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Bolton go up at City’s expense. Check out another MCFC WWW site and Why Blue. At this stage I am looking forward to the off season and hope that the cheque book will be opened in earnest. Keep the articles coming and please place your e-mail address at the bottom of the message if possible.

If the format of these mails looks funny then I apologize in advance. Thanks for all the supportive mails.

Oh yes… Ashley’s baby was a boy and he did not call him Gio!

Next game, West Bromwich Albion away, Saturday 12th April 1997

Kieran (


Here are the remaining fixtures for the season. Has anyone any idea what City’s off season tour plans and games will be?

April 1997

Sat 12 West Bromwich Albion    A
Wed 16 Grimsby Town            H
Sat 19 Queens Park Rangers     H
Tue 22 Ipswich Town            A
Fri 25 Norwich City            A

May 1997

Sun  4 Reading                 H

Kieran (


Some ruminations on recent on and off the field happenings in the fun world of football; none of these City related, directly at least, but I hope they are of interest to all.

The Rags’ new ‘brain-swapping’ scheme. In order to generate more income,the Rags have instituted a new brain swapping scheme, whereby they willloan out their players’ brains to other clubs and players.
A trial run of this took place in the Republic’s match against Macedonia;Roy Keane’s brain being lent to McAteer for the 90 minutes, and Keanegetting the use of Jase’s. This was particularly effective, and will almostcertainly see the full implementation of this scheme, as ‘Keano’ behavedhimself impeccably throughout the game. Jase, however, attempted to decapitate one of the Macedonian players, and then, taking offence athis oppo’s natural aggravation, kneed the poor chap in the goolies.
Incidentally, with reference to our dear friends at the ‘swamp’, theFinancial pages in today’s Guardian detail the huge increase inMerchandising United’s profits for the last whatever. So, to say “ThankYou” to all their fans, they are raising their ticket prices for nextseason. Also, the Bent Butcher’s son is worried that should they winthe EC, the bonuses they will have to pay out will negate thefinancial benefits of winning it. Don’t worry chaps, we won’t mind ifyou lose ;->>
Extending the Premiership season.
Not sure why, but the media seems to think that Fungusface is playingmind games with Arsene Wenger with regard to the requested extension ofthe season. Me – I think it’s the other way round, and that AW is a wilyold fox.
With regard to F’s request … surely it is on the head of the Premiership,with help from FIFA, that this has happened (not to note the fact thatStockport, by the time they played ‘Boro in the League Cup Semi, hadalready clocked up over 50 games this season to no apparent ill-effect).
One – had the Prem been chopped to 18 teams as requested, then there wouldbe four less games a season. I know that it is not the managers, but thechairmen who are behind this (I suspect it may be money related), but theclubs really cannot complain if they get a fixture backlog come the end ofthe season. Also – I have no problem, per se, with extending the season,but matters are so complicated these days, with so many clubs always indanger of relegation at the wire, that surely all games should be putback … the domino effect is too dodgy, with regard to the side-effectsof any one result.
Two – the damage done to the season (how dare they mess up the Easterprogramme?) by all these WC qualifiers is appalling; whilst the ‘new’nations have every right to compete, surely there could be some rating(which could also include the likes of San Marino and Leichtenstein), whichcould be used to arrange pre-qualifying rounds, to sort out the wheatfrom the chaff? There’s enough money in football these days for thebetter off nations to fund training and development schemes for thesmall countries, but surely it is crazy that they are all takingpart in the qualifying rounds?
Three – What price a winter break now? If we had had one, we’d bestaring next season before this one ended.
Nice to see that the LC final replay means that ‘Boro now have toreschedule their re-arranged game with Blackburn; I see Wobbo is alsocomplaining about their fixture overload – well, Matey, if you turn upto your games, that might help you know.
Whatever – surely it is time to adopt the Scottish approach to theLeague Cup, and drop the two-legged games, and have the final beforeChristmas.
Anyone catch the Scotland vs. Austria game? Fine performance by theScots, sh**e performance by the ref. Of course they will always makemistakes, and most fans can cope with that – indeed, what fun it iswhen they are in your team’s favour :-)) – But the sight of a ref goingfor a justified yellow card, only to duck out when he realises itwill imply a red card for the player, is unforgiveable. Not good enoughchaps.
You probably won’t believe this …
But last Friday, shooting the breeze about the weekend’s fixturesover supper, I declared that Derby would beat the Rags 3-0, withan Ashley Ward hat-trick. Close eh? And Ward could have had ahat-trick in the first half. What a delight to see Lard Arse unableto find anyone to blame for their third goal. Well played Derby.
So … Not well played Liverpool; what a spineless performance onthe Sunday. But – not a surprise, as most of that team are dilettantes,and how anyone can think that James is good enough to play forEngland, God knows. He is utterly unreliable.
Harking back to the three managers progs on over Easter, Shanks wasasked what he would do with players who didn’t give their all. “Putthem in jail”, was his response. Population of Walton Jail should be6 or 7 up then, after Sunday. I do, however, exempt Robby Fowlerfrom this.

