Newsletter #114

So, back to the grindstone! A total of 96 messages awaited me when I got back of which 28 were new subscriptions. I’ve just about caught up now so I’m once again taking over MCIVTA. Many thanks to Paul for the last three weeks and for doing the first issue of this week which helped me to get straight. Plenty of news in this issue with three City players out and 2 new ones in. There’s a statement from Frannie which appeared in the MEN which should help clear up some of the misconceptions about the position MCFC were in when he took over.

I’ll start with an appeal of sorts. Last season nearly all the home match reports were done by Martin Ford and the aways by Paul Howarth with other people chipping in from time to time. Anyone who has tried a match report will know that it ain’t a trivial thing, it actually means you have to watch the game (God forbid!) and ‘read’ it to a certain extent as well. To lighten the workload all round it would be great if more people would come forward and try match reports; it’d be great in fact if we had more than one per issue so that we can see the game from different viewpoints. MCIVTA has no official match reporters; if you want to do one then it will appear in MCIVTA. If you want to do the whole season then fine but see your psychiatrist first! Please remember that MCIVTA is a compilation of subscribers’ input so the more we have, the better the output.

A second appeal is for someone to do a book review. We are still missing one for the Joe Mercer biography ‘Football with a Smile’. Anyone fancy having a bash? All the others are on the WWW and if you can’t access them then I could send a couple by email to give any budding reviewer the idea.

Thirdly, I’m clean out of Why Blues so more are needed. I know from feedback that many of you find these really enjoyable. At present we have 360 subscribers, about a seventh of whom have done them so there are still plenty of untapped memories out there.

Please remember that the ‘NEWS’ section is chronological, not in order of headline grabbing potential!

Next Game: Tottenham Hotspur at home, Saturday 19th August ’95


Steve Lomas is back in the Northern Ireland squad for the forthcoming game against Portugal, and Darren Anderton is definitely out for Saturday’s game.

The Mole


GMR report this morning (Weds) that Kit Symons has agreed terms with City but the deal may yet flounder if Fitzroy Simpson and Carl Griffiths decide against moving to Portsmouth. City are unwilling to go for a cash-only deal and Terry Fenwick, Portsmouth manager, has vetoed paying by instalments.

It was also reported that Adie Mike and Scott Thomas have been sold to Stockport County for £250,000. Still awaiting confirmation of this.

The Mole
Neale Hayward-Shott (


Alan Ball`s chances of landing Portsmouth`s Welsh international, Kit Symons, will rest on Carl Griffiths and Fitzroy Simpson. Pompey have accepted the offer of £800,000 plus Fitzroy Simpson and Carl Griffiths, as City cannot afford to buy the £1.5 million full back in straight cash. Symons is rated as the best full back outside the Premiership. Ball is also hoping to land Southampton defender Jason Dodd, but will have to shelve his interest in the versatile defender who has told the Saints he is now ready to accept new terms. Also, City are rumoured to be signing another goalkeeper.

Barry Foster (


It’s been reported that Stockport County are on the verge of signing both Adie Mike and Scott Thomas; the combined fee would be around £130k. The package would involve a pay-as-you-play scheme (as to whether that’s for City or the players is unclear). Mike is out of contract, but Thomas still has two years of his City contract left. Mike seems keen because he feels his career is going nowhere (it has been for the last two/three seasons, he’s never had a look-in!)

Also AB is hopeful of signing an experienced goalkeeper as cover for Dibble. Both TC (leg/knee) and Margetson (broken thumb) are unfit for the start of the season which leaves AB unwilling to have only one fit goalie for the campaign.

As yet Kit Symons is still not a City player, after both Griffiths and Simpson failed to reach an agreement on personal terms.

Martin Ford (


Adie Mike’s transfer to Stockport has been completed, he’s been sold for £60k. City have inserted a clause to collect 25% of any further sell-on fee. Mike will not immediately feature in the starting line-up until he has played in several reserve team games. The Scott Thomas deal has fallen through, he’s decided to stay at Maine Road.

City are hoping to complete the signing of Kit Symons tomorrow (Thursday); Fitzroy Simpson and Carl Griffiths have both passed medicals at Portsmouth but have still to agree personal terms.

The Mole
Martin Ford (


A goalie has been found.

