Newsletter #74

I’d like to encourage more people to vote in the
Manager‘ and
Player of the Year
votes. In the case of the latter, many people will understandably
want to keep their options open to see if any one particular player shines
brightly in the last few games (apparently it’s called optimism!). The
‘Manager’ poll was rather intended to get a feeling about what all of you
out there think about BH and any potential successors who may or may not
come to Maine Road. To date, only about 20 people have voted which is only
about 10% of total MCIVTA-ers.

The great thing about the Internet is the speed that it works and the
communication avenues which it opens up. Such a poll is one way of getting
feedback which in turn lets everyone see what everyone else thinks and also
allows me to gauge the feeling amongst supporters. Although MCIVTA has been
compared to a fanzine, the principles on which it operates are entirely
different. A fanzine editor can, either through style or editorial stance,
court a certain minority or indeed alienate the majority (within the bounds
of financial necessity). MCIVTA differs in that it is meant to be a source
of information on Man City, helping bring together Blues and exchange news
and views. However, in theory, I could become (hypothetically) more partisan
and make MCIVTA more like a fanzine. Indeed I have written what I hope is a
quite well-reasoned piece on why Horton should resign (IMHO) but after
thinking it over I am still undecided as to the wisdom of including it (I
have included it) as I was unsure of how a controversial article by me (not
editorial), which has a clear and perhaps unpopular stance would be
received. Should I be constrained by a certain degree of impartiality? My
answer to this is probably yes, at least in the editorial but does this
mean that I am barred from making any controversial comment in the
newsletter itself? Your comments please.

A very difficult Easter ahead though some heart may be taken from the
comments of some on the Spurs list who think the team is basically a good
one. Let’s just hope someone up there can smile on us in at least one of
these matches.

Thanks to Bruce Munro of the Spurs mailing List for swapping match reports.

Next game Liverpool at home, Friday 14th April 1995.



And so the much-rearranged match against Spurs was finally played,
two days after their FA Cup semi-final defeat at the hands of
Everton. How would this result affect them? Would they be despondent,
having fallen at the last hurdle on the route to Wembley, or would
they be fired up to claim the points that would edge them closer to a
UEFA Cup spot for next season? Unfortunately for us it was the
latter. Talking to some Spurs fans in the pub before the game, it was
widely believed that their goalscoring hero Jürgen Klinsmann would
leave if the club failed to qualify for Europe. I think it’s very
likely that our German duo, Gaudino and Rösler will also be on their
way if (when?) we are relegated.

We were accommodated in the new South Stand at White Hart Lane, a
vast improvement on the old version even though it’s not quite
finished yet. The new stand is a two-tier cantilever, curving round
at the corners to meet the East and West Stands. I believe a similar
structure will be erected at the opposite (Paxton Road) end next

City lined up with a pacy back four, Edghill and Phelan as full-backs
and Curle and Foster in the centre. Andy Hill played in front of the
back four but behind the midfield of Summerbee, Gaudino and
Flitcroft. As usual, Rösler and Walsh were the striking partnership.
Much to my relief, Tony Coton passed a fitness test and was to keep
City in the game with some excellent saves.

The first half was virtually all Spurs, who found far more time and
space in midfield than they had done on Sunday. The first chance came
to Barmby, whose close-range flick from a low cross bobbled between
Coton’s legs before the goalkeeper managed to grab hold of it.
Calderwood hit a powerful header virtually unchallenged from a corner
but fortunately it was straight at TC.

Despite the amount of possession Spurs had, which wasn’t helped by
some shocking passing by City, they didn’t create as many chances as
might have been expected and couldn’t get behind the City back four.
At the other end there were half-chances for Walsh (who shot over the
bar) and a Rösler header from a Summerbee cross flew wide. City’s
main outlet was Summerbee on the right wing but he wasn’t having much
joy against Spurs’ left back Justin Edinburgh. Gaudino showed some
good touches but once again there seemed to be nobody else on the
same wavelength as him. So, at half time Spurs had had much more of
the game but we went in level after a goalless first half; a point
would do nicely if we could keep them out for another 45 minutes.

