Newsletter #444

First off, sorry this one is a little late.

As might have been expected, a few less than glowing match reports were received for City vs. Reading. This issue also incudes a news summary with more despatches bringing the latest exploits of a certain Eike Immel, and the rumour mill has started to churn out gossip about likely transfer targets.

As this is written, Lee Bradbury looks to be putting pen to paper at Palace where he’ll be reunited with El Tel. Let’s hope he doesn’t scuff it and sign the desktop instead (sorry Lee). Methinks it’ll be a blue moon before that particular transfer record is broken again. Another exiting stage left is Ged Brannan, £350,000 to Motherwell. So suddenly we have nearly £2 million added to the coffers.

The recent dip in form has prompted mention of the dreaded R-word in a few articles … surely we’re too good to go down again aren’t we? Let’s think positive – the Auto Windshield Cup matches are coming around soon. To win it all we have to do is beat teams like Preston, Reading, Lincoln – oops sorry!

Ashley usually includes a note of how many people each issue is distributed to. Sorry I can’t do that as I have no idea where he gets the number from! Here we go!

Steve, CTAGB (Covering Till Ashley Gets Back)
Next game, Colchester at home, Saturday 31st October 1998


Here is a brief summary of what`s happening in the land of Blue…

Thanks to Ludger for the following news on the whereabouts of the alleged ‘keeper Eike Immel…

Is there anybody who is interested in the activities of Eike Immel? He is now managing the VfR Heilbronn, a team which has been relegated from the Oberliga Baden-Württemberg into the Verbandsliga (5th class in Germany). The team has won 5 of 9 matches and seems not to play any rôle in the fight for promotion. If someone is interested I can inform about Immel’s “progresses” from time to time, and this one from Patrick Sheele with a rumour about another ‘keeper.

Rumours in Sweden are saying that City are interested in Swedish ‘keeper Mattias Asper from AIK. The tall (197 cm) ‘keeper is 24 years old and plays his first season for AIK in the Swedish Prem. He was a sub. for the first 7 games of the season but since he took over between the posts the team has played 16 consecutive games without loss and he has conceded only 7 goals and kept a clean sheet 9 times. He has never conceded more than one goal in any match. AIK have a good defence though but still he’s a good buy if City can afford him. He’s very good in the air and from what I understand Weaver ain’t.

Thanks guys, keep the rumours coming…

We got a new striker at long last; the well known Norwegian goal machine Frode Helleso (not Baggins) has arrived on trial. The 23-year-old trialist links up with the Blues, boasting an impressive scoring rate of 48 goals in the last two seasons in Norway. With the Norwegian season now over, the player could be set for a permanent move to Maine Road depending on the impression he makes in the next few days. Watch this space, but don`t hold your breath. Meanwhile JR is on the lookout for Premiership players to bring to the club…

Also, Dutch defender Ken Monkou has been linked… again. Oh and Charlton Athletic are chasing Shaun Goater; from what I saw of him against Burnley they won`t have to run too fast to catch him.

Howard McCarthy


Crowd Size Could Be More Important Than Points
Plus England-Sweden Venue Confusion

By Philip Cornwall

The knock-on effects of the proposed European Super League could soon be felt all the way to the bottom of the Football League – because a major shake-up of the domestic structure will be needed to accommodate the extra midweek dates the new competition will require. It is rumoured that the chance will be taken to create a second division of the Premier League – and, to the horror of traditionalists, its make-up could be based on criteria other than merit. The worst of the stories is that crowd figures could come into contention, dragging Manchester City and Burnley from Division Two to the fringes of football’s elite.

The problem is this. There are currently 20 clubs in the Premiership; UEFA have long wished to reduce the size of Europe’s top flights to 18, and now 16 is on the agenda. However, the clubs at the bottom of the current Premiership are unlikely to vote in favour of greatly increasing their chances of missing out on the gravy train. So there would need to be an expanded breakaway from the Football League, to create a new division of 16-20 elite clubs, who would get a decent slice of the Sky pie. In order to generate enough income to keep up with the real creme de la creme, though, the glamour and gate money that the likes of City could provide would be needed (so the argument goes, anyway).