It looks like City have found a ‘keeper to help in the current crisis after Dibble suffered an achilles injury. Fortunately, City managed to find a ‘keeper and are expected to possibly complete the transfer later today. The goalie is Eike Immel, Stuggart and ex-German international.

Martin Ford (

If he’s half as good as the last German goalie we had then we’re onto a winner!




It has been reported on Teletext, and AP press releases, that City are looking to buy German goalkeeper Eike Immel from Stuttgart. In fact, a German press release issued this morning (Thursday) says they have actually done the deal, and he will play Saturday. Here’s the Press release:

Immel Flies to Manchester for Contract Talks – Released by VfB Stuttgart.

Stuttgart: The former German international goalkeeper, Eike Immel of VfB Stuttgart wants to move to Manchester City. Ulrich Schafer of the Schwabisch FA confirmed that Immel had flown to Manchester with the permission of Stuttgart. Stuttgart have agreed to his release providing that an acceptable transfer payment is offered. “It’s clear, that we don’t want to give him away”, said Schafer. Immel has a contract with Stuttgart ’til the end of the season, however, the transfer seems to be almost cut and dried.

The 34 year old goalie, who has already played 534 Bundesliga games, wants to make a new start. “We have to give him this chance. Eike has been at Stuttgart for 10 years now, we certainly don’t want to be held responsible for damaging his career by keeping him here”, said Schafer.

Under the management of Rolf Fringer, Immel was only selected to start a Bundesliga game on two occasions, the 19 year-old, Marc Ziegler being preferred. “Eike has stated that to play in England has always been a dream of his and he has an excellent contract offer into the bargain”, said Fringer. “I didn’t want to stand in his way by insisting that he fulfils his current contract”. Certainly, the transfer is not without risk for VfB, with Ziegler and Trautner they are left with only two goalkeepers and will have to look around for a replacement.

Although Immel will play alongside the German striker Uwe Rösler, he will have to finally say goodbye to his dream of beating Karl-Heinz Korbel’s record of 602 Bundesliga appearances.

[Any errors are down to my translation, Ashley]

Brian Scott (


Kit Symons has joined City in a deal valued at £1.8 million. City are paying £900,000 cash plus Carl Griffiths and Fitzroy Simpson.

Also joining City is Eike Immel, the former German international goalkeeper. He cost £400,000 from Stuttgart and has signed a 12-month contract, with an option for another year. He comes recommended by none other than the `Kaiser’, Franz Beckenbauer and the German national coach, Bertie Vogts.

Alan Ball has been speaking about Georgiou Kinkladze: he says he’s not the next Matt Le Tissier, he’s a left-sided midfield player who is a good passer of the ball and his skills will delight the fans. Sounds like a not-too-subtle “don’t expect too much” to me. Kit Symons says he’ll be glad to be on the same side as him, having seen him score against Wales in both of their European Championships meetings.

The Mole


According to the Norwegian press, a scout from Man City was watching the Norwegian international midfielder Staale Solbakken, when Norway played the Czech republic on Wednesday evening. Solbakken, who plays for Lillestrøm (same team as Ingebrigtsen), is a tall, quick, goalscoring midfielder. He likes to take responsibility and he is one of the leading goalscorers in the Norwegian league at the moment. He is 27 years old and has been capped 10 times for his country.

According to the Norwegian newspaper “Dagbladet”, representatives from Derby County and Sheffield United were also present at the game to watch Solbakken. His is valued at approximately £1,000,000 by his club, while the three aforementioned clubs have put the valuation to £500.000.

Tor-Kristian Karlsen (


As usual the MEN hasn’t been able to give the definitive team selection but here’s what they have got:

Immel (from) Edghill, Brightwell (I), Symons, Phelan, Summerbee, Lomas, Flitcroft, Kinkladze, Walsh, Rösler, Quinn, Kernaghan, Margetson.

So where’s the radical differences that AB promised after the Hearts defeat, or are these about the only fit players City have got?

Martin Ford (


From more than one source I’ve heard that we may have signed Sir Le Tiss. The story goes something like this: He wanted to stick with Alan Ball (why oh why?) but, so not to totally destroy Southampton’s season ticket sales, it won’t be announced until just before the season (which means today or tomorrow!). Absolute hope against hope (apart from the Blackburn game last year, I can’t help but agree with the papers in placing us in the Endsleigh fodder area). Has anyone else heard this rumour? Please say yes!

