Newsletter #147

A good result last Saturday and what’s more, a very good performance. It looks like the team has really grasped how Ball wants them to play as the midfield especially, looks like it knows where it’s going.

Apologies for the lateness of this issue; I was ill yesterday and even felt too grim to put MCIVTA together – that’s when my wife accepted that I really was ill! To compound matters, U-net thoughtfully altered the log-in procedure and steadfastly refused to answer the helpline number. I eventually got through about 11.00am otherwise it would have been with you earlier.

There’s another update on the MCIVTA Xmas meet before the Chelsea game from Malcolm Plaiter. If you can come along then mail Malcolm and arrange things.

Next game, Leeds United away, Saturday 2nd December 1995.


MANCHESTER CITY vs. WIMBLEDON, Wednesday 22nd November, 1995

Maine Road
Attendance: 23,617
Referee: Paul Durkin (Portland)

Manchester City

 Brightwell Curle Symons Edghill (Creaney 12)
Kinkladze Lomas Flitcroft Summerbee
           Rösler Quinn
[ UNUSED: Coton, Kernaghan ]


Cunningham (Perry 56) Pearce Thorn Kimble
      Earle Elkins Talboys Euell
    Holdsworth (Harford 79) Ekoku (Gayle 56)

Hopes were high. Wimbledon’s record going into this match is LLLLLLLD. This is the kind of match we should win comfortably.

  • 02min: Cross/lob by Elkins (I think) past Immel’s post. It looked dangerous from where I was sitting.
  • 03min: Great build up, Quinn brings it down for a rushing Flitcroft who finds Kinkladze who finds Rösler in space. Uwe just seemed to hesitate for a split second and allow a defender to get the tackle in before he could take a shot from about 10 yards out.
  • 06min: Summerbee receives Rösler’s interception, tries to pass Kimble but eventually loses out.
  • 09min: Another incident at the far part of the ground. Late tackle on Edghill by Elkins I think. Looks bad. Edghill still on the floor when the stretcher arrives. Kernaghan warms up.
  • 11min: Quinn brings the ball down with his side but it does not fall into Flitcroft’s path. Wimbledon pass back but it’s short. Uwe races but the odds favoured Heald who clears.
  • 12min: Creaney replaces the injured Edghill!!! Brightwell switches to left-back with Summerbee appearing to drop to right-back.
  • 13min: Wimbledon corner met by Robbie Earle. His header lobs over the bar but should have been on target.
  • 16min: More Wimbledon corners. The final one is cleared by Lomas before being returned and taken comfortably by Immel.
  • 17min: Third time lucky. Kinkladze takes on the centre of the Wimbledon defence and having dodged two players’ lunges, falls to a third. Not even a card shown. Free kick is about 5 yards outside the area. Summerbee dummy, shot from Kinkladze is blocked by wall but falls for an alert Rösler inside the box. Unfortunately he had to stop and turn and blasts the ball just over when he should have hit the target.
  • 20min: Rösler finds Creaney on the right who finds Quinn in space. Quinn notices Heald is off his line and tries a delicate chip only to watch it land easily into the arms of Heald. Nice idea though.
  • 21min: Rösler’s pass deflected into space. Kinkladze sprints but Heald’s boot gets there first.
  • 22min: Holdsworth’s shot is blocked.
  • 24min: Good run into box by Lomas – didn’t note who made the excellent pass – Steve tussles with two defenders. They all lose their footing but Steve gets up first and appears to be held back in the box. Penalty refused. The Telegraph write-up suggests that this was “one looking valid”. The ball is punted up field and Wimbledon gain a throw near half way, much to the displeasure of the fans near the ball. Then immediately the Dons gain a corner. It looks like all decisions are going Wimbledon’s way.
  • 28min: Ekoku tussles with Summerbee to the left of the Wimbledon box and City get the decision. However, when the free-kick is taken, 3 City players are left in off-side positions when Wimbledon push out.
  • 29min: Summerbee found wide by Quinn following a long ball. Nicky’s cross appeared to be handled in the area but maybe I was just hoping.
  • 31min: I said “A rare bad pass!”. My mate called me a “Sarcastic bugger!” not realising my comment was referring to Kinkladze.
  • 32min: Quinn charges Heald – yet another Wimbledon punt !
  • 33min: Kinkladze amazingly unmarked just outside the box. Chips the ball in beautifully for Quinn who takes it a little wide and hits it with his left peg. Easy for Heald.
  • 34min: Creaney tries a 30 yard effort which is wide and lacking in power. Woman in front says “He’ll come good … honest!”
  • 30min: Oops, my time keeping has gone AWOL somewhere. Anyway, events are in the correct chronological order. Lomas square pass invites Curle to take ball into space. Finds Quinn at penalty spot who nods it back to Rösler to volley over. Hard chance! Ball cleared up-field and where it appeared to hit a Wimbledon arm. The referee plays on of course.
  • 31min: Creaney in the box. Goes over! Some lads in front stood up so I couldn’t see it clearly but the penalty appeal is turned down of course.
  • 32min: Wimbledon shot goes across face of City net. Immel knows this is safe but again it looked dangerous from where I was sitting.
  • 33min: Symons tries to tackle Holdsworth and it adjudged to have conceded the throw. However, it came of Holdsworth’s thigh in my humble opinion. Hard for referee to see though.
  • 34min: City corner earned by Lomas. Pearce heads out for another at near post. Next corner goes to near post again but is very low and wasted.
  • 35min: Rösler flattened just outside box. Play on says the ref. Ridiculous!
  • 36min: Rösler wins free-kick. Was that a decision he gave in City’s favour?
  • 40min: Quinn header on target but meat and drink for Heald.
  • 41min: Lomas wins ball and tries to thread pass through for Rösler to chase down the channel. Steve over-hits the pass and Rösler gives up chase a little too easily.
  • 42min: Quinn chests down (again) from good pass by Rösler(?), takes ball off Niall with his chest and comes inside but shot is poor, wide and soft.
  • 43min: Lomas 25 yard shot is easy for Heald.
  • 44min: Wimbledon corner. Immel jumps and is challenged by Holdsworth who sees his header fly past the post. It wouldn’t have counted I thought, it was a foul. No foul is given. In that case ‘Phew’!
  • 45min: Quinn lays the ball off to Kinkladze outside the Wimbledon box. Kinkladze hits a shot with power and swerve. Heald parries but cannot hold. Flitcroft is first to the ball but by then he is wide of the goal. Garry still manages to turn and shoot which is saved by Heald quite easily.

