Newsletter #338

This issue includes news of the backdown by the club over Bell and Farrell; why oh why do we – as a club – have an irresistable urge to wash our dirty linen in public, surely something could have been sorted out privately? There’s also news of the Tribal Gathering, the McVitee FC Internet footie game (plus other offers); Noel’s sojourn in Rome; Steve Kay’s recounting of the Chadderton Supporters’ Club meeting; and Paul Whittaker concludes the story of his trip back home.

We appear to be going through an unusual dry spell, as far as ‘Why Blues?’ are concerned; if you haven’t done one and fancy having a go, now would be a good time. I also have two further pleas: firstly, is there anyone out there who can do a review of the Paul Lake testimonial brochure (I can give guidance and a template)? and secondly, if anyone is attending the AGM tomorrow, we could use a report of what went on.

Next game, Reading at home, Saturday 18th October 1997


From the Press Association.

Manchester City have admitted unfairly sacking their former youth development officers Colin Bell and Terry Farrell and will pay them compensation.

Bell, who made nearly 500 appearances as a player for City, and Farrell were sacked as joint youth development officers in a backroom clear-out at Maine Road at the beginning of the season.

The two men had gone to industrial tribunal claiming unfair dismissal and after behind-the-scenes negotiations on the second day of the hearing, the club backed down.

The club released a statement saying: “Manchester City football club wishes to acknowledge that Colin Bell and Terry Farrell were unfairly dismissed by the club on May 8 this year. It is unfortunate that in the world of football it is difficult to adhere to the best industrial relations practices.” The statement added that the club has agreed to pay an undisclosed sum by way of compensation to both men. The club has also agreed to publish the statement in the next City programme.

After the hearing in Manchester, Bell’s solicitor Ian Wilson said: “Colin’s name and reputation has been vindicated quite clearly. Colin and his wife, Marie, who has been with him throughout this, are absolutely delighted and hopefully they can now put this behind them and get on with their lives. The reason for this is to make sure the fans know what has been going on. Colin has never had anything against the City fans. He adores them. The club has been his life personally and professionally for almost 30 years.”

Jim Sim (


Colin Bell and Terry Farrell have won their battle for unfair dismissal at an industrial tribunal in Manchester and will each receive an undisclosed sum from the club to settle up. Both parties were asked to consider a compromise agreement on compensation, and after a few hours this was agreed.

Frank Clark has denied having any interest in two further Italian defenders after taking Marco Taccolo on trial, though there has been further speculation today (Thursday) linking City with Inter Milan striker Mohammed Kallon, who is currently on loan with Bologna.

City’s link-up with Virgin Trains will commence with the QPR game on 26th October. The travel club (at the back of the North Stand) will have details on Saturday for anyone that’s interested.

City’s game at Sheffield United on Saturday 15th November has been made all-ticket. Tickets go on sale on Saturday morning to regular season ticket holders, priced £10 for adults amd £7 for juniors/OAPs.

Dave Morley has picked up a slight injury and this ruled him out of Tuesday night’s reserve game at Notts County. Tommy Wright came through the match unscathed, though he couldn’t prevent the Blues losing 2-0, both goals coming in the first half. Michael Brown went close for City with a 30-yard effort and substitute Barry Conlon hit a post.

Paul Howarth (


Well folks, here’s the itinerary for the Tribal Gathering (21-23 November 1997)…

Friday 21st November 1997

1.00pm (tentative)
Tour of Maine Road with a City celebrity (?).
Prestwich and Whitefield Supporters’ Club meeting (with Tommy Hutchinson, Gerry Gow and Bobby McDonald also in attendance).

Saturday 22nd November 1997

12.30pm (or earlier if you can)
Gather at the Parkside pub on Lloyd Street, near Maine Road.
Kippax Loungers gather in the Kippax Stand.
Kick-off… Manchester City vs. Bradford City
Full-time… Manchester City 6 Bradford City 0
Re-convene in the Parkside for general celebrations of great victory.
Curry in Rusholme
Meet up in Lass O’Gowrie near UMIST in Manchester

Sunday 23rd November 1997

Time and venue to be confirmed
5-a-side footie competition. Four teams: Manchester Blues vs. Rest of England Blues vs. Europe Blues vs. Rest of World Blues
Time and venue to be confirmed
Evening gathering including tea, biscuits, aspirin, Tylenol, Advil etc.

