Newsletter #356

The only thing of note that has happened over the last few days has been that Heaney and Beesley have turned down loan moves – lovely weather in Manchester? However, this hasn’t stopped the press from once again speculating that Gio is up for sale, with the two Merseyside outfits leading the chase. This time however, the club have admitted that approaches have been made, and have stated that they hope he will stay – Gio has a kind of ‘get out clause’ if he wants it!

As well as this, there are some well-written arguments on our current predictment and much other opinion besides. Lastly, next Monday’s issue will probably be the last for a whole 7 days, as Xmas falls on a MCIVTA day (Thursday) this year. The next issue will most likely appear, as usual, on the following Monday.

Next game, Middlesbrough at home, Saturday 20th December 1997


The press have been at it again this week, with several suspicious-looking and inaccurate articles appearing, and not just in the tabloids this time – The Times appears to joined in now. One of these articles suggested that Francis Lee was “ready to sell his stake” in City and that a merchant bank had recently valued the club at around £35 million. There were no quotes in the article to substantiate any of the claims, but neither was it denied by the club. Another of the regular rumours – Kinkladze to be sold – also appeared again, this time linking him with a move to Everton for £7 million plus Dave Watson. Everton manager Howard Kendall, who only last week said he had no more money to spend, described the rumour as “absolute rubbish” once again. City have however, admitted that enquiries have been received about Kinkladze. Frank Clark said: “A number of clubs have made inquiries for Kinkladze who has a gentleman’s agreement that he can leave if he wants to. There is no clause in his contract but we would allow him to leave if he wanted to. I think we owe him that much for the service he has given us over the past few years. But he has not made any indication that he wants to leave in fact he still seems as enthusiastic as ever.”

Another patently inaccurate report this week was that Neil Heaney had gone on loan to Mel Machin’s Bournemouth. The former Southampton winger said: “I was offered the chance to go there but didn’t fancy the idea so I turned them down.” Another player turning down a loan move was Paul Beesley, who was wanted by his former club Wigan Athletic. He said that he wanted to stay and fight for his place at City, though the arrival of Murtaz Shelia will certainly have limited his chances of returning to the first team.

Uwe R