Half-time score: Manchester City 0 Wimbledon 0

The omens are bad. The last match at Maine Road my mate was at was the Leicester City washout last year when City lost one-nil despite having most of the game. He wonders if it will happen again? The other point I would make is that the atmosphere is not as good as on a Saturday. The crowd has been silent except when making comments about the ref/linesman.

  • 46min: Kinkladze plays a lovely ball to Creaney who then dutiful cocks up his pass.
  • 48min: Euell (I think) challenges Immel for a cross and knocks the ‘keeper with ball onto the post. Immel requires attention. It looked a suspicious challenge to me.
  • 50min: Curle finds Rösler who spreads the ball to Summerbee. His cross is easy for Heald.
  • 52min: Cross easy for Immel at near post.
  • 53min: Lomas, apparently going nowhere, sets up Uwe nicely for a tussle with his marker down the line. Uwe gains a corner on reaching Wimbledon box.
  • 55min: Rösler header easy for Heald.
  • 56min: Symons sees Yellow for going through Holdsworth. This looked harsh to me seeing that the foul on Kinkladze in the first half was unpunished. Wimbledon do a double transfer. Apparently Durkin has a reputation for being tough on tackles from behind.
  • 57min: Chance of the match: It all happened quite quickly. City lost the ball in midfield – Quinn and Rösler claimed it was a foul. Curle and Symons claimed it was offside. The ball broke to leave Immel stranded against Euell and Holdsworth. Euell decided to take the shot himself and placed it into the left hand corner but Immel reacted brilliantly and turned it out for a corner. Without trying to detract from the brilliance of the save – it was at a nice height for him to save and his reactions were fantastic. Save eof the Match. The corner was cleared with Curle requiring attention after a knock by the look of things. All to the merry opinion of the Kippax that the “Referee is a w*****”.
  • 60min: Holdsworth controls the ball with his arm but is shielding the ball near the by-line and thus it is unnoticed by the majority. He did it very well I thought. Holdsworth turns and crosses but Symons blocks and concedes the corner. Corner comes in. Cleared by Lomas. Picked up by Rösler who, unable to keep off challenger, dives. Ball played in. Holdsworth shoots wide and over.
  • 63min: Nice City build up. Kinkladze, Lomas, Quinn. Niall near the by-line crosses for Flitcroft coming in at the near post. Defender concedes the corner. He probably realised that City corners have been dire all night.
  • 67min: Kimble shot from 30 yards, soft and wide.
  • 68min: Wimbledon cross missed by all three Wimbledon heads in the box – looked like they were all fractionally early and goes out for a goal kick.
  • 70min: Beautiful pass by Summerbee finds Flitcroft dashing into area. Garry checks and then stands on ball not realising it has rolled an extra couple of inches. Ball goes out for a City corner which was a generous decision in my book.
  • 72min: Two Wimbledon defenders require treatment following City attack along the edge of the box. Flitcroft sees Yellow.
  • 73min: Flitcroft spreads the ball wide to Creaney who places a nice ball for Summerbee to run onto. His cross his headed out for a corner at the near post.
  • 74min: Flitcroft finds Quinn who finds Lomas. Lomas’s cross is knocked out to Kinkladze who blasts his 25 yard shot just wide of the post with Heald looking beaten.
  • 75min: Another nice pass by Creaney (honest!) to Flitcroft who is tackled resulting in a corner.
  • 76min: Summerbee passes back to Kinkladze who finds Flitcroft who tries to cross to far post but it is gathered by Heald.
  • 77min: The fans are starting to get noisy. Lomas takes on Earle at the right of the box. Earle slips and Lomas unleashes one of his bullets. Heald knocks it out for a corner. It’s a good corner for once, Rösler rises well but places it past the post.
  • 78min: Summerbee dispossesses Gayle and belts ball up-field towards Rösler in a wide position. City win a corner.