City came out for the second half attacking our end, which livened up
the atmosphere a little. It livened up a lot more after 49 minutes
when Mabbutt, Calderwood and Walker all left a Popescu back-pass to
each other, allowing Rösler to sneak between them and poke the ball
through Walker’s legs, putting City into an unexpected lead. Maybe
we’d stay up after all? It was sure to be a long 41 minutes to the
final whistle – could we hold on? To nobody’s great surprise, the
answer was no. The lead lasted for four minutes, when a neat passing
move at the edge of the City area let in Howells, who stroked the
ball low into the corner, giving Coton no chance. We now had a match
on our hands. Both sides were playing better than they had in the
first half and both sides looked capable of scoring. Walker (who I
think will succeed Tim Flowers as the England ‘keeper) made a fine
save to keep out a Flitcroft drive that was heading for the top
corner, whilst at the other end TC kept out several close-range

Now I’m not normally one to moan about referees but I’ll have to make
an exception for Alan Wilkie after this performance. He was making
some seemingly inexplicable decisions, particularly regarding the
tussle between Summerbee and Edinburgh. With City attacking our end,
I could now see why Buzzer was having so much difficulty getting past
the left back. Edinburgh was constantly using his arm to hold the
City player back and on the occasional time when this wasn’t enough,
a foul was given against Summerbee. Another point was his
inconsistent attitude towards injuries; he insisted that Phelan left
the pitch when he was injured, forcing City to play on with 10 men
but did no such thing for two injured Spurs players. Admittedly,
Phelan was much closer to the touchline when he got injured and the
full amount of injury time was played but I thought that the attitude
to injuries shown by referees in the World Cup finals was just about
the only good thing to come out of FIFA’s recent tinkering with the
rules, and I was hoping to see it applied consistently in the Premier
League this season. For us but not Spurs on this occasion. It wasn’t
just me either. It came to the point where there was loud ironic
cheering whenever a decision went our way. That’s life when you’re at
the bottom I suppose.

With about 20 minutes to go, Quinn replaced the ineffective Gaudino
and immediately made an impression. Spurs couldn’t handle him and he
won virtually every ball flung towards him, including a number of
near-post flick-ons from long throws. Unfortunately, nobody could
take advantage as some desperate defending by Spurs managed to block
all of our efforts. Quinn got in a good downward header from a corner
that seemed destined for goal but once again Walker pulled off a fine
save. There was much more threat from City’s play now but then
disaster struck. A free-kick near the corner flag was sent over to
the far post, and Klinsmann rose above whoever was meant to be
challenging him to head the ball in. There were 88 minutes on the
scoreboard clock but another 5 minutes of injury time gave City a
chance of getting an equaliser. No longer in a position of having a
point to show for their efforts, City started to show some passion
and piled on the pressure. The Spurs fans whistled for the referee to
end the game, a blatantly time-wasting substitution was made (can’t
say I blame them though) and still City carved out a couple more
half-chances. Rösler headed wide from one and then made a chance out
of nothing just outside the six-yard box but his volley went over.

City need to show the passion with which they ended this game for a
whole 90 minutes and on more than one occasion if we’re to be
returning to White Hart Lane next season. It’s still possible but
it’s looking distinctly unlikely now. Although the late winner
cruelly came during one of City’s best periods of the game, when a
point looked to be on the cards, it can’t be denied that the home
side were the better side and deserved the points. Come on City, pull
your fingers out and save yourselves.

Final score: Spurs 2 City 1

Paul Howarth (


Spurs Avenge Maine Road Massacre to Maintain European Goal

To be perfectly honest, I expected a subdued crowd watching a subdued
performance. To my delight, neither surfaced. With the nightmare of two
days ago still in everyone’s mind it was vitally important that the players
got back to not just winning ways but also produced a display that showed
Spurs can still play to their strengths and style to grab the three points.

Right from early on in the game it was clear that Tottenham were going to
play better than they did on Sunday. After all, how could they play any
worse? Whoever wrote tonight’s programme notes, by the way, reckons our
players made a ‘brave effort’ on Sunday. ‘Wilting’ would be a more apt
description. Anyway, Darren Anderton looked far more composed and happier
than fifty-odd hours ago, and Teddy Sheringham too was passing better. Even
Dean Austin was tackling far more than of late, and having Justin Edinburgh
back at left back after suspension was a god-send. Our back four were
suddenly decent again, and while Gica Popescu made two tackles he is happy
to watch the ball bob about without actually realising that he is allowed
to stick his foot in and win the damn thing. He even did his Vinny Samways
impression tonight – gave away the ball deep inside his own half, near our
penalty area for Uwe Rösler to come in like a flash and slide the ball past
Ian Walker to put Man City one nil up.