Yet this is surely anathema? For the only way that this position could be maintained would be by closing off the promotion and relegation link with the rump of the Football League – which would lead to atrophy for both the bottom half of ‘premier two’, who would have no fear of relegation, and the clubs beneath, starved of promotion. And if the size of your gates were to determine the make-up of the top flight, then UEFA Cup qualifiers Blackburn, say, could be replaced by City.

Even if the principle of promotion and relegation is retained, there are problems ahead for the lower division clubs. If the top flight has 16 clubs, and Premier Two between 16 and 20, then there would be between 56 and 60 clubs left behind. This would be far too many to fit into two divisions – so would we now have a five-tier league? Or would teams currently at the bottom of Division Three be ousted into the Conference?

There is the strong likelihood that as well as meaning more money for the clubs at the very top of the tree, it could directly decimate the income of those at the bottom.

Philip Cornwall


I hear from a very good source that at a reserve team fixture earlier this week played at Altrincham FC, Joe Royle watched the match together with John Spencer and his agent … watch this space!

Joel Adams (


What’s going on? That optimism after the first few games has completely gone and we’re consistently failing to deliver. The attack flatters to deceive, and the defence is abysmal. So who’s the weak link? Well it’s clearly not Wiekens, Fenton looks good, and Vaughan is good enough (mind, Shelia is a class above). O.K. so where’s it all going wrong? Well in my opinion it’s mainly that the midfield doesn’t have the balance to control matches. When was the last time a City midfielder played a great game? When was the last time one scored (except against Notts Co. reserves)? Horlock, Pollock, Brown, Crooks and Mason are all quality players, who in any other team in this division would be regarded as stars. So what’s wrong? Simple: the system is broken.

This is the system that best suits our players, ’cause we’ve got no wingers. Has anyone noticed we’ve got no wing-backs either? Wiekens is a natural sweeper. Appears to be the next best argument for playing it. Problem is the defence ends up totally lopsided. We’ve got three centre halves doing the job of two, one full back and a left sided midfielder. How often has Vaughan or Shelia in the last two years been matched wide on the left against the opponents’ right winger/midfielder? Big centre halves do not make good left backs so why do we persist? Joe says he favours a 4-4-2 formation, so why doesn’t he play it? We may have no wingers, but surely if Horlock can play left wing back he could equally well play on the left side of midfield. You think not?

O.K. how about Russell? Why not, surely it’s worth a try? Oh and on the right. Well how about Dickov? He’s surely lively and good enough to cause plenty of problems down the right side in this division? If that doesn’t work what about a Whitley brother? Since when have you strictly needed wingers to play 4-4-2? Just look at the scum. Beckham has played plenty of matches on the right side for United, and surely he is a similar type of player to Horlock? So we’ve not necessarily got natural wingers, but at least we’d have more bodies in the midfield. Even Pollock’s struggled at times to cope in being constantly outnumbered every match.

As for the forwards, Goater may miss many a chance, but at least he gets there. Plus he is our best option as a target man with the ball played in to feet. He holds the play up well and with his back to goal plays some nice little layoffs. Bradbury can improve all he likes, but until someone comes in and does some of the work on the flanks for him it’s unlikely that he’s going to score many goals.

We’ve got to accept that the system isn’t working and make changes before it’s too late. Nearly all of our first team would walk into any other team in this division.

Am I dreaming? Surely this team has enough about it to perform in this division, and at least salvage a play-off place if not outright promotion? The season’s not gone yet and I’m sure Joe’s the right man for the job, but sometime soon we’ve got to start producing the football to really dominate matches from start to finish.