Monday 24th November 1997

Life returns to “normal”, whatever that is!

If you have any questions or other activities we could include, please feel free to drop me an email to or post something on Blue View…

Please note that the Tribal Gathering is not just the match… anyone is welcome to come along to any of the events and join in the fun! The idea is to get together with your fellow Internet Blues to put faces to names… don’t be shy!

See you there! Clive Tysoe a.k.a. Gio’s Bootlicker (


McVitee team members and other interested parties: do you want to represent City in Euronet 98 (a meeting of Internet footie teams that has occurred for the past two years)? If so, please read on and digest.

If someone else wants to become manger/organiser/contact or at least a second reference point then volunteers please step forward…

After the last two competitions it’s been decided to run a third; here’s the details. Note that this time there’s a large(ish) deposit needed, so before I even put McVitee forward as a team I want definite numbers (or at least have an idea that they will be free); yes I know things change, but I don’t want to turn up with no team again and lose 100 quid.

Hi all,

In accordance with the minutes of the recent IFA meeting I am now accepting entries for Euronet 98, to be played on 18/19th July 1998 (vnue to be decided).

A few points:

  1. The entry fee is £100 per team.
  2. The 29 teams who attended Euronet 97 (this includes Man U, Man C,Reading and Leicester) have until 31st December 1997 to register theirentries at IFA HQ.
  3. No joint entries will be allowed unless we fail to reach the desirednumber of entries i.e 40.
  4. Any team accepted as an entrant for Euronet 98 and who fails to turn up,will lose their entry fee and will be barred from Euronet 99.
  5. The remaining 11 places will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’basis i.e. the first 11 cheques to be received and cleared will be accepted asentrants.
  6. If there are any extra places available as a result of Euronet 97competitors not entering Euronet 98, these will be announced in January 1998.These will again be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

So if you think you’ll be free, or even think McVitee should be represented next year then let me know. It’s your team, it’s your choice, do you want to play a game, have a drink, meet other teams in a friendly environment, have a laugh? Comments welcome.

From a personal point of view, Euronet 97 was overall a good laugh, I’m sure the other members of the team (John, Col, Sam, Gary and Rob) would agree, so why not join in for next year?

And don’t forget, the McVitee members actually won a trophy!

Martin Ford (


I don’t want to tread on Martin Ford’s toes but the Albanian Service here at the BBC World Service have a football team that play every Sunday (they play in the Albanian national colours of black and red stripes, a bit like our last FA Cup winning strip). It is reported that Albanians go to more live football matches than any other nation in Europe. Anyway, they said they’d give City fans a game virtually whenever we like. As they’re based in London I thought it would be a good opportunity for London based McViteers to get together for a game. If anyone’s interested drop me an email. If the “first team” fancy a go maybe I could help arrange something to coincide with one of the London matches.

Another positive note, due to BBC restructuring, the Monday Match on 5 live is now presented by Simon Hill, diehard City fan, so hopefully references to the Rags as “Manchester” should be reduced on a Monday night anyway.

CTID, Jim Sim (


A packed club awaited Kit Symons, Nicky Summerbee, Peter Barnes and Gary Owen. Spoke to Tommy Booth at the bar who is the Branch President. He told me he works for Granada nowadays. Not bad I thought, a job in television. Then he told me his job was installing satellite dishes and aerials!

I sat down with my brother-in-law and was entertained by one of the City videos showing all our greatest moments against the Rags. There were too many black and white shots for my liking.

