halifax 1 Blues 2

It’s just so hard to write a report about this game, and therefore in a way I don’t think I will. Here instead are a few general comments and impressions…

It was such a yawn. For seventy minutes nothing happened, and at such a turgid pace that it seemed much much longer. As a result, we did get some wonderful old songs from the impressively large Blue contingent (anybody remember, “Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, Going Up, Going Up, City Going Up!” – is that the right number of Nah’s?).

The really weird thing about all this is that we fielded two different teams for the two halves but it made no difference at all. In fact, for a while after half time it actually got worse, with Halifax picking up the pace (relatively speaking) and inevitably going on to take the lead by scoring the best goal of the game, with about 15/20 minutes left.

Hang on, I must rewind to the first half as thinking about it there was actually an incident. Admittedly it was at the other end (we were behind the opposite goal) but it involved Jeff Whitley actually getting into some sort of scuffle with a Halifax player… In fact, unless I am very much mistaken, Jeff actually made contact with his opponent, an event so out of keeping with the generally soporific state of affairs that it was laughable. The only real rationale for such an assault may have been that the referee was both (a) truly awful, and (b) presumably not allowed to card anyone, thereby providing Jeff with a once-in-a-season opportunity to land one on an opposition player with impunity.

Back to the second half then…

I actually felt sorry for Nash over the goal as it caught him completely cold. By this stage, nobody seriously expected a goal or, indeed, a serious shot, so a goal of some quality did come quite out of the blue. I have no idea who played the incisive pass, or, for that matter, who delivered the crisp shot over Nash’s head but the effect was so stunning that it provoked an impressive bout of loud applause from the City fans. A glorious start to the Keegan era it wasn’t!

It was at about this point that it occurred to me that Keegan is of course famous for do-or-die gung-ho football: when, of course here we were, witnessing the most boring football match ever. Everything that had had the opportunity for intrigue or insight had proved a total anti-climax. Leon Mike provided an early surprise by starting the game but promptly spoilt it by going straight off injured; Cooke appeared at half-time to excited murmurings, plus a warm welcome back, but was then totally invisible; Colisimo appeared after half-time and seemed to want to operate interestingly as a sort of sweeper but then proved to be ominously uncertain at it. And even Psycho fluffed a trademark free kick from the edge of the box, by effectively just passing the ball to the Halifax goalie (this actually produced the response of “What the f**king hell was that?” from the City end!).

Somehow in the middle of all this mediocrity we then scored two late goals out of nothing and won the game. And I mean out of nothing. Firstly, Goater, foraging for scraps, slipped a neat reverse pass for Huckerby to lift over the advancing ‘keeper, who went to ground easily. And then the ‘keeper further covered himself in glory by picking up a pass back he had no need to handle, thus giving Horlock the chance to score a (deflected?) winner through a melée in the Halifax box.

I’d thought beforehand that I would be thrown back in time, in true City-style flashback mode: but I wasn’t. Halifax 1980 was a slum, whereas now it is neat and tidy, and being re-developed with rugby league money from Sky TV. In 1980 I had stood with my brother, my mum and my dad on a mud-bank that impersonated a stand, and been bitten by a police dog after Halifax scored the winning goal. It was a tumultuous day, a new low, presaging a whole decade of suffering. Curiously, Halifax’s finest hour (?) was not even deemed worthy of a mention in the truly hopeless match programme; somehow I wish it had been. It might have had added a bit of atmosphere to the proceedings. You know, a chance for some sort of revenge. Or something. But instead there was nothing, just like the game really.

So, what can we learn from all this? My view is zip, zilch, dibbley squat. The only possible conclusion is not a new one: we lacked any creativity at all. Presumably someone has told Mr Keegan this?

And by the way, is it just me who is puzzled by the sale of Kennedy? But I’ll not start now…

Here’s to Berkovic being the man. Puh-lease.