  • 80min: Gayle accelerates away from Symons and Creaney; why were there two men on him anyway? Gayle crosses into centre where Summerbee has time to take it down well and clear it to safety.
  • 81min: Lomas outside box, shoots for glory but it is high and wide of course.
  • 84min: Lomas back-heel near Wimbledon box not read by Summerbee. Wimbledon gain possession.
  • 85min: Rösler fouled outside Wimbledon area. No foul. I would say unbelievable but I think we had all got used to Durkin by now.
  • 86min: Quinn shot in the box blocked, falls for Creaney who appears to be held back and pokes the ball straight to the ‘keeper.
  • 87min: Symons keeps in City corner and exchanges with Lomas. Symons’ cross finds Quinn but it is safely straight to Heald.
  • 88min: Summerbee crosses well but Rösler has slipped or something and is on his knees as ball sails over him.
  • 89min: Curle intercepts at the back and brings it. Tries to play through to Rösler who curved his run but is still caught offside.
  • 90min: Harford shoots from edge of the area and is gathered low by Immel. Ball goes upfield. Kinkladze holds it. Passes it to Quinn’s feet. Niall feints left and then cuts inside and hits it goalbound. The ‘keeper appeared to have it covered but one of his defenders deflected it above his body. One-Nil! Niall is mobbed. Immel is jubilant too!
  • 91min: Injury time due to a couple of stoppages and to the tune of Blue Moon. About two minutes of it. City keep the ball in the Wimbledon half. Rösler, Kinkladze and Flitcroft combine well to earn a corner. City continue to hold the ball near the side and Pearce decides to chop a couple of legs. Pearce sees Yellow. Actually one yellow card in a match won’t do any harm for Wimbledon’s fair play stats.

Final Score: Manchester City 1 Wimbledon 0

Everyone went home happy and we all lived happily every after. Quinn stole the headlines and rightly so but Immel deserves a hell of a lot of praise.

Actually on the way home I was listening to James Stannidge’s phone-in on Piccadilly 1152. A City fan rang in and said the Rags had been lucky to win 4-0 at Coventry!!! Of course this was followed by a United fan who rubbished this idea. Then he made the point that he would be upset to see City relegated as it would mean no Manchester derby next year. I for one thought this was quite sporting!

Robert Watson (


After seeing the latest MCIVTA, and hearing Ashley’s request for reports/opinions on the Wimbledon game – I thought I’d put my two pennyworth in.

After visiting a local curry house in Rusholme just prior to the game, I was looking forward to seeing City carry on the two game unbeaten run – and didn’t we just.

No-one likes Wimbledon; it’s easy to see why. I was told that The Dons sold 44 tickets to their “travelling army” from South London – still I guess that’s about half their home attendance. I can’t imagine these 44 poor sods will be buying a ticket for their next 200 mile jaunt on a miserable Wednesday evening.

The famous spoiling tactics were well in evidence tonight – they didn’t want to win, they wanted the 90 minutes over as soon as they could and retreat back to The Smoke one point richer. It nearly happened.

Uneventful, basically describes the game. However, the ref. managed to up the drama by having the crowd baying for his blood after only a few minutes of the game.

We really should have had two penalties after seeing Lomas particularly, shoved off the ball. The linesman too made some curious judgements – not pro-City obviously. After finally giving Wimbledon offside in the second-half he received tumultuous applause and had the fans in the Kippax jumping up and down as if we’d scored.

And score we did – a full 30 seconds before the end.

From the North Stand I didn’t have the best view but a great ball from Kinky (he just looks superb) and old Niall turns on the skill and knocks it past the ‘keeper. The place erupted – 7 points from 9 – Championship material (ish).