The goal was probably against the run of play, Spurs having come closer to
scoring than Man City. Although both teams produced chances, Tottenham’s
approach play looked more likely to result in a goal. Not to say that Man
City didn’t know what they were doing too. Some of their passing was excellent. On
quite a few occasions they knew where their front men were and could have
scored a couple of good goals of their own making.

It really amazes me; Brian Horton, the Man City manager has got the nucleus
of a very fine team, yet they are in serious relegation trouble. If they
had someone half as good as our own Gerry Francis then I’m quite sure they
would not be languishing near the bottom of the table. They showed their
class in October when they stuffed us five goals to two but tonight,
especially in the second half, we really began to dominate.

Our forward line was beginning to gel for the first time in weeks, and we
only had to wait three minutes after going one down for an equaliser.
Darren Anderton played the ball in from his customary right wing position,
Jürgen Klinsmann flicked it through a defender or two near the ‘D’ of the
penalty area, and David Howells latched onto it. He controlled the ball,
broke away and slipped his cool shot past Tony Coton for his first goal of
the season. It was a really well made, well taken goal, and no more than
Howells deserved for the way he has made his invaluable contribution this

We began to play some good stuff now, and more chances presented
themselves. Goal hero David Howells unfortunately got injured and had to be
replaced by Ronnie Rosenthal. Naturally, he was greeted with much
enthusiasm from the crowd, and for once didn’t try to do anything he wasn’t
capable of. Even the referee had a good game, the best I’ve seen for a very
long time. He turned down a penalty appeal by the Spurs crowd when a Man
City player chested the ball down in his area. I guess to members of the
crowd in other parts of the ground it
may have looked like hand ball, but I guarantee that he called just about
everything right tonight.

We had to wait until five minutes before the end for Tottenham to take an
eventual winning lead in a game since we beat Leicester City over three
weeks ago. Spurs won a free kick just yards from the corner spot, which was
disputed by Man City defender Terry Phelan and one of his mates. By the
way, this guy was a bit of a donk at times. How he gets to play
international footy I do not know. A bit like another donk up the road in
Scumland, I guess. Anyway, Dazza Anderton floats a free kick into the area,
past the keeper, dunno where he was, and Jürgen Klinsmann, lurking at the
far post nods it in for his twenty-seventh goal of the season.

What was interesting was the way Jürgs celebrated. He ran off, arms waving
in the air like he had just scored the most important goal ever. I was half
expecting him to do his Excellent Diving Celebrations (TM) but alas not
tonight, Jürgephine. It looked like he was really pleased to get this goal,
not only for our European aspirations but also to begin the long process of
burying the ghost of Sunday-past.

For the last few minutes plus about six minutes of injury time, Man City
piled on the pressure and actually came close to scoring. We were happy to
lob the ball out, anywhere, and eventually the ref decided he had left the
gas on and called time.

A nice return to winning ways then, something that should go some way to
restoring some pride to the fans and some confidence for the players. I’m
not convinced we can qualify for Europe, but I really do hope I’m wrong,
and that next season we’ll all be traversing strange and wonderful parts of
the EEC in our proud Lillywhite /lemon-yellow / navy blue purple Shirts.

Bruce Lewis (Spurs List)


Last night’s performance was pretty high quality and the scoreline didn’t
do us justice. It was definitely one of those nights where little was going
to go in for us. Why does this always happend against the lower placed

City never really looked like scoring and it took a major mistake by one of
our own players to gift them a goal. All night Colin Calderwood had Uwe
Rösler wrapped up, gave him very little sight of the ball, so much so that
resorted to attempting to fake dives and earn himself an Oscar. Our defence
looked a much more solid unit with Justin back. As for the City goal, well
it took an inch perfect pass from Popescu who was not under a great deal
of pressure to thread the ball between Calderwood and Mabbutt for Rösler to
latch on to. If we didn’t know better we might assume Gica had been paid to
supply that one it was that good a pass!!