Nigel Timperley (


Halifax. A word that still sends shivers down the spine of any self-respecting City fan above a certain age. City’s first game of the 1980’s, FA Cup 3rd Round, and all I remember about that day now was standing ankle-deep in mud behind the goal in an area that doubled as a speedway track on non-match days, City fans also packed into a cow shed along the side, and that someone called Hendrie scored the only goal of the game. Their most famous victory and City’s most embarrassing moment (at the time). I hadn’t been back to Halifax since that day – let’s face it, it’s not a place you visit without good reason. Top anorak points to anyone who can name City’s line-up that day, without looking it up as I had to! – see later.

City’s first game under Kevin Keegan gave me good enough reason to go. Lots of new City shirt sleeves in evidence in the streets and pubs near the ground, with the weather mild and cloudy but dry. City fans standing in a fairly large and new, covered terrace behind the goal (providing a welcome rare opportunity to stand and watch a game), a similar stand kept empty behind the other goal (presumably some construction work still going on), and the Halifax supporters seated along one side while the opposite stand was again left empty as seats were still being put in. Halifax had produced a match programme which also served as the programme for their forthcoming friendlies against Bolton and Huddersfield, with the choice of games being “a decision to choose opposition which would generate capital and provide some entertaining football for everyone” according to their Chairman’s notes.

Well, considering the turnout from Blues, the game at least achieved the former. Good reception for the team and Keegan on their appearance from the “stand under construction”, calls of “give us a wave” being returned, with Psycho and Steve Howey in particular also being appreciated by the City faithful. Howey’s a popular player anyway but it’s amazing what a goal against the Rags can do. Line up was Weaver, Charvet, Dunne, Howey, Pearce, Granville, Whitley, Wiekens, Tiatto, Mike, Dickov. It’s always difficult to judge how much effort teams are making in these pre-season friendlies but even so the first half is best described as instantly forgettable. Halifax didn’t threaten at all and seemed content to simply get men behind the ball and let City try to break them down, which they just didn’t have the guile to do. Creative midfielder anyone? City’s main threat (and I use that term loosely) was coming from Granville’s occasional crosses from the left, who was playing further up the park with Pearce in the traditional left-back rôle. Tiatto was energetic as usual and went on a few runs but without really getting anywhere, and Dunne and Howey were completely untroubled at the back. On a few occasions Dickov, Whitley and Charvet tried to play neat one-twos on the edge of the box to try to cut open the defence but the final ball was never precise enough. A fairly tame long range free kick from Psycho easily saved by the ‘keeper, and Whitley having a brief dust-up with a Halifax player was about all that happened. Some old chants were started up to keep ourselves amused, the “City’s going up, going up” to the tune of KC & the Sunshine Band’s “Give It Up”, and the famous “Number 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. is Colin Bell”, first time I’d heard it for ages! Goater got one of the loudest rounds of applause when he came on after about 25 minutes for Mike, who looked as though he might have taken a knock from an earlier challenge.

Wholesale changes at half time, with Goater being the only player from the first half to stay on the pitch for the second. Nash, Ritchie, Horlock, Wright-Phillips, Edghill, Colisimo, Dunfield, Huckerby, Grant, and Cooke were all introduced to the action, although calling it action is a bit strong.

Slight change in emphasis in that Halifax now seemed to take an interest in venturing into the other half of the pitch. Still hardly anything to report though; a Halifax shot just over the bar and a couple of headers from the Goat, one just wide and the other saved. Huckerby’s pace gave the attack a bit more impetus down the left, and was denied what looked a definite penalty when brought down from behind. Cooke provided an option down the right, although it was an error by Cooke trying to play the ball back to Nash which almost led to the first goal, with Nash stranded on the edge of the box, a shot was chipped just over the bar with defenders scrambling back to cover.

About 20 minutes to go, the ball was played through to their striker (Roberts?) in space in the box; at an angle he fairly fizzed a shot high to Nash’s right at the near post, sheer pace giving him no chance and it was 1-0. City must have thought enough is enough, as within a few minutes they were level, a through ball to Huckerby advancing on the ‘keeper and neatly chipping the ball over him as he went to ground, the ball seeming to clip the underside of the bar as it went in.