Drab game – great result


Immel (8) A great save from two offside (but not given) strikers and took a whack from some pratt who charged him into the goal-post. Looked solid.

Edghill By the time I’d settled into my seat he was rolling around the floor having been kicked in the stomach.

Brightwell (7) Looked fairly good in the left back position – not too bad at all.

Curle (8) Had a comfortable match – reassuringly solid – works well with…

Symons (9) Faultless performance – a great buy – best centre half since Dave Watson (I think I nicked this from someone).

Summerbee (7) Definitely back to some sort of form – replaced Edghill at right back and did well – had the occasional trip upfield to some effect

Flitcroft (7) Got through some work but does seem to want to go backwards whenever it’s possible.

Lomas (7) He’s going through a bit of a bad patch at the moment – loads of effort but distribution is poor to say the least.

Kinky (9) There is a buzz of excitement when he gets the ball – he’s one of those players you can be really proud to have on your side.

Creaney (5) The jury’s still out on Gerry – he’s certainly guilty of not being great (sub. for Edghill) but ‘cos we won I’ll give him 5.

Quinn (8) He scored but he also played a big rôle in holding up the ball awaiting support and showed some great touches.

Rösler (6) Mmmm… I think a spell in the reserves or on the bench beckons. He’s had a lot to live up to and looks to be suffering while he’s out there. A great talent but he’s trying too hard and seems intent on getting a free kick every time he gets the ball.

Kernaghan (9) Didn’t actually play but drew the raffle at half-time with tremendous confidence – has AB finally found a niche for him?

Bring on the Villa

Matt Cadman (


MANCHESTER CITY vs. ASTON VILLA, Saturday, 25th November 1995

After my self-imposed exile from Maine Road due to the intolerance of some yobbish City fans, I decided to give it another try against Wimbledon, albeit in the executive suite in the Umbro. Wimbledon are a dreadful team and hopefully doomed to relegation. I wasn’t so much impressed by the City performance but more by the attitude of the fans and therefore decided to try again on Saturday.

Make no mistake, Villa were a good side. They came to Maine Road with the sole objective of obtaining 3 points. They played a 5-2-3 formation with the full backs going forward. This created more difficulty for Edghill who seemed to be covering the midfielder coming from the inside right and Gary Charles on the right wing.

Villa began the game by nearly scoring in the first 15 seconds though Johnson who was a threat throughout the game. City immediately came back to win a corner. After 10 minutes you would have found no-one in the ground who would bet on 0-0. My own feelings were that City would have to score at least twice to obtain a result.

So the game developed, with both sides having short periods of dominance in the first half until suddenly the tide turned to allow the opposition to take control. City had a penalty which Curle missed. Flippin’ eck Curley, don’t you know goals are like gold dust?

This is where credit should go where it is due. The fans were incredible from then on, urging their team on to inspire the players who in turn caused greater excitement in the stands (with the exception in the first half of some turkey screaming at Edghill for standing off Charles rather than getting in his shorts).

For all the superb play, with 15 minutes to go I would have been content with a draw. Kinky’s goal, well I will let someone else describe that.

The Team:

Immel (8) Saved us on a few occasions. The way he came out to block shots shows he must have been inspired by Bert Trautmann who opened the Kippax Stand before the game.

Brightwell (7) Not much to say which shows how dependable he must have been at right back.

Edghill (7) Had his work cut out in the first half as Villa seemed to be targeting the inside right & right wing. Coped well.

Curle (7) Apart from his penalty miss, made a couple of errors that could have proved costly. Mainly solid.

Symons (8) Steady as a rock. Good old centre half. If in doubt welly it into touch.

Lomas (8) Best I have seen him play, sharp in the tackle, good runs down the inside left channel.

Flitcroft (8) Teamed up with the other two middies and now starting to play a leading rôle for the Blues. Before with the likes of Reid & McMahon, he would go into a shell.

Kinkladze (8) A joy to watch. If he was playing against City I would crap myself everytime he went on a run. Faded in the second half for a short while.

Rösler (6) A bit worried about his form; was easily marshalled by the Villa defence.

Quinn (9) Won nearly every ball in the air and on the ground. His lay-offs found the oncoming middie nearly every time. This is one of the reasons why City are getting it together: because the defence, midfield and forwards are playing like a unit.

Can anyone tell me how many shots at goal each team had?