In midfield, Nicky was a dynamo, never stopped running at fast pace all
evening, covering every blade of grass and performing defensive, midfield
and attacking rôles. Darren seemd to have shaken off his injury from Sunday
(even more surprising when you consider that teletext had Andy Turner down
to play this one instead), and was running everywhere and creating merry
hell with City’s midfield. David Howells was a class act last night, and
it’s worrying that he went off with a knee injury. We really can’t afford
to lose him. As for Popescu, I just can’t work this guy out. Some times he
linked the play quite well, but most of the time he seemed either
disinterested or lacking in ideas what to do. It seems like he doesn’t
really know what his rôle is for the team, and Gerry should address this
pretty smartish. There’s no doubt this guy’s got class but we’re not using
it or getting the best out of it.

Up front Teddy seems to have struck a rich vein of form. I’ve not been as
happy as everyone with his form this season, but the last 3 games he has
been superb and last night topped it all. He worked relentlessly with
Jürgen to create openings, lay off balls and bring the midfielders into the

Howells’ goal was well taken. A beautiful dummy by Jürgen left Howells with
space to run on to the ball and tuck it into the corner. In fact it was
such a well executed move that I was convinced Nicky had scored and didn’t
realise it was Howells until I saw him celebrating. Jürgen’s goal was a
superb header on the far post, perfectly placed, just evading Coton’s reach.

The refereeing wasn’t the best that we have seen this season. He made a lot
of errors, but for a change they mostly went in Spurs’ favour, which I’m
sure will make Spurs fans believe he reffed well. Overall, the refereeing
wasn’t too bad, but I’ve seen better. The call for a penalty for handball was
way off-beam. Anyone behind the goal could see it was off the chest, and
the other shout was more ball to hand.

Phelan was justifiably booked; he grabbed on to Darren’s legs and wouldn’t
let him go. I was disappointed the ref let the elbow on Popescu go.
Flitcroft had been quite dirty all evening. Man City are not a bad team,
they are just lacking in confidence big time. They certainly have quality
players, but Brian Horton is not getting them to gel. After all it’s pretty
well the same players that beat us 5-2 earlier in the season.

The atmosphere was very restrained and almost non-existant for much of the
game. Indeed, it wasn’t until we were 2-1 up that they got going.

We won, and it’s a good start following Sunday’s poor performance. If only
we had played like this against Everton I think we may have reversed that

Andy Gardner (Spurs List)


This was a wierd game!!

So what was to happen after Sunday? Would we be depressed, sluggish and let
City run all over us? Or would we come out fighting and show what we were
really made of? Well, neither actually, it was in fact an all round good,
solid performance. Not outstanding, but it didn’t need to be as city weren’t
exactly brilliant.

We kicked off to start and within 20 seconds God ran onto a ball level with
two defenders and would have had just the goalkeeper to beat if one of them
hadn’t brought him down. My instant reaction was to think “oh gawd,
the ref’s just going to let it play on isn’t he?” – BUT! He actually gave a
free kick to us which did actually set a precedent for most of the game
i.e. we won most of the free kicks, 50/50 balls and the like. That was the
first of
the wierd things – it turned out to be a game when the run of the ball went
our way.

In the first half, we had 10 shots on goal compared to City’s 2 i.e. we
were all over them. Ted had a crack, Anderton 2, Howells, Klinsmann all had
a go, Barmby had a marvellous effort from about 5 yards out which Coton did
a great job in saving. Only Popescu’s very weak low drive could be
criticized, as could his whole performance which was poor.

Their keeper Coton, continued to make good saves and certainly kept them in
it for the first half. If it had been a lesser keeper we could have been up
2 or 3 nil.

On the chances that City did have, they seemed to keep forgetting about the
offside rule. Four or five times they were held up by the linesman much to
the annoyance of the City fans, and of course to the pleasure of us.

So nil nil at half time, but you just knew a Spurs goal was coming. If they
continued to play as well in the first half in the second, you just knew we
were going to score first.

Uh-uh, that’s the other reason why it was such a wierd game. In most
performances since Francis has taken over, we’ve played much better in the
second half after Gerry has had a little talk at half time. It was not to
here. We came out and immediately City started playing well, whilst we were
complacent. Five minutes go by and Popescu gives the ball away in his own
half. Rösler latches onto it and we’re 1-0 down. `Bugger’ I thought. That
really shouldn’t have happened. Luckily though it made us buck our ideas up
a bit, and we started to play more like we did in the first half.