Jay Tyson (


All the UK ordered T-shirts have been sent out this morning (Friday), first class, so hopefully be on the door mat in time for tomorrow’s match. Europe and rest of the world will be sent tomorrow. The reason for this discrimination was that anything that’s got to be sent across the water will not reach its destination in time for tomorrow’s kick-off and the UK ones should all make it. Plus it was less weight to lug into the post office. 54 T-shirts (that’s the total) is surprisingly heavy.

John Shearer (

Thanks to John for all his efforts on this front and to Svenn for the design.



I read Jim Hawkins article about attempting to buy a Man City shirt with some resignation. All I can say is that I visited the Official Man City shop in the Arndale Centre in Manchester (it’s hidden away so look hard!) about two weeks ago. The shop is quite small and marks City’s first adventure into the world of club merchandising. Despite this, the shop is pleasant and offers a reasonable selection of goods (mainly clothes) most of which I’d not seen before. The assistant also showed me a list of items due in as they begin to expand their stock. The mind-blowing thing about the place was that you were apparently allowed to wander around the shop and actually touch things, amazing eh??? This of course will be a complete novelty to most Blues who have been brought up attempting to buy something from the souvenir shop at Maine Road where you have to either peer through glass cases or across to the back of the shop and then ask nicely if you want to get a closer look. Naturally, all this went to my head and I ended up handing my VISA over in exchange for the excellent Centenary Brochure (I’ll do a book review soon) and a brilliant new T-shirt with the following logo: ‘Uwe Rösler – German Engineering at its Best’ plus ‘Rösler’ & ’28’ on the back. There were plenty of the new shirts there at that time, including the Oasis one but maybe they’ve sold out since. The VISA payment slip was for a local sports shop company so it appears that the shop is being run for City rather than by the club itself.

I also paid a visit to the Academy to buy a season ticket and whilst there took a look in the old souvenir shop. The word in the newspapers is that it’s proprietor, Eddie Phillips, a pal of the wigged one, has had his ‘deal’ terminated. The deal (for those who haven’t heard) was some kind of cosy arrangement which involved Mr Phillips being able to sell goods with MCFC on them in return for paying the club some insignificant sum (allegedly!). The deal was an embarassment which unfortunately entered Manchester folklore and has at last been put to the sword. The place was full of cardboard boxes and lots of ‘on offer’ goods and had the look of imminent closure! Hardly surprising then that the person on the other end of the telephone should tell Jim that the new goods (in the official shop) were of poor quality. Sounds like a classic case of sour grapes to me as I thought the new goods looked fine. Anyway, my 2 year old son’s MCFC pyjamas which I bought from the souvenir shop lasted about three washes before holes appeared as the stitching unravelled… ‘people in glass houses’..!

The newspapers have reported that an official club shop will be opened either as part of the Kippax or near where the souvenir shop is now. To sum up, I think that City have had some not inconsiderable difficulty in getting rid of Mr Phillips and they have only been able to make a move by themselves after getting the OK that they weren’t going to run into any legal difficulties.



Quotes from Manchester Evening News 17/8/95 in an article by Paul Hince

Chairman Lee:

“The new season is going to be a very important period in the history of this club, the problems we inherited off the field when we took over were horrendous. Manchester City were more than £6m in debt and they were restricted by various covenants and agreements they had entered into which were preventing the club growing.”

“It has taken time to sweep the decks clean but we have done it. For the first time since anyone can remember we don’t owe a penny to any other club for players we have bought.”

“We expect to make a slight profit on last season even though we spent £11m on transforming the Kippax stand into the best equipped facility for spectators anywhere in the country.”

“For the first time in years this club is starting to generate income.”

“Now that the Kippax is operational we will push up our turnover next year from £9m to around £13m. Our target is a turnover of between £25m and £30m by the year 2000.”

He then went on to talk about progress off the field being matched by progress on the field.

“That is precisely why I have brought in Alan Ball as our new manager. No disrespect to our former manager, Brian Horton, who worked tremendously hard for this club during his time at Maine Road but the fact remains that we faced relegation battles on two successive seasons under him and something had to be done to reverse the trend and get us moving upwards again.”