Three minutes to go and a Halifax defender plays it back along the ground to his goalie. Unfortunately for them, the goalie’s brain has taken a temporary leave of absence and he finds himself standing with the ball in his hands. Indirect free kick. Defensive wall lines up on the six yard line, about 5 yards from where the ball is placed to take the free kick, but no worries for Super Kev as the ball is tapped sideways for him to drill a low shot through the wall, taking a slight deflection into the centre of the goal.

How to judge a game like that, against Third Division opposition, especially when the players only played 45 minutes each? Good to see Horlock on the pitch again for the first time since January, and he did OK. As for Colisimo, it was a bit of a mixed bag; he showed some nice touches and skill on the ball, and played a good, raking ball out to the wing but he also seemed a bit unsure of himself defensively on a few occasions, notably when he made a mess of things losing the ball on the left, which nearly led to a goal, and another time when a long ball over the top seemed to leave him wondering whether he should wait for Nash to come out or whether to clear it himself. He appeared to start off in the left back position but moved over to centre back later. Still, first game with new colleagues and here’s hoping he’ll settle in well and have a great season.

Oh, and there was a big, fat bloke in the Halifax section who spent much of the second half showing his belly to the City fans, with the somewhat predictable chants in reply. Probably the most entertaining part of the afternoon.

A big thanks to Ashley for all his editing work, and good luck to Heidi in continuing the tradition.

(The City team in January 1980: Joe Corrigan, Ray Ranson, Paul Power, Nicky Reid, Tommy Caton, Dave Bennett, Tony Henry, Colin Viljoen, Steve Daley, Michael Robinson, Bobby Shinton. With hindsight, it’s hardly surprising we didn’t score with that attack and midfield).

Gary Dickson (


22nd July 2001, Seel Park, Mossley

Just a quick update and thanks to everyone who attended and helped to make the NYT game and day a total success. The weather held good for the 698 people who attended the match and saw City win 3-2. Goals came from Paul Power, Peter Barnes and Barney Daniels. Man of the Match was Paul Power who received a trophy and bottle of champers for his troubles.

None of the committee saw anything of the game as we were all too busy with getting the day running smoothly so if anyone went and wants to do a match report I’d be grateful… I might then know what actually went on!

One thing though we know that did go on is that thanks to everyone who attended we raised £3,000 towards Neil’s tribute fund. We know Neil is absolutely overwhelmed by all the good wishes he has had.

As more events are organised we’ll let everyone know what is going on through McV and the other City websites… watch out for announcements, it’s only with your help we can make the tribute a true success.

Dave & Vanda Cash (


I went to watch QPR vs. Celtic with some mates/Celtic fans. When Berkovic came into the game he was booed a couple of times by the huge Celtic following, even though he did not really do anything wrong. Now with the news of Berkovic’s arrival at City, I asked one of my friends what the problem was. Here’s the reply:

Well one of the reasons for Berkovic’s unpopularity is refusing to get “stuck in”. He doesn’t tackle opposing players if he loses the ball to them and doesn’t see it as his job. So he can be a bit of a luxury, albeit I’d say a worthwhile one.

Plus there was an incident last season, where he’d been out of the team and got back in again against Luxembourg. After he scored one in a 7-0 win he ran up to the Celtic fans and told them to f**k off and made a gesture at them, not a “V” sign / Finger. A kind of one hand on the muscle on his other arm and then pushed it up with his fist clenched. So whilst already having been seen as a guy earning £28,000/wk for not playing and saying he should be in the team and generally complaining about how hard his life was. The gesture was the last straw for most people (O’Neill included). He hardly featured again after that, got shipped out to Blackburn to get him off the wage bill and away from the rest of the team. He was a bit like our Kinkladze but without the popularity, i.e. he showed flashes of skill and you thought he could be a brilliant player for the club but ultimately he didn’t consistently deliver.