I’ve managed to avoid seeing too much of Tiatto, but from what I’ve seen and read I’m not sure he’s up to the job. Is this anyone else’s view and if so how long is it since we had a reasonable left back on the books?

Richard Neal (


Can anyone out there supply me with details of the gypsy curse which was put on Man. City, or refer me to a relevant book? The reason I ask is that a college friend of mine is a fully qualified, bona fide witch with some experience of dealing with these things (no joke!) and he thinks that he may be able to help.

No doubt there have been attempts at lifting this curse in the past, but judging by City’s current predicament they don’t seem to have had much success. I know I am clutching at straws here, but the way things are I am prepared to try anything, so any information on this subject would be appreciated.

Patrick K Moore (


Here’s something I got from Sandy from the County list, so does anyone fancy coming along to Edgeley Park and representing the mighty City in a quiz evening?

Supporters of Stockport County FC present…

The Great Big Footy Quiz

Questions on the Nationwide Football League and local Nationwide League teams by Alan Hawes at County’s superb new restaurant, Edgeley Park, Stockport. Tuesday 17th November at 8pm. Teams of 4 at £5 a team. Fabulous first prize of a pre-match meal for four people.

To reserve your team’s entry ring Mark Stanley on 01625 572922.

Martin Ford


Wycombe Wanderers vs. Manchester City
Tuesday 10th November
Kick-Off 7.45 PM

Approx. 1,250 seat tickets for this fixture will go on sale to Regular Season Ticket holders on Saturday 24th October. Supporters will require voucher ‘N’ from their season ticket books. Tickets for our home fixture with Gillingham will go on sale to postal applications from Saturday. Full details of all our forthcoming fixtures are available from our website.

Ticket Office, Manchester City (


Last issue, Chris Cobb brought news of a novel savings scheme in some 3rd world country, whereby interest rates are linked to a chosen footy team. He finished by asking:

“I wonder how many people on the MCIVTA list would be willing to tie their interest rate to the performance of Man City?”

Well, I would if it was my mortgage rate!



Thank you to all those who sent me replies regarding my City magazine query.

A certain Helen Wade, marketing person for Diverse Media (who presumably produce the magazine), sent me a delightful e-mail telling me that The City Mag is not available anywhere outside the Greater Manchester area, for financial reasons of course. So it’s subscriptions or nothing for us exiles.

The address is:

The City Mag
164 Deansgate
M60 2RD

Any chance of a little commission, Helen?

Daniel Marcus (currently out of work) – City ’til etc. (


Unfortunately I need to point out to Alan Whaites (MCIVTA 442) that for once City are not responsible for a cock-up. If Alan takes a look at almost any watch or clock (try churches) that use Roman numerals, he will find that they all use IIII rather than IV for 4. The reason why has always baffled me, and the reason I write is because if anyone out there can explain it I would be most grateful.

Regards (and sorry Alan), Dave Kilroy (


When are the management going to understand that the current team is going to be incapable of promotion this season? Probably when it’s too late. It seems clear to me and some of the other long suffering fans that with the current squad of players we are realistically looking at a position in the top half of the table at the end of the season. After the disaster of last season everyone was in the thinking that ok, we have reached the bottom of the barrel and the only way we can go now is up.

Surely in hindsight it would of been better if we would have been comprehensively beaten by Stoke City in the last game of last season? Then Mr. Royle would have understood that the attack and lack of goals is the root of the problem. But as we won comprehensively it seems Mr. Royle was so impressed by this one off, that he looked elsewhere in close season to strengthen his squad, sitting back, presuming that his current ‘danger men’ would be capable of scoring at will next season.

This is obviously not the case, and with a couple of exceptions even when we do win a game it is only by a solitary goal, not necessarily scored by our strikers. Surely with the recent run of bad form and lack of goals it must be clear for all to see where the problems are concentrated. How much longer must the fans put up with this? The time to act is now; why put up with poor players because even if by a fluke or a Lord’s Prayer we did manage promotion, how will these same players cope in a higher division?