“There are a lot of quality players at Maine Road and if they don’t respond to Alan Ball they won’t respond to anyone. There is an aura about him. As a player he won everything that could be won and he knows the game inside out. There isn’t a better motivator of players anywhere in the country. Just look what he did for Matt Le Tissier during his spell as manager at Southampton.”

“Matt will tell you himself that he never played better at any stage in his career than when Alan was his boss and teacher. What Alan did for Le Tissier and the other lads at Southampton, he can do for our players at Maine Road.”

“I honestly believe the fans will see a big improvement in our results over the new season and Alan will achieve that in a way the fans will appreciate because his way of playing football is their way also.”

Ball added:

“As far as I am concerned, the job of making this club great again has only just begun. And I want the rest of soccer to be looking at us and saying ‘Manchester City are back where they belong’

Personal comment – and what’s wrong with a bit of optimism before a new season?

Neale Hayward-Shott (


John Foster was at the Rochdale ISA meeting last Monday. He is reported to have commented favourably about Alan Ball as a manager. Foster’s already served under four managers at Maine Road and he reckons Alan Ball is the only one who even gives the impression of being able to win something.

Roger Haigh (


For those who missed it, here are the more interesting points from the interview with Alan Ball which appeared in the Guardian on 16/8/95.

Ball on last season’s problems:

“Players seemed to be switched about in all sorts of positions. Ian Brightwell played at right-back, at centre-back, then sweeper, then just in front of the back four, then they played three at the back, then Vonk with Curle, and Curle with Brightwell, and Kernaghan with Curle, and then Kernaghan went away on loan and came back. The first thing I want to come to terms with is who is going to play where at the back. I know back fours: they want to know where they are. They like being drilled and drilled and drilled. I know it’s boring, I know it’s horrible, but they love it. The picture is clearing for me very slowly.”

On the then tentative enquiry about Kit Symons (now signed):

“I cannot go to my chairman and ask for other players when you’ve got a staff as big as the one we have.”

[Ball earlier stated that when the squad was running towards him during training he “felt like the garrison commander at Rourke’s Drift when the Zulus came pouring over the hill.”]

Comparisons with Southampton:

“The statistics tell me City had no problem scoring goals last season so there is no reason why they are going to stop. But they conceded too many. They were a bit like us in many ways.”

On bitterness at being allowed to leave The Dell:

“The Chairman rang me when I was on holiday in Spain and said he had given Francis Lee permission to speak to me. I couldn’t believe he wasn’t prepared to fight people off and say: ‘This lad has done great for us. No you can’t talk to him.’

“I did a good job for 18 months, I turned the club round and we finished 10th, the highest they had finished for eight years. But at no time did anyone throw anything at me to try and make me stay.”

On his relationship with the players:

“They have a responsibility to their families, to Manchester City, to the supporters. I am about fifth in the pecking order but they know what I want. They have to be prepared to put their foot in and get hurt, and scrap for their team.”

On Niall:

“Niall told me he was going to fight to try and get into the starting line-up and that is a great attitude for me.”

Francis Lee on the players in general:

“As far as the manager is concerned, everyone is starting with a clean sheet and everyone will be given a fair crack of the whip. Many of them are earning fabulous salaries and I want them to start earning their wages. It shouldn’t be money that motivates them. Their chests should swell with pride every time they pull on a sky-blue shirt.”

I notice Brian Horton’s first home game in charge of Huddersfield ended in his second successive defeat, losing 1-2 to Port Vale in the Coca-Cola Cup.

Dan Rigby (


I like John’s suggestion for the new scoring system (quoted below).

  • 3 points for predicting the correct result i.e. home, away or draw.
  • 1 point for getting the home team’s goals correct.
  • 1 point for getting the away team’s goals correct.
  • 1 point for each correct goalscorer. I suppose if you predict Rösler (2) and he scores 2 then that would be 2 points.

On the subject of a bonus for a correct goalscorer and time bonus… Seeing as I won the league last season on the final day with a correct time, I should be in favour of keeping the bonus but I agree that it is a very random factor and a tad unfair. So, my vote goes to scrapping it.

