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Well, here we go. I settle into the recently-vacated chair filled with trepidation and anticipation: and that’s just for KK’s first game on Saturday. Thanks to Ash for running with McV for so long, and all the backroom and occasional frontroom boys who make McV the success it is, also to all of you who sent in your good wishes for my new rôle. As Ash rightly said, it’s amazing the way this email can forge such bonds and friendships, not to mention the ‘City lifeline’ for those of us who have been, or still are, exiled from Blighty. Long may it continue.

This issue sees plenty of opinion, a handful of requests, news from Michael and a report on the McVittee team’s exploits at Worldnet in Leeds.

If anyone of the faithful (mad?) 5,000 going on Saturday is a subscriber, please think of doing a match report for the masses unable to attend. Incidentally, any of those planning on going to Scunthorpe, this match has now been made all ticket.

Next game: Halifax Town away, Saturday 21st July 2001 (3.00pm)


Michael is off for the following week (23 and 26 July), so any news stories or rumours can be sent to Peter at:



General Stuff

Clark Unlikey to Sign: After much early speculation and to be fair a lot of unbridled speculation, it now appears very unlikely that Fulham’s Lee Clark will be making the journey North to either the hallowed turf of Maine Road, nor the grim patch of Tyneside. Clark is said to be very close to signing a new deal with his current club. Likewise another midfielder linked with a move is said (even more amazingly so) to want to stay where he is. Jason Koumas, the very highly rated and allegedly much sought after creative midfielder has indicated to the plastic scousers at Tranmere that he wishes to stay at Prenton Park and ply his trade amongst the respective Maradonas and Zidanes of the Third Division.

City Youngsters on Tour: Even more International call-ups for young Blues have been reported. The Republic of Ireland under-16 squad for a forthcoming invitational tournament in Spain has recently been announced. Young defender James Lee Matthews and forwards William Flood, Paul Murphy and Karl Bermingham are all named and may play against tournament opposition Croatia and Greece. Incidentally, Flood is one of the first of the crop of potential future stars that we picked up from Irish feeder club Cherry Orchard.

Colisimo Unlikely to Start Against Halifax: New signing ‘Shimo’ Colisimo is now training with the first team, though as he is currently about a week behind the rest of the squad in fitness is unlikely to be risked in a starting berth against Halifax this weekend. Colisimo can play in midfield or defence, in the centre or the right, but has already indicated his preference for right back and considering the paucity of our performances in that position in recent times it is probably likely that this will be his immediate squad position once fit.

Wanchope Scores Again: Unsettled striker Wanchope scored a brilliant solo goal for Costa Rica in their second Copa America Group game. The match against Uruguay ended in a 1-1 draw. Wanchope put himself in the shop window with his second goal in as many games in the 28th minute. Wanchope started his goal with a run from the halfway line; he nipped between two Uruguayan defenders, in typical Wanchope fashion he somehow avoided a few desperate tackles and stumbled into the penalty area before flicking the ball with the outside of his boot past the approaching ‘keeper. Wanchope additionally hit the post and had several other ambitious attempts and was named man of the match.

Pearce Speaks His Mind: In an interview on GMR, Stuart Pearce has admitted that we need 2 or 3 quality signings to make a concerted attempt at promotion. He described the current squad as honest but cryptically hinted at the quality of the overall squad. Also speaking on the club’s official website,, he stated that even though his immediate priority is to act as City’s first choice left back, he will have a coaching input at City. He said, “My coaching rôle has not really been defined and I know I have my work cut out playing. The most important thing for me is to be a 100% fit to play and be available for the management team here. Anything I can do on top of that is a bonus. I think that is probably the best way to approach the start of my days at City.” In further interviews, Pearce claimed that next season would be his last as a player.

Ins, Outs, Rumours: Further denials from both City and Leeds over a £2 million bid for Jason Wilcox are the sum total of the current rumours. Despite the denials it is thought that City have made a tentative bid for the winger.

Wolves are expected to be back in the hunt for Shaun Goater after their other two options faltered. A bid for Preston’s Jonathan Macken has been turned own and the laughable return of Stan Collymore has been halted by his former club Real Oviedo, who have apparently threatened the has been with legal action after his retirement from the game.

Ex-Blues’ News

Michael Hughes is yet again being linked with a move to Coventry. Hughes is being seen as a direct replacement to the departed Craig Bellamy. The fee is reported to be in the region of £1 million.

Michael Leafield (


Can anyone give a report on how we did in the WorldNet 2001 Fans’ Tournament? I have a mate who was on the Lens team and he thought we were knocked out early.

Thanks, Sean ‘Blue in VA’ Cable, Arlington, VA, USA (

Your wish is our command, thanks to Martin – see below.