It’s time to look to the future by finding and playing youth; only then will we ever seriously have any hope in taking this once great club back to where we think it belongs.

Mark – Manila, Philippines (,


From Manchester Evening News Online –


Joe Royle is ready to raid the Premiership to solve Manchester City’s early-season crisis. The Blues’ boss revealed today that he has targeted four players from English soccer’s major league to pep-up his ailing Blues. The alarm bells are ringing at Maine Road following Saturday’s 1-0 defeat against Reading… City’s third home defeat in their last four outings. And Royle is determined to take decisive action now before his side lose touch altogether with the Second Division’s promotion pack.

Although the Blues’ boss is not prepared to name his transfer targets, M.E.N. Sport can reveal that his shopping list contains the names of a dominant centre back, a midfield play-maker and two orthodox wingers… all currently playing at Premiership clubs.

Royle will make a cash bid for one of his transfer quartet if striker Lee Bradbury’s £1.5 million move to Crystal Palace goes through – as expected – within the next 48 hours and today’s departure of Ged Brannan goes through without a hitch. Bradbury’s move is on hold because the two clubs have yet to agree on the method of paying the striker’s transfer fee. Brannan, it can be revealed, is set to move to Scottish Premier club Motherwell for £350,000. With limited financial resources at his disposal, Royle is hoping to land at least two of his remaining big-name targets on loan transfers with a view to a permanent move to Maine Road. Royle is anxious to calm the fears of the loyal Maine Road fans who voiced their displeasure at City’s worrying slump at the end of Saturday’s sorry defeat at the hands of Reading.

“My message to the fans is – don’t panic, we will get it right,” insisted Royle today. “There are no excuses for this hiccup in our progress… but there are reasons. I am still totally confident that when we can field our best team we are good enough to get out of this division. The trouble is, I can’t remember the last time I have been in a position to put my best 11 players on the field at the same time.”

Royle, meanwhile, is hoping that Danny Tiatto will escape a ban despite being sent off by referee Phil Richards after a clash with Reading youngster Bryon Glasgow on Saturday. “We have asked the referee to take another look at the incident on our match video,” explained Royle.


Sorry, folks, haven’t got one this time! Send some in!



Manchester City vs. Reading

I can’t write this match report without saying how disappointed I am that Lee Bradbury looks set to leave for Crystal Palace. It wasn’t his fault that he joined the Academy with a make believe price. In fact there’s something quite fitting about that because on yesterday’s performance we’ve got a make believe team and we’re in trouble. I understand that in the scheme of things and our current financial sense then raising the quoted £1.5 million looks to be good business. But I believe that he has made an honest effort, and to be honest has been somewhat unlucky at times. I wish him well at his new club, but can’t avoid the feeling that we’ll get drawn against Palace in the cup at some stage and guess who bangs a few against us?

Anyway, moving on to Saturday’s shambles, I think walking the last mile to Maine Road I had a wet dream. In fact I had rather stupidly imagined that we would win by about three or four goals. This would then set us up for a textbook demolition of Colchester next week, and then on to the glorious treble attempt that still awaits us. This to be done with the final finishing flourish of deliberately scoring a series of perfectly executed own goals at Wembley as we demonstrate that we were able to make the Auto Windscreen final but no thank you we don’t actually want our name etched on the trophy. All this as it absolutely p****d down on me, hence the rather wet dream.

The weather in Manchester was I guess pretty much the same as across the rest of the country: absolutely awful. We got very wet walking from where we leave the car to the ground so the match was always going to be an uncomfortable one to watch; unless you were there you can have no idea of how bad it was, and I’m talking about the match not the weather. After a fairly well respected minute’s silence for the poppy day appeal the first half started brightly. Dickov was at 11 for Bradbury, and Crooks was in at 8. In fact the first 10 minutes were perhaps as good an opening as we have seen at the Academy this year. Reading just couldn’t get out of their own half.