When the prediction league first started – a couple of years ago now in the bad old days before MCIVTA – there were only three of us playing and the time bonus was dreamt up as a bit of fun to spice things up. Also, Martin was running away with the league and I had to have a way of catching him up somehow. Unfortunately, he was the only one to get a time bonus so, unlike last season, it back-fired on me! :)))

I do have one suggestion. When working out the league table, if two people are on the same score, the one who has made more predictions should go above the other(s). This would reward people who contribute to the competition the most. Conceivably, it could come into play to decide the overall winner if there is a tie. How about that?

Also, a reminder for anyone who wants to join to mail Martin Ford at ( Which reminds me, I must send the first prediction off!

James Nash (


New Rules:

  • 3 points for the result (win, lose or draw)
  • 1 point for the correct number of goals scored by City
  • 1 point for the correct number of goals scored against City
  • 2 points for getting the goal difference right
  • 1 point for each correctly-named player who scores (either City or opponents)

Example prediction:

Blackburn Rovers 2 City 1
Shearer, Sutton    Walsh

Example result:

Blackburn Rovers 2 City 3
Shearer, Hendry    Curle, Rosler, Walsh


  • 0 points for result (prediction was loss, result was win)
  • 0 points for correct number of goals scored by City
  • 1 point for correct number of goals scored by Blackburn
  • 0 points for goal difference (prediction was -1, result was +1)
  • 2 points for correctly naming Shearer and Walsh as scorers

Total: 3 points.

Martin Ford (


The WWW home page has undergone quite a few changes over the course of the last few months. The book reviews now have pictures of the books’ dustjackets, new faces have appeared on the squad pages, the button layout has been altered and the ‘City on TV‘ page now contains an extensive list of match reports, including 1955 & 56 games!, thanks here go to Roger Haigh and Paul. There is also a photo of the first MCIVTA meeting (Newcastle game, last year) revealing the breathtaking ugliness of several MCIVTA contributors!!!!

If anybody who has done a ‘Why Blue‘ would like their picture to go with it then contact Paul Howarth ( and he will arrange for a photo to be scanned in. This makes everything that little bit more personal and ‘real’ so if you can find a complimentary photo contact Paul. Finally, the FAQ is now available, thanks to Paul for that one. Lastly thanks to Svenn for all his efforts.



Season starts tomorrow folks, get ready, hold on to your seats. Let’s hope it’s a good one!

Info from Daily Telegraph (17 Aug 95)

Odds: 66-1

Transfers in;
Georgiou Kinkladze (Dinamo Tblisi, £2million)
Kit Symons (Portsmouth, £1.2million + swap)
Eike Immel (Stuttgart, £400,000)
Frank Talia (Blackburn, loan)

Transfers out;
Fitzroy Simpson & Carl Griffiths (Portsmouth, joint value £400,000)
John Burridge (Notts County, Free)
Steve Finney (Swindon, Free)
Michael Quigley (Hull, Free)
Maurizio Gaudino (Eintracht Frankfurt, returned after loan)

Squad Numbers;

1       Coton
2       Edghill
3       Phelan
4       Lomas
5       Curle
6       Vonk
7       Kinkladze
8       Walsh
9       Quinn
10      Flitcroft
11      Beagrie
12      I Brightwell
13      Margetson
14      Griffiths (!)
15      Kernaghan
16      Summerbee
17      Brown
18      D Brightwell
19      Simpson (!)
23      Kerr
25      Dibble
26      Thomas
27      Ingram
28      Rösler
29      Foster
31      Lake

This season’s capacity at Maine Raod; 32,500
Last season’s average; 22,743 (-15%)

Last season;
League: 17th
FA Cup: 5th round
Coca-Cola Cup: 5th round
Leading scorer: Rösler

Nick Reed (


I’ve just been reading the Electronic Telegraph and it seems that Ball is beginning to get busy! Apparently he’s made a move for Southampton’s full back, Jason Dodd, but it seems as though he won’t leave the Dell. Kit Symons still seems to be on the shopping list, but it seems the problem is that Simpson and Griffiths don’t want to drop a division (do they have a choice??). It has been mentioned in the previous MCIVTA that Symons might team up with Curle and Kernaghan at the back to create a 5 man defence with attacking full backs, but I’m beginning to think (the unthinkable) that he may be a replacement for the injury prone Curle. However, I hope everyone else is right and I’m wrong, as 5 at the back would make perfect sense as we probably have 2 of the best attacking fullbacks in the country (Buzzer and Pit Bull – whether they are the best defensive fullbacks is open to question). However, if this is the case, why is Ball trying to buy another full back from Southampton?