It was then announced that Nicky couldn’t come, as he was playing for the reserves (I bet that was a relief for him), and that Peter Barnes was in Scandinavia. So Kit and Gary sat together on the stage, Kit wearing a bullet proof vest, and Gary wearing a few extra pounds. As we came in we were given a slip on paper to write down our questions. So I wrote down “Kit, why are City so consistently inconsistent?” Nice easy question to start, methinks. So off we went. Somebody put their hand up, was given the mike, and the first question was asked: “Kit, why are City so inconsistent?” S**t, somebody stole my question! Kit answered that this was the biggest problem at present and that everybody was working to improve the consistency. He said that City were only 3 wins off 2nd place (yeah, but 2 defeats off Division 2!). I have to give him credit for turning up on the night and being so honest about the team, and his own performances in particular. He said he hasn’t been happy with his form all last season, and so far this season. I asked him about the burden of being captain, to which he replied that he would gladly give up the captaincy if it was felt that somebody could do a better job. I said I couldn’t think of another captain at present, and he agreed. He was asked if he could turn back the clock, would he still have come to City, to which he replied that he had no regrets about coming to City, and he loves the club, and like everyone else, wants to get back in the Premier League as soon as possible.

I asked him if he agreed that we aren’t playing to Lee Bradbury’s strength, which I believe is running onto the ball (like his first goal vs. Burnley), rather than having the ball booted up to him to win one header a match, or laying it off to a team-mate. He did agree that Lee’s pace is phenomenal and that we need to get the ball into the spaces that he can run onto it and have a shot on goal. I also suggested that players like Morley, Brown, Whitley, Crooks, Greenacre, etc. are good enough for the First Division now and should be given a run. Kit agreed with the talent of the youngsters, but pointed out that the first team squad is so big that Frank Clark has to put players in the shop window in order to sell them, to reduce the squad, to give the youngsters a chance. Kit gave Michael Brown as an example, saying that 2 years ago he was playing in the Premier league, now he cannot get in the reserves, because of the surplus of ex-manager’s “stars” that we cannot offload.

Gary had a lot to say about the current and past City teams, saying the club has never recovered from Allison selling him, Barnes, Watson, Tueart, etc.

During the break I spoke to Kit, and told him I send reports into the City Internet newsletter. I admitted that I had slagged him off many times in my reports but I told him the booing of his name before the Swindon match was disgraceful, and that he answered that with an excellent performance, which I also reported. I said that a Pompey fan had e-mailed me via DOSLA, asking why City always pinch their best players (with the exception of Creaney), and was it true that City were looking at buying Sammy Igoe? Kit said that Igoe was almost out of contract, but hadn’t heard anything.

Just after the break, we had the raffle, and guess who won second prize? Yes yours truly! Bottle of whisky and a City pennant (now signed by Kit and hanging in my car).

The second half was just as entertaining. One fan said that Wiekens was too slow, to which I responded that in my opinion I thought Wiekens had been without doubt the most consistent player in the team so far, and had been a good buy. By this time I had been accused of hogging the mike so I sat back and shut up!

Both “guests” were given a great round of applause at the end. Afterwards, I spoke to Gary, who I know personally, as he used to live in the same village as me until recently. I gave him a copy of DOSLA 9, expecting him to fall asleep instantly. Rather suprisingly he thought it was brilliant, and suggested that he may use the stats on Piccadilly in the future.

So all in all, a very enjoyable evening, and what a great turnout! Apparently this branch is already the third largest, and it’s only been going a few months.

Statto ’til I die, Steve Kay (


It looks like Her Majesty’s courts may soon see a ground breaking case to establish new grounds for divorce. Along with adultery, abandonment etc., any discontented wife may soon be able to divorce her husband on the grounds that he’s a supporter of the Rags. Hopefully this may become law, to be followed by wide ranging legal powers like banning the broadcasting of Taggart’s voice and forcing them to use actors, like they used to with Gerry Adams.

According to the front page story in today’s Sun (not a paper I read every day, but the headline “Man U Cited” grabbed my attention, especially as the right hand side of the front page was obscured so all I could see was “Man Cit”). Some poor woman somewhere is divorcing her husband because he’s a Rag. I didn’t read it in any detail but it seems that the sad tosser decorated the house with “Red Devils” wallpaper and sits watching Rag videos all day instead of going out and getting a job. And of course he lives in the heart of the Manchester United catchment area. Leamington Spa, that is.