More offences on their goal, more corners, and loads of crosses in from the
right by Anderton. So many of our attacks happen this way and it almost
gets a bit monotonous. Mind you, it paid off just 4 minutes after their
goal, as Darren swings one in, Jürgen dummies and Howells gets it and yes!
He actually manaaged not to send it over the bar this time. However, it’s a goal
he deserves for all his hard work this season. Anyway, Spurs roar, City
goes quiet; 25 minutes, we’d like another please – c’mon God why don’t you
have a go? He does
try; twice Anderton crosses (from the right as usual)- one JK couldn’t get
to, the other goes wide. Oops.

Bad luck for Howells 10 minutes later as he goes down in the centre of the
pitch – didn’t see why, but a stretcher comes on. Luckily it isn’t needed
as he hobbles off, but I hope it’s not serious. R-R-R-R-Rocket Ronny comes
on instead, and starts whizzing about all over the place, but isn’t
actually that amazing.

I must admit I’m not one of the people that sings, so I don’t know if I
heard right, but it did sound like there was a chorus of “There’s only one
Jürgen Klinsmann”
coming mainly from the North Stand (Bruce? Can you
confirm?) Anyway, no worries Mein Herr, as with 7 minutes to go, we get our
200th corner of the game. It mucks up but we get a free kick instead just
outside their area. Anderton converts, Klinsmann at the far post and – oh
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!

2-1. Ok boys, start time wasting please. City start pushing for the
equaliser now, and Walker did his stuff in the last five minutes keeping us
in it. Last
five? Sorry – I meant the last 50 – As the ref had obviously forgotten to
put his watch forward because he just refused to blow the whistle! The mass
whistling noises that went up (including myself) was one of the loudest I
have ever heard. GF helped waste a bit of time by bringing on Nethercott
for Nicky, and eventully in about the 97th minute it was all over. 3
points, lovely-jubbly!!

One of the nice sights at the end was when Klinsmann ran up to Rösler and
you could seem them chattering away (presumably in German) to each other
and smiling. Good stuff.

One final note – Paul Walsh got a good reception on his return, but we
couldn’t help jeering him when he fluffed
taking a ball on the West side in the second half giving us a throw in. I
do wish he’d get a haircut though.

Geoff Marshall (Spurs List)


Former City and Everton coach Mick Heaton has been killed in a road
accident in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire.

Niall Quinn, Alan Kernaghan and Terry Phelan have been included in
the Republic of Ireland squad for the European Championships
qualifying match in Dublin on 26th April.

Contrary to my report in MCIVTA 65, Liverpool have not been allocated
the whole of the Kippax. I was speaking to fellow MCIVTA-er Neil
Adshead (over from Australia) at White Hart Lane last night and he has
tickets for block BB, so the usual away fan allocation looks like being
used. I wonder why we were told otherwise?

Paul Howarth (


It is alleged that Judas got the chop from Notts County on account of a
fondness for the bottle. Certainly, he hasn’t looked in great shape when
I’ve seen him on the box.

Jeremy Poynton ( or


Roy Keane was sent of in last night’s semi-final replay after suddenly
thinking he was La Grande Erique. Old red nose tried to pull him off, but
Keane gestured that he wanted to stay on for five more minutes; he then
decided he did in fact want to come off, so stamped on Southgate. Naughty

Jeremy Poynton ( or


Terry Christian (of The Word, generally reviled Yoof programme on the box)
was introduced onto Fantasy Football League last week; he managed to claim
the title of most Raggish Rag of the year after a pathetic onslaught on City,
including the claim (actually with a grain of truth in it 🙂 ) that City
fans were obsessed with United’s exploits). However, he then proceeded to
shoot himself in the foot by exhibiting the same approach with regard to

Nick Hancock, broadcaster, occasional (excellent) 606 presenter, Stoke fan,
and Rag hater was sat next to him, and looked to be having a problem with
restraining himself from chinning Christian. Also, in a programme in which
the studio audience will even raise a tolerant laugh for the likes of Jimmy
Tarbuck, the silence that greeted his drivelling was noticeable. Righteous
Reds out there – silence that man!

For those out of the country, FFL is an excellent weekly programme based on
the Fantasy Football competitions, in which you choose a team, and they get
points depending on position, e.g. points for goals and ‘assists’ (yeuchh) for
one and all, points for clean sheets for defenders and minus points for
goals conceded. The programme based on this has various celebs as managers,
and is hosted by Frank Skinner (Baggy) and David Baddiel (Chelsea), of the
later generation of (so called) ‘alternative’ comedians.