Kevin Duckworth (


We got to this game early as we had eventually found out that it was the official opening of the Kippax and, by none other than Bert Trautmann. As Bert had been my father’s favourite player this was one ceremony that I really had to turn up on time for. The publicity was rather poor, only residents of Greater Manchester benefiting from GMR and the MEN really getting confirmation. It was mentioned some time ago in ‘CITY’ (I think) but since then, nothing. The ceremony was also low-key, no balloons just Bert riding round the touchline in a popemobile (golf cart) and then addressing the Kippax from a podium on the pitch. This turned farcical, and true to MCFC form, the mike packed up; can’t City get these things right? In the end his speech had to be cut short due to the intermittent nature of the transmission. Comically the mike decided to work just as Frannie said “Just pronounce it open!” This was irritating and a tadge embarrassing but worse was the attitude of the Villa fans who decided to repeatedly sing a rendition of their well known ditty: “shit on the City..” This drew a rousing chorus of boos from the assembled City fans and for the first time in ages I felt like throwing something at the morons below. Remind me never to root for Villa again, even if they’re playing the Rags!

I’ll leave a description of the game to others, suffice it to say that City were very good indeed and outplayed Villa (high-flyers) for long periods of the game. This is the best City performance I’ve seen for ages, but then again, I have been in Switzerland for the last ten years! Kinkladze was a revelation; he mesmerised the Villa midfield and defence and I almost began to feel their apprehension when he got the ball – was he going to simply drift round them and have done with it or was he going to make them look utterly donkeyish by swerving this way and that, changing direction several times before only then drifting past them! His goal was the crowning glory, beautifully taken. He disappeared off into the North Stand and vanished in a melee of fans from which the ref. had to extricate him. I wasn’t sure if they spilled over or whether Kinky actually jumped into the stand; maybe someone was closer by? The last 5 minutes have to be the most tense I’ve experienced for a long time. It was poetic justice time at the end as we all broke out into a rendition of “shit on the Villa’! They looked dumbstruck but deserved it for their ignorant behaviour before the match began.

Amazingly, after the match the Villa fans were let out of the North Stand and had to make their way along the back of the Kippax to where their coaches were parked. To compound matters, the doors immediately adjacent to the North Stand (from the Kippax) were opened and then the police attempted to stop people exiting with two horses. Everyone merely exited by the next gate which shifted any potential difficulties 50 yards further on! The City fans I think it safe to say, were not in a very sympathetic mood and sung some most unfriendly songs intimating that our Black Country brethren should return whence they came and soonish. For a moment it seemed as if something might happen but the Villa fans trooped off without incident. The whole thing was entirely avoidable: who let the buggers out, especially as they had made themselves more than a little unwelcome. Get it right next time!

Onto the players:

Immel (9) Excellent once again, some nice stops and he always appears to be in the right place when the header or shot comes in. There is no way Coton can get his place back when Immel plays like this every week.

Brightwell (6) Tried but in my opinion he’s just a very average right back and he should lose his place when Foster is fit. Distribution was poor once again.

Edghill (7) Much better distribution but really didn’t know how to mark Charles (their right back) who almost played as a winger. Should he have taken him and if so, would that have left a striker free? It was exactly the same situation as he found himself in against Leeds with Gary Kelly.

Curle (6) Dreadful penalty miss (was a dubious penalty anyway!) and had his bacon saved by poor finishing and a great Immel save when he gifted the ball away in our box.

Symons (9) I think I’m falling in love! Great bit of anticipation after 90 seconds when Immel was rounded and he cleared off the line.

Lomas (8) Much better passing, great running into space and commitment, he looked his old self.

Flipper (8) Good passing and running off the ball and some really classy touches, seemed to have a very good understanding with Kinky.

Buzzer (7) A little subdued but once again had 2 defenders on him which has to be good for the rest of the team.

Kinky (10!) What can I say, wonderful class; there was sheer anticipation when he had the ball, even on the half way line. Ball has obviously told him to go for goal… at last! Mazy dribbles had the much vaunted Villa midfielders wondering where the hell he was going to do next. His run into the box for the penalty was a good example, though he was fouled almost on the line and the decision looked a little fortunate. The goal was class, lovely back-heel from Quinn and a clinical finish from Kinky. Did anyone see Match of the Day? I’d like to know what the pundits thought of his performance.

Quinn (8) Controlled the ball excellently all afternoon with deft lay-offs; did I really say we should sell him at the end of last season? Course I didn’t! His back-heel made the goal.

Rösler (6) Better than against Wimbledon but still a little slow. Creaney should have come on for 20 minutes to show what he can do.



“We’re gonna win the league” was the chant ringing out around the Academy for the last five minutes… actually we’re not – but it was a completely understandable thing to be singing at Maine Road around 4.40pm on Saturday.

I never thought I’d see the day (for a while anyway) – Villa came to win and didn’t look a bad side at all… yet we outshone them with superlative performances by most of the team – particularly Big Niall and Kinky (who really did look a different class).