If anyone actually bought the Sun and bothered to read it, please fill in any details I’ve missed. Like why the stupid woman married the sad t**t in the first place.

Julian Griffiths (


Two car loads headed down to Ipswich on Friday morning, hell why not make a weekend of it we thought, with everyone truly believing we’d turned the corner with that 6-0 win the week before. Our season’s finally begun and the boys in Blue were ready to take this league by storm. We’ll just pop down to East Anglia for 3 points thank you very much.

Stopped off at Sainsbury’s at 9.30am, first beers opened at 9.40am on the M56. We decided to spend the night at King’s Lynn and hit most of the pubs down there. We tried educating some of the locals with Rag tops on but they didn’t understand our accents after an all-dayer. As if the lads hadn’t had enough alcohol in the 12 hours prior, we stumbled back to our digs to find the hotel bar was licenced to stay open all night. Well we just had to have a couple more didn’t we, it would have been rude not to!

We reached the Ipswich exit about noon and headed for the ground. On the way though we passed a Trusthouse Forte with a big Fingland’s coach outside. Even with hangovers we thought we’d go and say hello to the players. Back on it again although everybody sobered up when it was 2 pounds 40 pence for a pint of lager. All the players soon appeared and went into a private room at the rear. A couple of us sneaked around and peeked in the windows. It was set up like a class room and all the first team players were sat down looking forward to FC who was stood up next to a drawing board and giving his team talk. This lasted about 10 minutes and off they went.

About 10 minutes before kickoff I was minding my own business when somebody tapped me on my shoulder. “Are you Mike?” No I replied. “Oh, I’m supposed to be meeting Mike from Florida”, “I’m Paul from Florida, will I do?” It was good old Le Tank Blue, we had a good chat and took the p*ss out of all those Internet Blues who couldn’t be there to witness another City win!

City started brightly enough and pinned back a very poor Ipswich side. I can remember Margetson only having to make one save. Bradbury had a couple of chances but couldn’t convert. The City fans were loud as usual and got behind Bradbury even when he missed his chances. Dickov was busy as usual but just couldn’t get that break we needed. Early in the second half we just ran out of ideas. Dickov became our target man as the game just went on around Bradbury and the longer it went the more Ipswich could see one goal would steal this game. After their goal we went more to pot with the back four all looking awful. Edghill and Brightwell couldn’t pass 5 yards to each other. Up front Bradbury just wasn’t contributing at all. At one point he was out on the wing one on one with their full back when Bradbury completely tripped up over the ball. All Wiekens did, who’d I’d read so much about, was pass either backwards or square and this is when we were 1 down with minutes to play. A quick glance back and LTB was looking very nervous and puffing like mad on his fags. The boos rang out at full time. The Ipswich team must have been pinching themselves in the dressing room that they’d played so crap and got 3 points. Ipswich were worse than Swindon. Introduced LTB to Bert (Noel) Trautmann’s Helmet on the way out.

Down to Maine Road early Sunday to check out the new souvenir shop just opened that day. A very impressive place it is and there’s just something about that new Kappa gear and badge that just makes my credit card appear on that counter and me leave with plastic carrier bags in my hands. I was unlucky enough to be at the Main Stand when the Rags’ coach arrived. Boos rang out and Posh Spice’s name came up a couple of times. I was stood next to red nose and he’s enormous in real life, must be very intimidating when trying to score past him.

The game was a typical testimonial really with no tackles flying in; nonetheless is was great seeing Gio dribble through the Rags and score. Both reserve sides played the second half. Some of the songs sung by both sets of fans were quite funny. “1 down in your cup final” and “you only came to see United” they sang, “2-1 in our cup final” we sang when leading. I wasn’t suprised they didn’t sell all their tickets but I was suprised and disappointed that City didn’t sell all of theirs. Lakey seemed to have had a good day and that was the main thing.