The footballing fiesta that is known as Worldnet took place in Leeds over the weekend of 14/15th July. Over 50 teams, representing clubs from around Britain and Europe (AEK Athens and RC Lens) turned up play competitive (but friendly in the most part) matches.

The original squad of 20 was whittled down to 18 by the Friday, which in reality turned into 15 come Saturday morning (those who promised to come and didn’t have the decency to let me know you were unavailable know who you are).

First game was against Spurs, 9:00 Saturday morning. We played reasonably well and took the lead through Rob Hodge. Things went downhill and we conceded 2 poorly defended goals. Dave Barker saved our blushes with an equaliser in the 2nd half. One twisted knee meant we were down to a 14 man squad.

Next we played Gillingham. It was another closely fought game (not literally) but the Gills got the only goal, so we ended up losing 1-0. Another twisted knee and the squad was down to 13!

Lincoln came next and as much as we huffed and puffed away, we just couldn’t get the ball in the back of the net. Half-time 0-0, we really needed a win to stand a chance of getting into the main knockout competition. Rob Linton scored the decisive winner in the game, but in doing so, pulled a groin. So we were down to a bare 11, following another injury.

The final group game was against Dumbarton, who were head and shoulders above the other teams. Any realistic chance of entering the main knockout competition had disappeared following Spurs’ 6-0 victory over Lincoln. We went into the game playing for pride.

Things were going well and we were playing well until just before the interval when the deciding incident came. A through ball, a Dumbarton player chases through, our goalie rushes out, gets a touch on the ball and the striker collides with him. Ref blows for a penalty, some comments follow and a yellow card is produced. It was quite amazing that even their striker was supposed to have said it wasn’t a penalty. The penalty was scored, our goalie said to the ref “You’re a disgrace ref” and was promptly sent off. Dumbarton scored 2 more goals in the 2nd; one of them looked like handball. The final score was 3-0 to Dumbarton, who won the group. I think we can hold our heads up with this performance.

Overall we finished 4th in the group, which meant entry into the plate competition and faced an 8:30 start on Sunday against Norwich. We all went celebrating (!) in Leeds and thus come Sunday morning there were a sudden spate of injuries, so it was left to me to forfeit the game to Norwich (who took it in good spirits).

Next year’s event is supposedly in Edinburgh around mid-July, so if you’re interested in playing some 30 minute matches keep you diaries clear.

Martin Ford (


Just had a thought how to celebrate the opening of the new stadium (not sure the exact date, but it could always be the start of the following season).

Instead of having pre-season friendlies against the mighty Halifaxes and other similar sh!te, why don’t City arrange a pre-season tournament and invite any 3 of the following:

  • Munich 1860
  • Athletico Madrid
  • Vasco de Gama
  • Torino

See the similarity… they all hate their neighbours. It would be a great way to officially open the new stadium and give positive publicity to City, not to mention the contacts it would give us at these clubs who often find themselves in the same situation as City.

I have no doubt that the new stadium would be sold out for such a tournament over a weekend if the tickets were offered at the reasonable price and as a package.

Stay Blue, Bill Hill a.k.a. Singapore Blue (


I have a question that may well sound stupid, but I would be grateful if someone could clear this up for my benefit. Why is it that ITVdigital (ONdigital) can show Sky Sports and therefore most of Sky’s Premiership football, but Sky are unable to show ITV Sport? As this is the case, why can’t Murdoch throw his dummie out of the pram and take Sky Sports off ITV Digital? I’m fairly sure in that event we would soon see City back on Sky. Surely some compromise could be reached for the good of the millions of football fans around the world and, most importantly, for all the City fans who really can’t be bothered with yet another remote and subscription fee.

CTID, Martin Rudge (


Week after week, article after article moaning and whinging about not being able to get coverage on this cable or that satellite. All I can say is tough s@@t. They have nobody to blame but themselves. They are being ripped off by media entrepreneurs who don’t give a rat’s a@@e about the game or the supporters. These parasites, Murdoch etc., have sucked you in and now will continue to grab more and more of your cash for little benefit to you. Playing you off a break all the time and when you think you’ve got it right they will change the rules or some other network will get the rights. Come in spinner!

No point in continuing to bitch and whine when you are your own worst enemies by supporting them and subscribing in the first place. Once you are hooked they have got you by the curlies and they will continue to pull. I refuse to be part of this conspiracy to deny the average person free to air TV and will never give in to it no matter how many games I fail to see.

Looking at the rest of the programming, other than the football, I would not have watched it if it were free anyway. The only way you will change things is to unsubscribe; they can’t survive without revenue. Look what the w@@kers did to Rugby League in Australia. They don’t care about the average fair dinkum supporter, only $$$$$. I might be a lone voice in the wilderness, but, they will never convert me to that dish on the roof.

