Newsletter #214

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There’s quite a bit of news flying around and something tells me that a deal is in the air! We’ve newspaper reports of the two Irish games and quite a bit of other stuff… read on (anyone spot that time is short for this editorial!)

P.S. Mazzarelli has now officially left City.

Next game, Tienjin FC away, Saturday 27th July 1996


MCIVTA will be coming from Arabia over the next 2 weeks and, in time-honoured fashion, we’ll be able to keep it as MCIVTA: MCIVT-Arabia!

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ATHLONE TOWN vs. MANCHESTER CITY, Friday 19th July 1996

By Paul Hince of the Manchester Evening News

Alan Ball is going to find it difficult to maintain his policy of keeping Martin Phillips wrapped up in cotton wool. For the overriding message from Manchester City’s opening pre-season friendly in Athlone last night was that the West Country whiz-kid is now ready for regular first team soccer at Maine Road. Before exposing Phillips to the rigours of sustained senior soccer following his £500,000 transfer from Plymouth (sic) earlier last season, the Blues’ boss has been waiting for the pencil-slim winger to fill out. After almost 12 months at Maine Road, Martin’s shirt and shorts may still look a couple of sizes too big but his potential is immense. Even the standard of the opposition shouldn’t obscure the fact that in Ball’s team of stars on duty in Athlone, none twinkled brighter than ‘Buster’ Phillips, who even outshone Georgi Kinkladze. He had already teased and tormented the Athlone defence half a dozen times before he inevitably laid on City’s opening goal after a one-sided opening 15 minutes. His inch-perfect cross from the left found Uwe R