Within the first minute or so we had a free kick out on the edge of the box as we kicked towards the Platt Lane, we didn’t score but we won a corner. Shortly after we won a free kick just inside the half; with uncharacteristic quick thinking, Dickov sent Horlock on his way and moments later Wiekens fired in a good effort from 30 yards out for the goalie to collect but the ball bobbled about and he recovered it well. This was a good start and 100% City. There were a couple of Reading players who were showing a very physical, shirt-pulling side to their game and there were already some dodgy challenges going on. Our own Lee Crooks was booked at about the 6-minute mark for what was in all honesty quite a clumsy challenge. Crooks in fact was looking pretty good, some solid tackles and getting well up in the aerial challenges.

It was about this time when the travelling contingent of Reading fans rather stupidly enquired of those present if you all like Reading clap your hands. Even they can’t have been surprised that it was only actually those penned in with them who joined in this rather lame and moronic exercise.

Dickov was getting a heck of a lot of pulling and barging as he made his way down the wings and to be honest the linesman was right out of order in ignoring it and at one stage there was quite a heated exchange from Dickov to the linesman.

The next rather moronic exercise came from our very own Tiatto. At about the 20 minute mark he was the victim of some pretty harsh play by the No. 7 (Byron Glasgow) but to react by throwing punches towards his head was just not on. I have to say that although it was a disappointment the ref. was right to send him off; I thought Byron Glasgow was a little lucky to stay on as well (and I think not even booked).

For the rest of the game the No. 7 was loudly booed at every touch and his rôle in the sending off ensured that he received a plentiful share of hard challenges from one or two other City players.

Fenton was looking good, but we were now hopelessly out of shape, Goater was on his own up front, with Dickov dropping to the left side of midfield. Wiekens had the best effort of the match on about the half-hour as he caught a shot perfectly and hammered it towards goal only to see it hit the upright and bounce away. It would have made a fantastic goal and to be honest made me wonder about why Joe doesn’t try playing Wiekens further up. I know he is so solid at the back but I can’t see where we will get any goals this season and I think Wiekens would at least have a go.

We did have the better of the first 45, there’s no doubt about that. We should be most concerned though that we are not creating anything like the level of chances that we were doing in our earlier games. By half time the game was dull, I was cold and unable to see how the stalemate could be broken.

Weaver had very little to do but did make a fine save from the Reading No. 7 a minute or two before half time. Significantly perhaps the team were booed off at half time.

The second half was diabolical with a complete lack of imagination and a complete lack of movement off the ball. Jim Whitley was booked for a clumsy tackle that to be honest was probably as much to do with the poor conditions as anything else. His brother Jeff replaced him when it looked like he was carrying a strain.

Shortly after he had gone Weaver made a couple of excellent saves before the best player on the field, the Reading No. 9 (Martin Williams) back heeled the ball over the line from a corner. This was about 10-15 minutes into the second half. In all honesty the game was over, we had been in trouble as soon as we had gone down to 10 men; substituting Allsopp for Shelia and then Russell for Dickov was to have no effect although at times we did look to be playing a little wider.

It was a relief when the whistle was blown and therefore allowing us to escape the mediocrity of what I think was the worst display at the Academy this season.

In summary then, we have a lot to do. Until we can resolve the problem up front we are seriously lacking. Goater looked poor, he looks poor on a good day but has got by because we have created chances. Without chances his limitations are all too easily exposed.

The referee had a terrible game, he allowed far too much to go on far too early in the game. The sending off was instrumental in changing our whole game; from looking in control we looked just totally hopeless. I really can’t emphasise enough how utterly poor we were.

Top marks again to the supporters; over 24,000 on the most appalling of Manchester days. We’re not out of it yet, a study of the league table shows you that much. We do however have only about 6 games to turn it around. We need more strike power and we need it now.