Just before leaving I told my mates I’d be over next year about September again unless we got to Wembley for the play offs or cup final: “We’ll see you next September then” they replied. That fills you full of confidence doesn’t it?

CTID, Paul Whittaker, Florida Blue (


By Noel Bayley (editor of Bert Trautmann’s Helmet)

Received my first ever e-hatemail last Tuesday from an MCIVTA-subscribing Rag. Apparently, he (I won’t embarrass him further by revealing his name, it’s bad enough being a Rag) wasn’t amused by my obviously (?) tongue-in-cheek article ‘Sorry We Missed You!’ Tough s**t really, but if nothing else it proves several things: 1) Rags can’t take a joke, for that is what it was, and 2) we can still wind them up despite everything. The funny thing is though, if he’s so objectionable to us taking a rise out of them, what’s he doing reading a City fans’ newsletter when they are more than well catered for with the ‘Manchester United Evening News’? I mean to say, I don’t seek out any Rag rubbish on the Internet because I don’t want to read it, nor for that matter do I buy the ‘MUEN’.

Set off to Rome at 6am last Wednesday morning with three other lads: Worthy, Bugsy and Graham… by car! Despite the 100-mile detour via Gloucester (Worthy missed the turn off in Brum) we got to Dover in time for the hovercraft at 2.30. However, due to gale force winds, we had to get the ferry across to Calais. Travelled through Belgium and Luxembourg and stayed in some hotel near Strasbourg overnight.

Thursday we left for Munich where I had arranged a stay with some 1860 Munich fans I met last year when they came over for Euro’96. We met Lothar at the Olympic Stadium at tea-time and we had a look around the place. If anyone wanted proof of a parallel universe then this was it. 1860 share the Stadium with Bayern Munich having moved from their old ground on the other side of the city, they play in sky blue and haven’t won the Bundesliga since the mid-1960s. They had a crowd of 7,000 in the UEFA Cup a few weeks ago and their average crowds are about 20,000. Bayern, on the other hand, have only been in existence since 1965, they play in red in front of a full house every week (over 60,000) and everyone else in Germany hates them. Apparently, from early in the morning on every match day Munich is clogged up with Bayern ‘supporters’ from all over Germany asking the locals for directions to the ground!

In the evening we visited several bars (like you do) and ended up in one particular bar where we met up with many of the 1860 fans who visited Manchester last year. The beer was like loopy juice, the sausages were as hot as hell, the cigarettes were loaded with something a bit more exotic than tobacco and, unbelievably, ‘The Boys In Blue’ was being played all night and everyone knew the words! I asked a girl at the bar how she knew the words and she just shrugged: “Because it is on every night!” What a town, what a night!

When we left Munich on Friday morning I was nursing the biggest hangover in history and somehow I missed Austria. We spent all day driving to Rome, arriving there in the evening. Although I’ve been to Italy a couple of times before, I’d never been to Rome. If you ever get the chance to go, go. This city is awesome. Anyway, we booked into the hotel and hit a local bar until chucking out time.

Saturday we went into town, stopping first at the Colosseum. After 2,000 years they still haven’t sorted their ticket office out, so what chance have we got at Maine Road? We eventually got in for about 100,000 zillion lire (about £5) and I have to say, I wouldn’t have fancied my chances in there being chased by lions and woolly mammoths and what have you. As we all had our City shirts on everyone wanted to take photos and interview us. Italian TV tried to stitch us up with a five minute interview conducted entirely in Italian apart from one question: ‘Will you be drinking beer?’ (Answer: “No, just water!”) We met several other Blues and you might have seen me on Sky posing with four armed centurions who wanted a tenner for their efforts! The Rags, however, were nowhere to be seen and everyone we met told us how much they hated them. Funny that!