Well, that feels better getting that lot off my chest.

Oh, and BTW, Up the Blues


My name is Shaun Sefton and I am the secretary of the Manchester City Centenary Supporters’ Association (CSA). I have recently joined the ranks of the WWW and have made a small but hopefully to be enlarged soon Web site for the CSA. If you could give the site a mention I would be grateful plus if you have any comments or (constructive – not too constructive) criticism about it I would be glad of any feedback.

The address is

Shaun Sefton (


There’s an article in today’s (8.4.96) FT about the “Rags” who have announced a half year profit of £19.5m on a turnover of £50.1m. Their six months profits not only dwarf the profits of any other Premiership club, but they are larger than the annual turnover of all but four clubs – Newcastle, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham.

Apparently it’s the Rags sheer size that proved its greatest asset. Old Trafford, with a capacity of 55,300 generates more than £1.2m in income from ticket sales, catering, hospitality and the club shop.

The “Rags” big profits have also been assisted by their ability to replenish the squad with home grown talent. A decent and professional City youth policy must be a number one priority.

If we can regularly get 26,000 spectators when we’re in the lower half of the Nationwide Division One and sell out (30,000) when a Premiership team (Middlesbrough) visits I see the only future is a move to Eastlands. Unless we get back in the Premiership for the 98/99 season and move to Eastlands I can see us never competing with our neighbours again.

Roger Lee – Hertfordshire Blue (


I have just scrolled through MCIVTA 286 and am intereseted with the comments of having live audio streamed on the web. I’ve just moved out here to Silicon Valley and am finding it increasingly difficult to keep in touch with the Blues on matchdays.

Does anybody know, or could we ask FHL to offer a service via the web of taping all games and letting us buy a copy from the Supporters’ Club? Surely FC should have tapes of the games? The cost of filming a game and knocking it out on a few multiplayer decks would be pretty cheap. I’ll get the ball rolling for offering £7.00 for tape and P&P. There’s probably a couple of hundred ex-pats who’d do the same. Not much in comparison with Summerbee’s wages, but a good service to the faithful. Maybe I’d set up a Palo Alto supporters’ branch for Franny. You could watch the games on my multisystem.

I also read with interest FHL’s surfing comments on the City site. Yes it is sh**e. Maybe the McVitees could help them out. This is the best footy site for City fans. For other intersting/humorous stuff take a look at

Also can someone provide a ‘phone number for Piccadilly Records? Thanks a lot. Once again respect to the site staff and thanks for their lifeline. Now all we need is a decent team and a club with some admin sense and customer service concept.

Good luck for the last few games.

Huw Thomas (


I just recently read an article in a well-known soccer magazine regarding any managers who were out of or had their contracts terminated by the teams. Among those who were mentioned as out of contract was Frank Clark; can anyone tell me if FC is still going to be with the club next season? FC has done wonders for City this year. I do hope that he is back next season.

Paul Vary (


Would all those wanting to represent the Blues this summer in Euro 97, both players and supporters (players are still needed!), please read the following message. This is regarding accommodation; can anyone wanting to stay overnight in Bradford University halls please let me know ASAP. I will then forward our accommodation requests en masse.

Your email list has already entered a team for Euronet 97, to be held in Bradford on June 28/29th. Now we need to know how many of you (players and supporters) will want accommodation in halls of residence at Bradford University. Costs will be no more than £17 per person per night, in self catering blocks with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. It could well be cheaper depending on numbers. Please provide a list of names and an indication of whether they require either Friday night, Saturday night or both nights, no later than Monday 28th April. It is in your interest to do this asap as the number of available rooms will be limited. Bookings will then have to be confirmed by you, with full payment (one cheque per team) no later than Friday 6th June. Cheques should be made payable to R.M. Goodair. We will endeavour, where possible, to keep players and supporters of the same team in the same block of flats.

Martin Ford (


The second Internet interview with Francis Lee appears on

If anybody would like me to ask him a question on their behalf please let me know.