Tony Burns (


Man City vs. Reading

I went to the Reading match and I feel the team plummeted to new depths of incompetence. A record broken – we have never lost at home to Reading before yesterday. It is all too easy for Royle to blame the demise on Tiatto’s sending off, but how many teams with 10 men did City lose to last season? Apart from the opening 10 minute burst of activity, there was no imagination, no commitment and not much skill either. It comes to something when City’s own players were tackling each other.

I would kick the whole team up the arse and reduce their wages drastically, with the exception of Wiekens – the only player with talent. Goater was obviously injured and might as well have not played. Why did Royle play someone who was unfit? The first team, with a couple of exceptions, are not fit to wear the shirt. I would play the reserve team against Colchester – at least you might see some effort.

I noticed a sea change amongst the supporters – the ground was half empty at full time. I predict the match against Colchester will have a much lower crowd than against Reading. Why should hard working people pay £15 to see a team with little more talent than a pub side?

It’s last season all over again. Division 3 here we come?

CTID, Paul Murphy, Chorlton, Manchester (


Man City vs. Reading

Gloom gloom gloom. Here’s a match report anyway. I’m fed up of City ruining my weekend.

How we wish this game had been called off because of the weather. It chucked it down in Manchester solidly for over 24 hours before kick off, bringing back memories of the game against Ipswich a few years back that was abandoned with City 2-0 up after 40 minutes. There weren’t that many similarities though, we won that game.

Bradbury was allegedly in the squad for the game but was never going to start as not even City would be daft enough to risk injury to someone they were trying to sell. Or maybe they would – nothing would surprise me about that place any more. City lined up with Weaver, Jim Whitley, Fenton, Wiekens, Shelia, Tiatto, Horlock, Mason, Crooks, Dickov and Goater. Allsopp took his usual position on the bench, joined this week by Jeff Whitley and Craig Russell. City started attacking the Platt Lane end.

We didn’t ever look as if we were going to score. For the first twenty minutes we kept possession in defence and midfield well (there, I knew I could find a good point about the game if I tried hard enough) but we never threatened. The rain was teeming down, the wind was swirling around the pitch – so City played lots of long ball. Just the right sort of tactics for the conditions. The linesman was appalling, calling Goater and Dickov offside a couple of times when they were about 10 yards onside. I can’t remember any chances for either side as Reading camped out on the edge of their penalty area, realising that we were completely toothless in attack.

Crooks was booked for a silly, needless tackle in midfield, Wiekens and Shelia were looking fairly steady at the back with a couple of exceptions – the Dutch and Georgian languages can’t have that many similarities after all. Horlock was the only one who looked threatening going forward – although nowhere near as good as he can be, I thought he was having his best game of the season so far.

Then, on twenty minutes, came the turning point. A cross from someone on the right went over Goater’s head in the area (not the only time that happened, I can tell you…). To his left was Tiatto, who may well have reached the ball had he not been being held back by the Reading No. 7, Byron Glasgow. Everyone else, including the ref, turned away to carry on with the game so missed the punch up that then ensued in the area. Well, punch up wasn’t really the right way to describe it as they just shoved at each other a couple of times. The ref heard the noise and turned to see what was happening, saw the linesman flagging, looked at the two in the penalty area… just at the moment when Tiatto appeared to hit Glasgow. Oops. As he came running over, we thought he was going to send them both off – probably the right decision too. He then booked Glasgow. Blimey, we thought, they got away with that one, both being booked rather than sent off. Erm, yes… except that he then waved the red card at Tiatto. Oh dear. The next 10 minutes were awful. The crowd were incensed, not surprisingly, and the players seemed to lose it completely. We were lucky Brown and Pollock weren’t playing or one (if not both) would have followed Tiatto down the tunnel as bad tackle after bad tackle was made.