From the off (except for Villa nearly scoring after 1 minute) we looked a completely different side to the bunch of misfits of just 4 or 5 games ago – the unbeaten run we had set up during November was something the players looked determined to preserve.

Curle missed a penalty but you never really felt disheartened, such was the flowing style of the game. The crowd were well behind the lads and I’m sure the support contributed to the effort the players were putting in.

Villa looked useful throughout (particularly Draper who seemed to be involved in everything they did) – but our victory was secured by a superb goal from Kinky with a little help from Quinn. If ever a player deserved a goal… and he’s only 22!

I was in the Upper Tier of the Kippax for the first time and it’s bloody high. However, once I got rid of the nose-bleed and got used to the lack of air, I had to admit it was a great view.

If we can keep this form up we will be in Europe next year – seriously. But you know how it is with City – I’d be happy with a mid-table finish and sow the seeds for a long-lasting, exciting side who could bring a trophy or two in the next few years.

Maybe it all seems too sudden to have come good but as every City fan knows – we’ve got quite good at hoping.

There’s talk of AB being Manager of the Month – who’d have predicted that after the Liverpool disaster?

Matt Cadman (


According to the Times (24th November 1995): “Barry Fry, the Birmingham City manager was last night negotiating to sign Nigel Clough, the Liverpool forward, and Vinny Samways, the Everton midfield player, in time for the important first division match with Leicester City at St. Andrew’s on Sunday.”

IMHO City don’t need Clough, especially with the possible signing of Christiansen.

Robert Watson (


City are set to sign Thomas Christiansen on a month’s loan later this week after Francis Lee agreed terms with the player’s agent on Friday.

The Mole


Garry Flitcroft has become the first City player to reach a sufficiently high number of disciplinary points to merit a suspension (despite fierce competition). He’ll miss the games against Middlesbrough, Forest and Chelsea.

The Mole


(Your training ground correspondent)

The Thomas Christiansen Saga (contd) :

Thomas Christiansen should sign on a one month loan this week. He has agreed personal terms and could be available for the Leeds game.

It’s Official – soon :

Several people have asked about the official internet site. I have been told by an employee of the club that John Dunkerley (he is one of the directors) will be taking responsibility for the City Web page shortly.

The first £10m player?

The race is on the first £10m player. Alan Ball said, whilst at Exeter, that he thought Martin Phillips would be the first such player in the Premiership. This weekend Bert Trautmann commented, after seeing his spectacular form against Villa, that he thought Kinkladze would be that man. Personally my money’s on Kinky though I hope that neither of them actually fetch £10m as this would mean selling them. I have no desire to see our top players go anywhere, even to break records.

Reserves down to Sunderland:

Unfortunately our reserves lost 5-2 to Sunderland last Thursday in the Pontin’s League Division 2. One glimmer of light from the game was Martin Phillips’ outstanding performance. I look forward to him making the move to first team football.

Neale Hayward-Shott (


So far just under 30 of the Internet Blues have expressed an interest in coming on the 23rd of December (Chelsea game) to the Social Club.

I am away in Trinidad for a week or so on business from next Friday so it may go quiet on this subject for a while, as I will not be able to access my messages. My daughter may take over keeping you informed of the numbers.

For info: 2 ten year olds, an eight, a six, and a 12 will be going. Also Peter Singleton will be coming from Australia. Will any other continents/countries be represented ? Another 20 or so would be good, so come on everybody fit us in with your Xmas plans.

I rely on MCIVTA when I am away (it goes to my work address) so reports on Leeds and Boro welcome and Platt Lane mole is definitely a plus.

I can’t go without congratulating the team on an outstanding performance against a quality side (Villa) in an entertaining game. My humble apologies go to Alan Ball and Francis Lee for doubting them. If it gets no better I can’t complain. They’ve proved they can do it, and the manager has got it right. If the players don’t keep it up, then it’s hardly his fault. Quinn is an inspiration, and Symons is player of the season (already).

With a mailing list of 500, where does that put us in the league of City Supporters’ clubs outside of the Manchester area?

I’ve no idea; maybe someone could cruise the WWW and see what others have,someone who isn’t paying for it anyway 8-))


Would it be a first to get recognition as an official supporters’ club on the internet? Would it be desirable, even? If the readership thinks so, then I can sort it out with Frank Horrocks.

Enough ramblings for today; I’m off downstairs to have another look at the Quininho/Kinkladze double act. The video of the game should be compulsory viewing for all.

Malcolm Plaiter (


I think I’ve discovered the reason for Uwe Rösler’s mediocre performances this season – it’s his haircut!!! Last season we couldn’t stop him scoring, but now it’s a different story. The only difference I have noticed is the abscence of his flowing locks. This is obviously a prime example of the “Samson” syndrome in full effect.