Spent the afternoon at a little bar by the Piazza Navona where we were well and truly fleeced, but you expect that over there, don’t you? Whilst there an Italian came over to tell us he’d seen us on TV: “You said ‘No beer'” he said surveying the glasses of beer on our table. It was an ironic moment, although he also said: “They say bad things about you on TV.” So no surprise there then. Back to the hotel in a white knuckle ride known as a taxi and then into a local bar before a half hour walk to the stadium. There we were searched, had our coins confiscated, had our tickets inspected, were forced to jump through hoops of fire and made to swim through a barrel of shark-infested custard before we got in. Then it was a case of sit (or stand) where you like. Loads of Blues inside and, again, no Rags. Everyone hates ’em so much they daren’t wear their colours outside the safe haven of the Home Counties it seems.

Of course you’ll all know what happened on and off the pitch, but here’s what I saw. As soon as the referee blew his whistle to start the game, the riot police down the other end waded into the England fans’ section for no apparent reason. Then the Eyeties next door began hurling bottles, coins and seats over at them. The Eyeties did the same at our end. The police allowed them to do this and when England fans threw their crap back at them the Eyeties, in the time-honoured fashion, beat a hasty retreat. Down the other end, the police continued to wade into the England fans until they had pushed them so far back there was nowhere for them to go; that was when some English fans retaliated; a brave and necessary, but ultimately doomladen scenario as the England fans, many of whom were dressed in shorts and shirts were no match for the riot police with their crash helmets, padded jackets, jackboots and sticks. One other thing you wouldn’t have seen was an enormous banner behind the goal at our end with the stark message ‘F**K OFF ENGLAND’ (the asterisks are mine).

The Olympic Stadium may have looked good on TV, but it was basic; the seats were bits of plastic perched on concrete terracing, twelve toilets in our end served several thousand people and there wasn’t a Holland’s pie to be had anywhere! After the game, of course, people were kept in; Bugsy, Worthy and I for an hour and Graham for three hours! Having been marched in and out and all round the ground we managed to get lost when we finally got out and having been in a red hot cauldron for four hours, we had a burger and a drink in a bar before going to bed in the small hours.

On Sunday came the long drive back home, although we stopped in a one sheep town called Beaune (not far from Dijon) for a few drinks and a bed for the night. I fear I’ve overdone France a bit here by giving it two sentences when one would have been more than sufficient!

Monday we continued via the duty free shop and hovercraft back home and we didn’t stop until we found a chippy close to Oxford’s ground. Back on the M40 we saw our first Rag for days at a service station and we finally arrived back in Manchester at around 9pm.

Tuesday in work and most people were surprised to see me alive and well and in one piece, although some had clocked me on Sky, while others wanted to know the real story. Began my reacclimatisation process with a lunchtime pint in the newly opened Ape and Apple followed by a few more in Mulligan’s after work.

Wednesday was a bummer, although Saturday night’s favourable review of my fanzine in ‘The Pink’ and news of the Rags’ defeat the previous night cheered no end, even if they had fielded a weakened team again… and got away with it again.

Today I received no less than five e-mails (!) all telling me that Dr. Tom Robertson (a.k.a. LTB) is going into hospital for a bionic leg operation. I’m not sure why everyone wanted me to know, but let’s hope the op’s a success; I know I wouldn’t fancy being stuck in a hospital with loads of beautiful nurses waiting on me hand and foot, not to mention the gorgeous aftersales team (i.e. physios) on hand to cater for my every whim and…

Noel Bayley (


To all Blues going to QPR: The best pub is The Bush Ranger, almost next to Goldhawk Road tube. It’s approximately 10 minutes walk to the ground. In reply to Ralph Sheppard’s question: The first foreign side to beat England at home was: The Republic of Ireland, who won 2-0 at Goodison Park on 21 Sept 1949. See you all in The Bush, I’ll be the one with Rothmans.

Kev Cummins (


Can I just say how disgusted I am to read all the articles in McVittee, and elsewhere, from City fans who are delighted that Roy Keane has been seriously injured. As someone who has just resumed playing after being out for one year with a cruciate ligament tear, I know how frustrating and painful it can be. How people can wish this on someone I don’t know.

By the way, Keane plays with something called passion which seems to be totally missing from the City team these days. We could do with someone who gets stuck in like him even if he does go over the top occasionally.