Bob Young (


Are you a member of the New Zealand branch of the Manchester City Supporters’ Club? If not, contact Steve Ewan, 17 Miles Avenue, Papatoetoe. Work number (09) 278-3779, home number (09) 278-5993.

Ralph Sheppard, Palmerston North, New Zealand


My name is John Simmonds, and I was born in Napier, New Zealand on 20 October 1950. In 1974 my soccer club advertised in the Manchester Pink for players to come out to New Zealand and play for us. From 97 replies we decided upon Jeff Rafferty from Stalybridge Celtic and Malcolm Wilson from the Northern Nomads.

Jeff was a Red and Malcolm was a Blue, in fact most of our club members were bloody Red supporters at the time. As Malcolm used to get so much stick, I sided with him and have been a Blues nut ever since.

My club Napier City Rovers have just been crowned National Summer League champions, and last weekend we lost 3-1 to Waitakere City in the final of the League’s top four Grand Final.

Over the years Napier has had numerous British players who were apprentices at the time but have since made it into the English Football League. Mark Morris currently with Brighton, ex Wimbledon, Watford, Sheffield United and Bournemouth: Brian McAllister still with Wimbledon: Jonathon Gould, currently with Bradford, ex Wimbledon, Halifax, Coventry and now in the full Scottish squad, and Brian Gayle ex Wimbledon, Sheffield United, Ipswich and currently with Rotherham, although on loan with Bristol Rovers, and of course he played for City for a couple of seasons.

I’m a member of the Manchester City New Zealand Supporters’ Club, which is run by Steve Ewan, and thanks must go out to him for the good work he does.

I’m coming over to the UK on 15 April arriving at Manchester Ringway at 8am on April 17, and will be meeting up with Malcolm Wilson, who is back living in Cheadle, but will be staying in Stockport with Jimmy Connor who is the Assistant Manager at Buxton and played for Napier during the 1983-84 season.

While I’m over I’m meeting up with a couple of players who have shown an interest in coming out to NZ to live and play for Napier City Rovers (anyone got Kinky’s home number?).

I hope this hasn’t put anyone to sleep, but believe me whether you’re in Manchester itself, or 12,000 miiles away we all feel the same elation of despair from City’s results and an intense hatred for the Reds. Ha, ha, just heard that United have lost 1-0 in Europe in the semi-final first leg.

I’ll be in Stockport off and on from April 16 until April 29, so if anyone wants to give me a ring at Jimmy Connors, the number is 0161-483-4709.

Forever Blue, John Simmonds, Napier, New Zealand


There is a lot of talk about whether Gio is staying or going; well I have it from a good source at Maine Road that the maestro is on his way at the end of the season, destination Arsenal for £7 million.

Derrick Bradshaw (


As promised, here’s Bolton’s lyrics to Wonderwall…

Wonderwall “Alan Ball”

Uwe Threw his boots away
When the scousers knocked the Blues for six,
What’s more, he didn’t even score
And returned to find his car on bricks,
None of the board have any money
For players to stop the Blues from goin’ down.

Each week the manager will squeak
That the crisis will be sorted out.
It’s not fair, the trophy room is bare
While the Wanderers room’s completely full (I wish it was)
None of the board have any money
For players to stop the Blues from goin’ down.


And all the Blues that watch the match are whining,
Cos City never make a decent signing
There are many teams that they would like to score against
But they don’t know how

He’s complaining!
The underpants he wears will strain him
And Alan Ball
Will win bugger all

Jack Campbell (

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|          **    *          |   questions, you are an ideal person to
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---------------------------/   question at the bottom of the page.
                            * YOU COULD WIN *
FIRST PRIZE: Brand new, 'N' registration Ford Bandwagon for you and
             the others to jump on. This prestige vehicle comes with
             many features, including stereo radio (pre-set to come
             on at 4:45pm every Saturday as you, of course, won't be
             at the game ).
SECOND PRIZE: One years supply of new design Manchester United shirts.
              These will be despatched to you weekly.
THIRD PRIZE: A complete supply of Manchester United programmes from
             the games that you have attended. Both will be sent in
             the same envelope.
Tie Breaker (in no more than 12 words)
I feel it necessary to follow a football team that I have
absolutely no connection with because:
Name:  ...........................
Address:  ........................
Age:.......     Mental Age:.......