Adie Mike and Scott Thomas have gone down the road to Edgeley Park for a combined fee of £200,000. However, it would seem that this leaves us a bit thin on reserve strikers with the imminent departure of Griffiths.

Latest news on transfers is that we have bought Symons from Portsmouth, and goalkeeper Eike Immel (anybody got any info on him?) from Stuttgart. Immel cost £400k and Symons cost £1.6 million plus Simpson and Griffiths. Interestingly the Telegraph says that FL completed the acquisitions, so it’s looking more and more like it’s going to be AB coaching and FL acting as general manager. Sounds good to me!!!

Adam Houghton (


At last the Symons deal has been completed, along with the Immel deal. So City now have three new players for the squad; will they be enough to start to change the fortunes at the club? Most of us couldn’t see improvements unless more players were brought in; now that they have been, have they filled the suspect positions?

The Symons deal had been quoted with various fees ranging from £1.5 million to £1.9 million. His actual fee appears to be around £800-900k so the the other part of the deal must depend on how much Griffiths and Simpson were valued at.

Eike Immel (did his brother used to appear in war comics, Gotten Himmel ;-))) ) has signed a 1 year deal. His fee has been agreed at £400k, which for an international goalie is (IMHO) very good. How long are City to persevere with TC? Good goalie that he is, he seems to be picking up far too many injuries. Will Immel be used as a stop-gap and after one year return to Germany?

So for the opening game against Spurs, City could field three new faces who haven’t had chance to train with their other team mates; is that a recipe for disaster?

P.S. Will City change their name to Manchester Foreign Legion FC ;-)) The team:

    Vonk    Symons  Kernaghan   Phelan
        Lomas   Kinkladze   ?   ?
            Rösler  Quinn

Just need two more foreigners and we’ve got a full non-English team ;-))

Martin Ford (


Not very optimistic views.

Well the season starts tomorrow and I haven’t sent anything to MCIVTA yet this summer. During the summer I have been following the comings and goings at Maine Road with an interest that is even starting to get my girlfriend worried (though why I am so optimistic about the new season is anybody’s guess).

1. The arrival of AB.
I must say I was a bit surprised at this appointment. Having gone to schoolon the south coast and my parents still living there, I am always interestedin what Southampton and AFC Bournemouth are up to. Well, over the time AB wasat Southampton, the only accolade they achieved was the “how the bloody helldid they manage to stay up” award and of course goal of the season. So atleast we might win something this season.
2. Transfers.
What a summer for signings, a Georgian that nobody has seen, an oldGerman goalkeeper, and a Welshman called Kit (I thought we had signedDavid Hasselhoff in the deal as well!). At least we have offloaded some ofour bobbins players, Adie Mike to Stockport for £60,000 – what a piece ofshrewd transfer dealing that was.
3. Friendlies.
Started off well. Then along came Wolves (thanks to my father forreminding of that score every time I talk to him) and the mighty performanceagainst Hearts (need I say more).
4. Predictions.
This is the bit that really worries me. I have been trawling through thevarious papers for predictions on the forthcoming season, and the worryingthing is that they are all predicting DIV 1 football for us.

So there you go, a whole summer of excitement reviewed in one Email. Anyway I predict we will win everything we enter this year and the Rags will go down. So see you all for the game against Spurs on Saturday and, barring that, some dream fixture next season against the likes of Grimsby Town.

Ever the optimist

Gary Fones (


Just thought someone might know the rule about foreign players e.g. how long they have to be either in England or associated with a club before they are counted as either an associated player or ‘not foreign’ for FIFA terms?

This was one of my first ideas after I heard about our two signings yesterday. With both players being foreign (not English) I just wondered if anybody knew exactly.

I thought that we are allowed to field three non English / associated players. I also thought that the period of five years rings a bell but I am probably wrong.

I know Bayern Stretford had problems with Danny Bear’s man. I’d be much obliged if someone could shed some light on this.

P.S. I have nothing against foreigners – some of my best friends come from Bayern!

Tony Farrar (


Thanks to The Mole, Neil, Adam, Barry, Martin, James, Roger, Brian, Tor-Kristian, Tony, Neale, Dan, John, Gary & Nick.

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Ashley Birch,

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