Uwe, do us all a favour mate – don’t be a slave to the fashionable look, get those locks grown again and take a leaf out of Paul Walsh’s book of hairstyles!! If he doesn’t take this advice, then I fear he may well depart from the first team – a clear case of “hair today, gone tomorrow” (sorry!!).

Jon Walsh (


I read your match report in MCIVTA 146 which was interesting and a fair reflection on the game. I thought however I should point out that AB would have had difficulty bringing on Michael Brown when Richard Edghill was injured as he wasn’t on the bench!

The subs were :- Creaney, Coton & Kernaghan

Given the options open to him I think that AB did really the only thing he could have done. The alternative would have been to bring Kernaghan on and switch Curle to right back with Brightwell moving to the left. Overall, I think it is a reflection on AB’s selection of substitutes when he needs to make half a dozen tactical changes to accomodate one injury?

Also, John Morgan’s article about the youth policy was interesting. There was one youngster he left out of the list of people City’s youth team have reared – Ryan Giggs of course! We seemingly do have the ability to bring out talent in youngsters, but not to spot it for ourselves.

Joel Adams (

This would have handicapped Ball somewhat; maybe I should read my programme next time 8-))



I would just like to express support for the idea of making contact with Nick Leeson by any means possible. We all know he was only trying to raise funds for the cause and any man extradited to Singapore whilst proudly wearing his City shirt gets my vote. How about Nick Leeson for Honourary President of MCIVTA with Paul Calf (aka. Steve Coogan) as his deputy and minder?

He won’t go down and neither will we!

Paul Monaghan (


It seems that the criminal fraternity may have Blue leanings – in the Guardian over the weekend much was made of Nick Leeson’s arrival in Singapore dressed in a City shirt. Can it be that he is a fan, or is it, as someone wondered on the letters page, ‘that he intends to plead insanity’?!

Becky Moon (


I have just read on Daily Mail’s Soccernet (available on that City would move from Maine Road to the new National Stadium if possible. Would Franny be able then to have Maine Road as the biggest restauarant in the galaxy?

The top tier at Villa’s game did not look very full; has anyone got any ideas on to what extent it is populated? The price would frighten me off!

So, who wants us to leave Maine Road and who does not? Comment please.

By the way, seek out Soccernet, there is a great report on the Villa match.

Malcolm Plaiter (


Just thought I’d add my thoughts on the foreign teams situation. Up until last year the only other team I’d ever kept an eye on was the mighty Mount Wellington United F.C who were the terror of the New Zealand style Premier League in the late 70’s, early 80’s. They really were the all-conquering side for many a year, and I supported them as they were the nearest team to my home in Auckland. (I’m no glory seeker!). Unfortunately they seem to have fallen on leaner times in recent years (sound familiar?) and at present I’m unsure just how they’re doing as I’ve been living in Old Blighty for the last 3 years. Come to think of it if any other NZ based MCIVTA subscribers could keep me up to date with their progress this season I’d appreciate it!

Last year I decided to spend New Year up in Scotland, and during the boozy celebrations on Hogmany I got partially converted to supporting Hearts. The reason for this?… well during the evening I ended up talking football to some Jock, whose name has long since gone, and he told me that if I’d support the Jambos in the Scottish League then he’d forever follow the Blues in the English League. Hey it was New Year, I was pissed, and he’d bought me several pints so I thought why not! Anyway we swapped scarves, ’cause I had my City one on, and went our merry ways. I don’t know if that bloke still follows City, he may have woken up the next day and thought “Wot the F**k”, but I thought that a deal’s a deal. However, just imagine my guilt when they thrashed us 5-1 this year in a pre-season friendly!

As for the Torino connection… I seem to remember last year encountering a Italian bloke at the opening game against Arsenal who had a half City-half Torino shirt where even the two clubs’ badges were spliced together. I asked him where he’d got it, but unfortunately his English wasn’t so good and all he could tell me was that it came from Italy. Has anyone else seen one of these, or know anything about them as they looked kinda cool? I guess in Italian football Torino would be the only team I’d watch out for.

Finally I must add that there’s only one team I truly support, and will follow till they day I die… and that’s City!

Roger – The Blue Kiwi (


Am I the only one who gets sick of the patronising attitude shown by most so-called “experts” towards Niall Quinn? On Match of the Day on Saturday night they were drooling over City’s winning goal, and Niall’s back-heel in particular. Gary Lineker wondered aloud whether Niall actually meant to do it! How many times does the Irishman have to show his skill before people realise that just because he’s a big target man doesn’t mean that he can’t actually play? Think back to what a good November we’ve had. Quinn played a significant part in all of our goals; the one he scored was probably the least impressive contribution.