In reply to the question posed in the last episode – Ireland were the first country to beat England on English soil. I’m not sure of the date or final score but I think it was 1-0 in 1947.

CTID, Eoin Darcy (


Sorry it’s a bit late, but here are a few of my comments about the Paul Lake Testimonial day. Fifteen minutes before the start, I was sat in the Kippax with my 2 children, waiting for the game to start. I was disapointed to see so many sections empty. I was later told that a few days before the game, that only 9,000 tickets had been sold, so I suppose Paul was pleasantly surprised when he walked out through the guard of honour, made up with alternate City and United players. The game was always going to be a practice match, but somebody forgot to tell Michael Brown, who played like a man possessed. Kit Symons said on the following Tuesday (at the Chadderton Supporters’ Club meeting), that Ferguson had been very annoyed at the physical nature of Brown’s play.

Lakey kicked off, wearing his knee brace, passing the ball to Kinky. We were told just before the game that Glenn Hoddle had requested that the internationals only play 20 minutes, which they did, leaving to generous applause from everyone. I noticed that Lee Bradbury hesitated in coming off. Perhaps he couldn’t believe that he had been picked for the England Under 21s? Before he left, Scholes lashed in a thunderous hip-high volley from a right wing cross, which gave Margetson no chance. He was obviously pleased with himself as he gave a fisted “up yours” salute to the City fans in the Platt Lane End. That was in the sixth minute.

In the eighteenth minute Kinky equalised after his lob was only half-heartedly flapped at by Schmeichel. Can I just say here and now that, in my opinion, the biggest reason for United’s success over the years (spit, spit), has not been Cantona or Ferguson, but Schmeichel. The day he leaves is the day United will crumble! Mark my words! Half-time: 1-1

During half-time we were entertained with a penalty shoot-out between Piccadilly Radio and GMR Radio, which GMR won.

The second half was about as interesting as the first. The final score was going to be irrelevant, because United fielded their third team, which included Giggs and McLair.

Uwe Rösler put in a gritty performance which was rewarded with a goal in the 75th minute (cannot remember how it was scored as it was nearly two weeks ago). With seven minutes to go Alex Notman equalised from a goalmouth scramble.

All in all an entertaining game, with nothing at stake. You may have noticed that any reference to United has been correct, each personality given their proper surname. This is as a thank you to Alex Ferguson, for being as good as his word and bringing his strongest squad possible. To their credit also, the United fans in the North Stand gave Paul a good send off.

Right, that’s enough of being nice to the Rags. Its a pity their fans spoiled it by taking the p**s out of us for 90 minutes with chants like “What Division are you in ?” I just hope that I live to see the day when we can shove those words down their throats (remember it will be after Rudolph leaves).

Paul’s day was capped when his wife gave birth to their first child at 6am that very morning.

City fans left the ground wondering, “what if he hadn’t got the terrible injury?” For what it’s worth, and it is hypothetical, I think Lakey would have been leading England out in Rome the following Saturday.

Two little memories of Paul Lake for me are: The worrying scenes the day he swallowed his tongue on the edge of the box, and was saved by Roy Bailey (I think). The other was at Maine Road when City played Newcastle, and Gazza made a “big ears” gesture at Paul. Apparently they are now good friends, having both had the cruciate ligament injury.

Lakey fan ’til I die, Steve Kay (


Forgot to mention this last time…

Someone pointed this out to me:

What do you get if you take the ‘Rs’ out of Lee Bradbury’s name?

Let’s hope this doesn’t come true!

P.S. Thanks to the people who replied re: QPR pub. It looks like it’s going to be a place called the Moon on the Green, hope to see some Mcvita-ers there!

Christine Haynes (


The answer to last McVittee’s trivia question about who were the first international team to beat England on their own soil is Ireland. Yes the mighty boys in green recorded a fine 2-0 win with the match being played in Goodison park. Now roll on Belgium.

Cass Crockatt – Dublin (


What do you call a Man Utd fan in a white shell suit?

The bride.

Ralph Sheppard, Kiwiland (


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