However, on the plus side, if he gets his head right and feels wanted by the manger/team/supporters, he’s capable of things that few other players in the league are. His touch and range of passes are quality; in a team managed by KK he’ll probably flourish à la Ginola when KK was at Newcastle. Until his team mates get to know him. He feels he has to be the biggest thing at the club and if he’s not he may become the biggest problem at the club.

Berkovic carries some baggage but is definitely worth the risk especially seeing as Man City are desperate for some quality in midfield.

Does anyone know any good/bad stories about Berkovic from any other of the clubs he played for? How did he rate? I hope he will prove to be an absolute steal.

Jon Bradshaw (


Saw the recent Bish report that was less than complimentary and I had to respond. With all due respect, couldn’t disagree more.

Miami has indeed hit a poor patch but there have been more good performances than bad from Bish. He generally plays deep in midfield for the Fusion and sees a lot of ball – which is great for those of us Blues who would only dare attend an MLS match to see one of our own swanning around.

I think if you polled the league’s managers they’d rate Bish as one of the most influential foreigners of the season to date, behind maybe only Chelsea-ex John Spencer at Colorado. Bish’s passing is a cut above what Yanks are used to seeing, believe me. Simple as it sounds, playing to feet is a rare art over here. Not many can do it.

I’ve watched him on TV a few times and once live here in Dallas, where his vision and distribution shredded our hometown Burn. Miami won 6-2 and Bish officially had a hand in three of the goals. The pace is so much slower than the Premiership that Bishop can really take his time and pick defenses apart. As for the recent dip, allow me to volunteer a theory/excuse: I’m sure playing in such extreme heat match after match must take a toll on a thirtysomething veteran from England’s not-so-sunny Northwest.

Interesting aside: Bish still wears his trademark long sleeves in away matches, no matter what the temperature. He says he’d wear them at home, too, but it seems our old friends from Umbro don’t make a Miami home shirt with long sleeves. Red B’s.

Marc Stein, Dallas, Texas (


In addition to Bill Hill’s marvellous tournament idea to celebrate the switch to Eastlands, I think we could take the idea a couple of steps further down the road to reality, expand the tournament and have it run right through a month of the close season, just like the World Cup.

A group format will be required, say, four groups of four, playing at Maine Road and Eastlands. It will be by invitation only and, although Bill’s original participants have all the right qualities to celebrate with us our glorious tradition of envy, spite, hatred, mocking, jealousy, black humour, haemorrhoids and suicide notes, I feel we may have overlooked some other tremendous candidates who share with us a largely inferior rôle in their home cities.

Along with the aforementioned Vasco de Gama (aren’t they a bit good, though, Bill…?), 1860 Munich, Atletico Madrid and Torino, I would envisage three other groups comprising the following:

Group B (“The Group of Deathly Silence”) Espanyol, Fortuna Cologne, Dundee and Cercle Bruges.

Group C (“The Group of Embarrassed Tittering”) Notts County, Sparta Rotterdam, St Pauli, Racing Club de Paris.

Group D (“The Group of Strange Quacking Noises”) Sampdoria, Port Vale, Belenenses and City.

Fans would be required to turn up in black and spend the Summer making jokes about their own teams. There could be a parade of all ex-City managers before the opening game and City would be allowed to field ex-stars such as Paul Beesley, Alan Kernaghan and Ged Brannan to give the other fans a laugh and remind us all just how lucky we have been.

There will be a bouncy castle (naturally) and free collector’s item calendars with Steve Coppell on the front for all supporters attending a match and not nodding off or bursting into tears. Supporters will be issued with toffee hammers on entering the ground for the Maine Road matches and will be able to remove their own “souvenirs” from Maine Road as the tournament progresses. By the end of the final match, it is envisaged somewhat symbolically that the final few minutes will be played out to a backdrop of Moss Side itself, the stadium having been dismantled and carried off lovingly to thousands of houses around Manchester and beyond… or we could just have a souvenir pamphlet?

Simon Curtis (


I don’t want to be all negative, though as a current ON Digital customer I thought I’d better provide McV with an insight to their service before any other unsuspecting Blues invest in this abuse of technology. I have had On Digital for about 6 months and I am totally dissatisfied with their service. At best you can expect all of your channels to work around 60% of the time.