Dickov got booked for a tackle even more stupid than the one Crooks had made earlier. Glasgow, instead of being relieved he hadn’t walked, seemed to lose his head as well as he went through the back of Horlock then wrestled Mason to the ground. Their No. 9 (Williams), who’d dyed his hair the same shade of orange as the flash on the side of his shorts, dived time and time again whenever Wiekens so much as sniffed in his general direction. He got nowhere – after about 4 or 5 attempts by him to win free kicks Shelia fouled him horribly and the ref ignored it. Ha. Our only good chance of the first half, in fact the only chance I can really remember in the game, was when Wiekens let rip with a cracking 25 yard volley that nearly smashed the post.

One of those will go in, one day. Weaver made a good save at the end of the first half when Glasgow shot with some pace from the edge of the area, just tipping it over the bar.

Half time; 0-0 and I have never wanted to walk out of a game so much in my life. The crowd booed the players off, saving the loudest and most resounding boos for Glasgow (who was booed whenever he touched the ball) and for the ref.

The second half was even worse. After about 10 minutes Whitley scythed down one of their attackers on the touchline, getting booked and pulling his hamstring in the process. Everyone in the crowd and on the pitch could see he was struggling, so why wasn’t Royle ready with the substitution when he had to come off two minutes later? For a couple of minutes we were down to 9 men as Jeff Whitley warmed up ready to come on. Reading forced a corner, Jeff joined the fight, Reading forced another corner. From this, Caskey put the ball into the area where the diving No. 9 back heeled it into the net.


That was about it really. Shelia came off and was replaced by Allsopp. Dickov was replaced by Russell – who did look threatening for the first few minutes he was on, but Reading continued to make the better chances. Weaver tipped another one over the bar, made a good catch when Williams hit the ball straight at him then just got a hand to another to tip it round the post. Wiekens made a goal-saving tackle but only because the Reading player dawdled too long before getting a shot in. The rain continued. We got more and more fed up. The shouts of “Royle out” (yeah right lads, just what we need) started. The only entertainment we had in the second half was when the stretcher bearers kept coming on only to be shooed off the pitch before they could do anything. I can’t think of anything positive to take away from the game. Reading were awful, we should have beaten them but couldn’t – and probably wouldn’t even if Tiatto had stayed on. Weaver was the only thing that saved us from losing about 4 or 5 nil. What price the attendance next weekend dipping below 20,000?

Sharon Bennett


Second Division Results
Tuesday, October 20 1998

Home                    Away                Attendance
Bournemouth         3-3 Gillingham          5,183
Young (44)              Asaba (9, 81)
Hughes (57)             Southall (76)
Stein (88)
Bristol Rovers      1-0 Stoke City          6,752
Cureton (8)
Burnley             1-0 Oldham Athletic     9,539
Cooke (75)
Chesterfield        3-0 Notts County        4,506
Holland (19, 62)
Williams (44)
Lincoln City        2-1 Manchester City     7,338
Battersby (4)           Holmes (og 83)
Austin (33)
Luton Town          1-0 Northampton Town    6,087
Alexander (19)
Preston North End   2-2 Macclesfield Town  10,216
Harris (65)             Sodje (10)
Jackson (88)            Smith (13)
Walsall             1-1 Colchester United   3,319
Platt (47)              Lock (81)
Wigan Athletic      P-P Fulham          Postponed
Wycombe Wanderers   3-0 Wrexham             3,361
Scott (7, 75)
Brown (40)

Second Division Results
Wednesday, October 21 1998

Millwall            3-1 York City           4,249
Sadlier (12)            Cresswell (pen 77)
Harris (61)
Neill (69)
Reading             1-1 Blackpool           8,450
Williams (86)           Bryan (90)