Jack Campbell (


MANCHESTER CITY vs. BOLTON WANDERERS, Wednesday 9th April 1997

A delightful evening to be watching football, almost balmy with a dramatic red sunset to be glimpsed in the direction of the Swamp (prophetic I hope!). Curiously, Clark elected to drop Atkinson and the only other change of note was the appearance of Kernaghan who was supposedly on the injury list; the team lined up as follows:

Brightwell	Symons	Kernaghan	Ingram
Buzzer Jnr	Brannan		Horlock
	Kinkladze	Rösler

Both sides quickly made their intentions clear with some real end to end stuff. City looked the more likely scorers though, with a series of moves which ended with decent chances. Bolton were quick on the break and there were two moments when Blake threatened to elude his marker. He certainly looked very quick and Bolton attempted several through balls for him to run on to. A couple of Bolton’s moves resulted in clear off-sides which the official down below us (Kippax) failed to see! The last one was a good 2-3 yards and produced a sustained chorus of jeers followed by tumultuous applause when he finally managed to produce a correct decision!

After about 10 minutes, a cross from the left found Buzzer unmarked in the box; he controlled the ball well but his drive was brilliantly saved by the goalie; he really should have scored. As the half progressed, Bolton looked all at sea, they couldn’t penetrate beyond City’s midfield and looked to try to weather the storm by getting players behind the ball. Gio really looked ‘up for it’ and made a couple of his jinking runs where he threatened to run right through their defence. After about 20 minutes a free kick was awarded on the edge of the Bolton area, and whilst the Bolton defence were still arguing, Gio stepped up and curled a low shot into the bottom corner, 1-0.

We thought that Bolton would now come forward forcefully, which they duly did, for all of 2 minutes! After this, City ran them ragged for 15 minutes in which we really should have scored again; Buzzer missed with a header again, when it seemed easier to score, and Horlock as well (I think). True to form, City let them back into it against the run of play; Pollock was allowed to receive a ball in the area without any sort of challenge, he easily dummied the defender (Symons?) and curled a shot which was well saved by Wright but which was still looping down under crossbar; Kernaghan did well to head it off the line but as it dropped down, two Bolton attackers raced in and Paatelainen headed in.

The second half was quite disappointing. City again controlled the game for long periods whilst Bolton tried, as their sole tactic, to catch us on the break and… guess what? After sustained pressure from the Blues, all without much danger, Bolton quickly broke and Sellars was allowed to run at Symons (I think); he feinted 3 times before burying his shot. City came at Bolton again and despite long periods of possession, we failed to make a clear-cut chance. This was made worse by the Bolton taunts of “City are going nowhere” which was clearly true in terms of this match. One reason for this was Brightwell who repeatedly picked the ball up on the right wing, ran forward 10 yards and then passed it inside and back 9 yards. The ball was repeatedly passed up and down in front of the Bolton area but everyone seemed clueless where to go from here. There was just one heart-stopping moment when the goalie dropped a cross but luckily – for Bolton – caught it again!

Final score: City 1 Bolton 2

Overall, we can gather much encouragement from this game, Bolton are runaway leaders and are a very confident team; however, we gave them a torrid time in the first half and had the lion’s share of the possession. We really do have to learn how to turn domination into goals though. As for Bolton, they are a good-ish team but they have a very dodgy defence and will almost certainly struggle badly next year unless they make 3 or 4 good signings. The referee was quite poor, he made a couple of bizarre decisions, one for each team, both totally unjust but in very dangerous positions on the edge of the respective penalty areas. As for one of the linesmen, all can I say is… “astoundingly incompetent”!


Wright 6 Flapped at a cross and had a couple of misunderstandings with his defence.
Brightwell 4 This guy is not a right back and he’s utterly clueless going forward. I lost count of the times our attacks broke down because he passed back inside.
Symons 5 Poor game, lost his man sveral times.
Kernaghan 7 Good game with a couple of excellent tackles. I’m not sure he trusts Symons!
Ingram 6 Looks promising but again is unsure coming forward and still needs to learn who to pick up at the back post.
McGoldrick 7 He’s really relishing his rôle in the centre of the park but he should learn to pass quickly as he often runs with the ball for too long, allowing the opposition to get men behind the ball.
Buzzer 6 An off game, missed two really good chances.
Brannan 6 OK, nothing special.
Horlock 7 Made sevral excellent runs and should have scored.
Gio 7 Looked to take men on but often kept the ball when he should have passed; excellent strike for the goal though.
Rösler 6 Ran hard but never got goalside, even of the aged and donkey-esque Fairclough.

Ashley Birch


Wednesday 10 April

Charlton  (0) 2 Huddersfield   (0) 1
Man City  (1) 1 Bolton         (1) 2
West Brom (0) 1 Crystal Palace (0) 0

Tuesday 9 April

Oldham    (1) 2 Birmingham     (2) 2


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