FTAFA&CTID (Free to Air For All & City Till I Die), Graham Jones (


After reading one perspective of Ian Bishop I thought I would throw in a perspective from a different angle. Having watched Bishop and Miami play the Metros, and lose 3-0, it’s easy to say that Bishop is your average midfielder in MLS. Now I’m not trying to slam him, far from it, but he has only had a few games where he showed any sort of creativity in the number of games I’ve seen him play in this season. In the Metros-Miami game Bishop was rendered nearly invisible, being marked out of the game a little too easily. You could tell the frustration was starting to show because he resorted to a few cheap shots. This has been a recurring trend unfortunately as Miami lost yet again to Los Angeles and Bishop was again invisible.

Many foreigners come here thinking they will get a free ride and just sit back and relax, just ask Lothar. What they wind up with is something completely different.

CTID, Armando Testani (


Found on 442, The Seven Dwarves of football.

“Dopey”: There’s something about Kevin Keegan that’s horribly likeable. It could be his contagious enthusiasm. It could also be his propensity to not know what day of the week as far as his tactics are concerned. Need to win a vital World Cup match? No problem; stick a centre back in midfield – but don’t forget to tell him and the rest they are the best in the world. Keegan is, I’m afraid, one of the seven dwarves.

The other 6, complete article found at:

Ron Smith (


From a 71 year old nut in Bromley Kent: hello and just a thought for you. If you have ever wondered why Maine Road is never bothered with a waterlogged pitch it is because way, way back it was where clinker from the mills was deposited.

Peter Holland (


I made my assessment of Goater on the evidence of the seven league goals he scored in the Premier – and let’s be fair two of those were flukes – one was heading for the corner flag and was deflected in and another was punched on to the back of his head. My criticism of Goater was attributed to the undying and blinkered faith Royle had in this player – everyone knows that he was left as a sole striker by Royle on numerous occasions and after his first two starts I can’t recall Huckerby finishing a game. I believe that is the reason we were relegated; the Goat did not deliver – when we had players like Huckerby, Dickov and Weah languishing on the bench and Wanchope at times not even been give that privelege – when the all too familiar Manchester City nil result emerged – this was down to Joe’s pig headedness and ultimately cost us and him dear.

I based my statement on where it mattered in the Premier, the division we were relegated from, not cup matches, and I remind everyone that Howey, a central defender, scored two less than Goater and none of them flukes. I do not say that Shaun is a bad striker – but he failed us in the Premier and I have no doubt Wanchope and Co. would have fared better but were not given the chance. As I say it is only my opinion and Messrs Brophy and Spencer are entitled to theirs.

John Mcfarlane (


The response has been quite fantastic with a huge deluge of signatures from City fans in the last twenty-four hours. A huge thanks – we’re up to 3,734 now. Can you pass on my thanks to the City fans for their superb support.

Thanks again for your help and support.

Ian Lathey (;


A big farewell to Ashley and many thanks for organising MCIVTA for so long. When I first subscribed to it, some time in early 1995, I think, I was living in Hungary and absolutely desperate for news about City (I think I was member no. 46 at the time, and since then I’ve watched it grow with amazement).

It was an absolute lifeline then and I know it continues to be so for many Blues abroad, despite the mushrooming of many other City sites and boards.

Well done, for keeping it going all these years. It really has been much appreciated!

Andy Conway (

NOTICE – Essex & Suffolk CSA

The next meeting of the Essex & Suffolk CSA will be on Friday 20th July at The Seabrights Barn, Great Baddow, Chelmsford, Essex. The meeting will start at 8.00pm-8.30pm. Membership renewals and catching up on all the close season gossip, KK and transfer rumours being the main items on the agenda. Hope to see some new faces there.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ashley for all his hard work over the years and also best wishes to Heidi in taking over the hot seat.

Cliff Shelley (


I have just moved from Bristol to Co. Clare in the Rep. of Ireland. Can any Irish City fan enlighten me as to whether any of the combinations for receiving ITV digital (?) and Nationwide football are available via satellite in Ireland?

I’m just about to start to investigate whether to sign up, as I don’t think that I’m being unfair in stating that sports coverage on the four Irish terrestrial channels (with the exception of GAA sports) is abysmal! Sorry everyone.

Hopefully I may be able to meet up with some fellow Blues in Ireland at some time, although I accept that the Clare branch is probably a bit low in numbers!

Slainte, Barry Riley (


I keep hearing of Paulo Wanchope’s goal against Uruguay and that it is quite spectacular. Does anybody know of a website that shows the video of the goal?

Jon Bradshaw (


Seeing Paulo Wanchope playing for Costa Rica got me thinking… maybe there’s one or two of his Costa Rican team mates who’d do well for City, as well as being company for Paulo? Wonder if KK’s watching the Copa America?

Lance Thomson (


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