It’s not as if this ability has only just appeared too. There’s his “perfect” hat-trick at Palace, superb volleys at Luton and Spurs, a delightful chip over Lukic against Leeds at Maine Road not to mention his penalty save against Derby.

Give the man some credit. Niall Quinn is not a donkey.

Paul Howarth (


I think the main evidence of Swales’ suitability as chairman is the fact that Billy McNeill and Howard Kendall were lured away to Villa and Everton. These clubs are no bigger or better supported than we are. So City under Swales were either not rich enough to keep McNeill and Kendall here, not ambitious enough, or Villa & Everton’s chairmen were just better at persuading managers to go to their clubs.

Basically it seems Swales was a genuine fan who did what he thought was right. But he just didn’t have the money or drive that a club, who should be in Europe regularly, needs.

By the way, we should buy David White and get him back in shape so we’ll never need Creaney (who’s on the transfer list, I’ve heard).

Ian Kay (


I am a Manchester City fan living in New Zealand. I have been out here for a year and am missing the football news – and Maine Road!

I wonder whether you might be able to suggest ways of getting to hear about what is going on back at home. Are there any Supporters’ Clubs in Wellington for example? What magazines can I subscribe to?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Helen Gould (

Paul has already told her about MCIVTA but maybe there is a Supporters’ Club out there?



I became a City fan because I’m from Northampton, and I only got into football since I moved to Manchester. I looked around, and there was a wonderful opportunity for me to support a team that would win me a cup or two. But, I’ve always hated soulless corporate culture, and I was worried about hooligans at the time (1990). Then I saw a picture of 20,000 people waving inflatable tropical fruit, and it seemed a nice, cosy thing to do at a football match, and the team had the novelty of being totally unheard of by me until that moment. Comes of following sport in the ‘Evening News’ I suppose, and they had a much nicer strip as well.

This seemed fine for the first year, when they actually did better than the other buggers, but now I’m still waiting for the silver they promised me. Actually, I don’t regret picking City at all; they’ve given me much more thrills and entertainment than those other monsters, and there isn’t that awful persecution complex that Alex Ferguson seems to instil in his arrogant players. Imagine having to support Paul Ince during one of his rants, or pretending that Giggs is a genius and not just an opportunist goal-hanger! Dreadful thought, and supporting City makes me an automatic member of the “Anti-United Club”-the largest football club in Britain.

Heather Fleming (


Hi everyone,

We’re just coming to the end of November so I need your votes (or your mailing list votes) for player of the month again. In case you don’t realise, the winners are included in the monthly statistical summary on my Premiership web page along with my manager of the month. This month’s manager of the month is Gerry Francis of Tottenham Hotspur.

So, please get your votes in asap. There is one more game in November which takes place tonight.

Please send your votes to me and I’ll pass on our vote to Shaggy. Remember you can’t vote for any City players.

Paul Howarth (


Saturday, November 25 1995

CHELSEA               0-0    TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR      31,059
COVENTRY CITY         3-3    WIMBLEDON              12,523
EVERTON               2-2    SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY    35,898
MANCHESTER CITY       1-0    ASTON VILLA            28,027
MIDDLESBROUGH         2-1    LIVERPOOL              29,390
NEWCASTLE UNITED      2-1    LEEDS UNITED           36,572
SOUTHAMPTON           1-0    BOLTON WANDERERS       14,404

Sunday, November 26 1995

ARSENAL               0-0    BLACKBURN ROVERS      37,695

Monday, November 27 1995


Mon 27 Nov

Team                Played   Won Drawn Lost  For  Against   Points
Newcastle United      15     12    2    1     33    11        38
Manchester United     15     10    3    2     32    14        33
Arsenal               15      8    4    3     21    10        28
Aston Villa           15      8    3    4     19    11        27
Tottenham Hotspur     15      7    5    3     22    17        26
Middlesbrough         15      7    5    3     14     9        26
Nottingham Forest     14      6    7    1     24    21        25
Liverpool             15      7    3    5     27    14        24
Leeds United          14      7    3    4     20    16        24
West Ham United       15      5    5    5     15    16        20
Chelsea               15      5    5    5     14    17        20
Everton               15      5    4    6     19    19        19
Blackburn Rovers      15      5    3    7     23    17        18
Southampton           15      4    3    8     15    25        15
Sheffield Wednesday   15      3    5    7     14    20        14
Wimbledon             15      3    3    9     19    33        12
Manchester City       15      3    3    9      7    22        12
Queens Park Rangers   15      3    2   10     11    23        11
Coventry City         15      1    6    8     14    32         9
Bolton Wanderers      15      2    2   11     14    30         8

With thanks to Soccernet



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Ashley Birch,

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