If you request a pay per view channel do not expect to be able to watch all of the match / film without a sudden loss of signal. I requested Sky 1 for the derby and missed the last 15 minutes of the game due to signal loss. I have a perfect standard terrestrial TV reception. However, I was informed that I would need a aerial upgrade at a cost £40 to increase my chance of viewing. This is not an option for most who live in rented accommodation.

On the 11th July ON Digital became ITV Digital. All of the existing customers were required to update their channel selection. This has me without a signal for Sky1, Sky Sports 1&2 and 4 other channels.

The above has not only happened to me; I have two friends who have ON Digital who are both considering a switch to Sky. I am seriously considering moving to NTL digital to see if they are any better as they will also be showing the ITV sports channel. I thought Cable & Wireless were bad, but come back all is forgiven.

P.S. Did anyone see the programme the seven days that rocked Manchester United? Nice to see Dennis Law’s back heeler again (always guaranteed to make a Blue smile) and Colin Schindler mocking the swamp dwellers.

CTWWS (City till we win something), Rick Slater (


In response to 71 year old Peter from Bromley, Kent, in MCIVTA 728: it was only last season where City’s Worthington Cup tie with Ipswich was abandoned because of a… waterlogged pitch! I should know… I was one of the many that turned up and got absolutely drenched!

Madeleine Hawkins (


John Mcfarlane I note your statement that Shaun (note correct spelling) Goater is a statistically-proven, matter-of-fact complete failure as a Premiership striker (MCIVTA 726). However, two issues later you tell us that this is merely an opinion, based on your entirely subjective reading of the events of last season. I wish you’d make your mind up. Me? I’m firmly with the statistics on this one – a fit Goat gets goals!

Jaz Long (


I have read with interest the comments about the Goat’s suitability as one of our leading strikers and his ‘failure’ in the Premiership. Quite frankly I don’t think it would have mattered who was playing up front last season because the service from midfield was generally so poor that it would have been hard work for anyone.

When the Goat arrived at Maine Road, I wasn’t convinced about his ability but now have to say that he has a gift which every good striker needs and that is to be in the right place at the right time. Yes two of his goals may have had an element of luck but at least he was in the right place at the right time, which is more than can be said of many of the players who have played up front for us in recent years.

The Goat will never be an elegant player but who cares as long as he finds the net? It is the manner of his feeding that is important. Personally I would love to see the Chop in tandem with the Goat all season because I think they will murder most First Division defences. Mind you if someone comes in with a big money offer for either of them don’t be surprised if they’re on their way.

Rick Stott a.k.a. Oslo Blue (


Hear, hear Graham Jones and God bless you!

All this whining about watching City on this live channel or that live channel are just so much hot air!

I have a suggestion for all those people who are so desperate for Sky to show MCFC games. Take the dish and set top box and throw them on the tip! Or tell NTL/Cableworld etc. to come round, dig up the street again and take their cable away. And then go into your house and switch on the radio. Yes, you know that little low-tech gadget which you have in the kitchen/shed/bedroom/car and bathroom for all I know.

I should think every City match with odd kick off times (Thurs evening, Sunday evening) will be on Radio 5 live. The commentary is far superior on the wireless (as I still call it). John Motson has to actually tell you what is happening instead of telling you his opinion or how this match between MCFC and Grimsby might affect the Rags. Watch any match on Sky and guess how long before the commentators mention MUPLC or “Fergie” or Beckham etc. Furthermore the players are always playing better when you hear them on the radio!

OK you may not have housewives’ favourite Des Lynam, or house husbands’ favourite Gabby Yorath, but you will find yourselves quids in pocket, and you can be sure none of your mates will have heard the radio commentary so you will be able to pass off Alan Green’s opinions as your own and nobody will know (then again better not do that, as your friends may call the men in white coats!)!

I realise exiles in New Zealand may have to stick a coat hanger on the roof or drive your car to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro to be able to get GMR in FM stereo, but hey, if you are a true City supporter then that should not be too much to ask.