Jeremy Poynton ( or


** This is a contribution and not an editorial **

Well, I’m afraid I just have to come off the fence (as a subscriber) and
say my piece re-Horton. As the manager of an ostensibly ambitious and big
name club he just has not got what it takes – period. Despite his
undoubted qualities as a man and his astute playing of the transfer market,
I can no longer accept that he has the requisite tactical and
organisational ability to create success. He has a team which would be the
envy of many other clubs above us yet the performance is consistently and
unfathomably less than the sum of its component parts! His league record
since December 3rd when we beat Ipswich away is nothing short of appalling
with a meagre 13 points from 19 games. That’s a lot of games and personally
I feel the period is sufficient to judge the man. We all know from previous
articles about his terrier-like qualities, hanging on in there when
everyone and his cousin would have long since jumped ship. This ‘no
quitter’, bulldog mentality is, to a certain extent admirable but there
comes a time when sheer stubborness and an inability to tackle the
onrushing disaster are a downright liability. Make no mistake, relegation
this season will possibly be the biggest crisis City have ever faced!
Gaudino will go and we’ll be hard put to retain Uwe who I feel will only
stay out of some sense of loyalty. Some others may even want away such as
Flitcroft and Lomas. In addition, there will be a huge financial penalty to
pay at a time when we are desperate for a cash injection. Finally, when we
are down then how can we hope to attract quality players to the side even
if money were available and most importantly of all, how can we attract a
good manager who can do something with the remaining talent?

So, it’s high time that Horton recognised the predicament that the club is
in and the fact that he is unable to get us out of it. I wouldn’t condone
sacking him but I would like to see him do, what is in my opinion the best
thing for the club, that is resign in the hope that a new face (McNab?) can
get a couple of wins in the last 6 games. This was after all, exactly why
John Deehan resigned this week from Norwich and I admire the reasoned
explanation he gave.

Ashley Birch (


Apr 11, 1995    Ipswich - QPR               0 - 1
                Tottenham - Man City        2 - 1

Apr 12, 1995    Arsenal - Liverpool         1 - 0
                Chelsea - Southampton       0 - 2
                Norwich - Notts Forest      0 - 1

All results up to and including 11th April

                        P  W  D  L  F  A   W  D  L  F  A   Pts
Blackburn              36 15  2  1 49 17  10  5  3 24 13    82
Manchester United      36 14  3  1 39  3   8  5  5 27 21    74
Newcastle              36 13  5  0 39 13   6  5  7 21 24    67
Nottingham Forest      37 10  6  3 33 18   8  4  6 31 22    64
Liverpool              34 11  5  3 34 12   6  5  4 23 16    61
Leeds                  36 10  4  3 28 12   6  7  6 21 21    59
Tottenham              35  9  4  5 29 21   6  6  5 28 26    55
QPR                    36 10  3  6 34 24   5  5  7 21 28    53
Wimbledon              36  9  3  6 24 22   6  4  8 22 36    52
Sheffield Wednesday    37  6  6  7 22 25   6  4  8 23 28    46
Aston Villa            36  5  8  5 24 19   5  5  8 23 29    43
Arsenal                36  5  7  5 22 18   6  3 10 20 26    43
Coventry               36  6  6  6 19 22   4  7  7 18 32    43
Chelsea                35  4  7  6 21 19   6  5  7 21 29    42
Norwich                37  8  7  3 25 17   2  5 12  9 30    42
Manchester City        36  7  6  5 33 24   3  5 10 12 32    41
Southampton            34  6  7  4 26 23   2  8  7 23 34    39
Everton                35  7  6  4 26 20   2  6 10 12 28    39
Crystal Palace         34  5  5  8 13 20   4  6  6 12 15    38
West Ham               35  6  4  6 19 18   4  4 11 15 27    38
Leicester              37  4  5  9 25 32   1  4 14 15 39    24
Ipswich                36  4  2 12 21 32   2  3 13 10 49    23

With thanks to Odd Magne & Ally Cooke


Thanks to Paul, Jeremy & Martin.


The views expressed in MCIVTA are entirely those of the subscribers
and there is no intention to represent these opinions as being those
of Manchester City Football Club, nor of any of the companies and
universities by whom the subscribers are employed. It is not in
any way whatsoever connected to the club or any other related
organisation and is simply a group of supporters using this medium
as a means of disseminating news and exchanging opinions.

Ashley Birch,

Newsletter #74