Saturday, October 24 1998

Blackpool          P-P Chesterfield      Postponed
Colchester United  0-0 Bournemouth       3:00pm
Fulham             4-1 Walsall           8,452
Peschisolido (30)      Marsh (70)
Symons (62)
Hayward (74)
Horsfield (83)
Gillingham         1-0 Luton Town         5,602
Asaba (61)
Macclesfield Town  2-1 Burnley            3,995
Sedgemore (18)         Little (71)
Smith (84)
Manchester City    0-1 Reading           24,365
                       Williams (56)
Northampton Town   1-1 Preston North End  6,085
Hunt (90)              Hill (og 7)
Notts County       1-1 Bristol Rovers     4,822
Garcia (60)            Shore (59)
Oldham Athletic    0-0 Wycombe Wanderers  4,337
Stoke City         2-1 Wigan Athletic    11,482
Kavanagh (52)          Barlow (74)
Griffiths (og 53)
Wrexham            0-0 Millwall           2,766
York City          P-P Lincoln City       Postponed

Second Division Table

Up to and including Sunday, October 25 1998 (5:53pm)

                               HOME            AWAY
                         P  W  D  L  F  A   W  D  L  F  A   Pts   GS
Stoke City              15  5  1  1 10  4   5  0  3 12  9    31   22
Preston North End       15  4  2  1 17  7   4  3  1 11  8    29   28
Fulham                  13  4  2  1 14  7   4  1  1  6  3    27   20
Luton Town              15  5  1  1  9  2   3  2  3 11 11    27   20
Walsall                 15  4  2  2 11  9   4  0  3  8 10    26   19
Bournemouth             14  4  3  0 13  5   2  2  3  7  8    23   20
Millwall                15  4  3  1 10  5   2  1  4  6 11    22   16
Chesterfield            14  6  0  1 10  3   0  4  3  1  6    22   11
Blackpool               14  4  1  2 12  8   2  2  3  7 11    21   19
Bristol Rovers          15  5  3  0 14  5   0  3  4  4 10    21   18
Manchester City         15  3  3  2 11  7   2  3  2  7  9    21   18
Gillingham              15  4  2  2 14  7   0  6  1  8  9    20   22
Wrexham                 15  5  2  2 13  9   0  3  3  2 10    20   15
York City               13  2  3  1 10  7   3  1  3 11 14    19   21
Burnley                 15  3  3  1  8  6   1  2  5 10 12    17   18
Notts County            15  2  2  3  9  9   2  3  3  9 11    17   18
Wigan Athletic          14  3  1  3  8  6   2  1  4  8 10    17   16
Reading                 13  2  4  0  8  4   2  0  5  5 14    16   13
Colchester United       14  2  1  3  4  8   2  3  3  9 11    16   13
Macclesfield Town       15  2  2  3  6  7   1  3  4  7 14    14   13
Northampton Town        15  1  5  1  9  9   1  2  5  6 10    13   15
Oldham Athletic         15  2  2  4  8 10   1  1  5  4 12    12   12
Lincoln City            14  2  0  5 10 14   1  2  4  4 11    11   14
Wycombe Wanderers       15  2  2  4  9  8   0  2  5  3 13    10   12

Second Division Top Scorers

Up to and including Sunday, October 25 1998

                                     FA   Lge
                                Lge  Cup  Cup  Euro   Other  Total
Goater    (Man City)             8    0    2    0       0     10
Stein     (Bournemouth)          6    0    4    0       0     10
Cresswell (York)                 9    0    0    0       0      9
Barlow    (Wigan)                8    0    1    0       0      9
Horsfield (Fulham)               8    0    1    0       0      9
Payton    (Burnley)              8    0    1    0       0      9
Hayles    (Bristol Rovers)       7    0    1    0       0      8
Rammell   (Walsall)              7    0    1    0       0      8
Williams  (Reading)              7    0    0    0       0      7
Asaba     (Gillingham)           6    0    1    0       0      7
Aldridge  (Blackpool)            5    0    2    0       0      7
Crowe     (Stoke)                6    0    0    0       0      6
Nogan     (Preston)              6    0    0    0       0      6
Cooke     (Burnley)              5    0    1    0       0      6
Davis     (Luton)                5    0    1    0       0      6

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