And you won’t be putting money in the pockets of media moguls who are destroying football, but that’s another story.

Of course if you are really desperate to see the team, you could come along to the game!

Ban the Box!

Jim Curtis (


The next meeting of the County Wicklow branch of the official supporters’ club is on Tuesday 24th July at 8pm and as usual will be in Katie Gallagher’s in Bray.

Regards to all who love City, Paul Fegan (


Just a quick note to record my thanks to MCIVTA for helping this year’s Horndean Sixes football tournament to be a success. Some weeks ago, I posted a message on MCIVTA inviting teams to take part. As a result, three teams contacted me, so thanks to Sefton Owens (Hogshead Hove), Paul Burgess (Fat N’Thirsty) and Andy Stevenson (The Willow Tree) – lads, please pass on my thanks to your team mates for their efforts and sportsmanship throughout the afternoon.

It was good to meet some new Blues, and with two MCIVTA sourced teams meeting in the semi-finals (unfortunately playing each other) it surely proves the footballing pedigree of us Blues! Sefton Owens’ Hogshead Hove eventually lost a very narrow final 2-0 to last year’s winners, Brookmead FC.

I will contact MCIVTA in good time before next year’s event to see if more Blues want to take part.

Richard Ellor (


Would it be possible for the Ticket Office to forward details to MCIVTA re, availability, application form details, closing dates for Regular, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st year etc. for away matches?

I found out this morning (23/07/01) that I need a ticket for Scunthorpe.

I no longer have Internet access but receive MCIVTA so am struggling somewhat.

Steve Worthy’s Ticket Agent (email address withheld at request)

Anyone got contacts with the Ticket Office out there as this seems like a reasonable suggestion?



I shall be moving to Leeds at the end of August and am looking for a lift to the matches (home and away). Willing to share petrol costs of course. My first game will be the Crewe match. So if anyone living in the Leeds area can help me out I would be very grateful. Please contact me at the address below.

Neal Beatty (


I’ve just managed to secure my first season ticket for 14 years. Actually it’s half a season ticket shared with my brother. What I was wondering is, what’s the best way (well actually cheapest) way to get from London to Manchester every few weeks? Is it Virgin trains apex? Is there a supporters’ coach that goes up? If anyone knows can they let me know!

As for TV coverage it could be worse. If you follow a Premiership side in the Champions’ League and you want to watch all the televised matches you’ll need Sky Digital, ITV Digital plus pay per view which has recently been awarded to Sky after the NTL deal fell through. To get all this costs more per year than a season ticket.

ITV don’t let Sky have their channels because otherwise you’d have no reason to buy ITV digital. Sky have more channels and much better coverage geographically speaking so ITV need a unique selling point. In return, Sky get money off ITV digital for every Sky Sports subscription but they don’t let ITV digital have channel which will be showing some games exclusively this year so they’re both as bad as each other. Still it’s only a game 🙂 Interestingly, the first Sky pay per view match will be Chelsea versus Newcastle. Picked due to the large number of fans a long long way away, thereby ensuring the maximum take up.

I’m kind of hoping that the TV channels will start subsidising season tickets in a bid to generate a good atmosphere at matches. You never know…

Jim Sim (


I’ve just arrived in Seoul for a 2 year stint and I wondered if there were any fellow sufferers in South Korea who fancied getting together for a jar or 2 and a moan about UK football coverage over here? We can even swop strategies for trying to blag World Cup tickets! Hope to hear from you soon.

Carl Rogerson (


Just a short note of thanks to Ashley (and others) for a remarkable job of bringing City into the weekly lives of those who live outside of England. As one of the original subscribers, I’ve seen the growth of this publication, know more about City than I could ever have hoped to glean from different sources and agree with Ashley’s comments about bringing Blues closer together.

Thank’s again for a job well done!

Alan Arenson, New York (


If any Blues wish to have a nice picture of the City of Manchester Stadium for their wallpaper, they can email me at the address below and I’ll gladly forward them a copy.

Pete Share (


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